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Casino: We're Calling Greasy Bear's $75,000 Bluff

3/9/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Greasy Bear Brandon DavisOily heir Brandon Davis is slick, but is everyone's favorite Greasy Bear the next Danny Ocean? The portly party boy, whose family is worth billions, is being sued for allegedly ripping off a Bahamian casino for a barrel of cash during a weekend in January.

In a lawsuit filed in New Jersey and exclusively obtained by TMZ, the Atlantis Paradise Resort and Casino claims Paris Hilton's favorite hanger-on owes them $75,000 -- after checks that Davis wrote for a hefty casino marker were returned bearing the stamp "Non-Sufficient Funds!"

According to the lawsuit, Davis was either "aware at the time that he presented the checks that his account had insufficient funds," or had borrowed the cash with "the intent and plan to order the Bank not to pay or honor the checks." Either way, the casino wants their green -- stat. They're even after Greasy for an additional $270 to cover the returned check fee! Bad Greasy.

Calls to Davis were not returned.


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To #11, Diana, they call him Greasy Bear because he is so sweaty, and his hair often appears unwashed. I think it totally fits him.

2784 days ago


Why is TMZ even waisting space on this waste of space?
He is NOT a celebrity.
Move on folks, nothing to see here......

2784 days ago


TMZ please stop he is a no body like his friend paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2784 days ago


This goes to show that he doesnt have any money, but his family does.
I thought the mob ran casinos? They need to break his knee caps!

2784 days ago


This is just a testament to some of these young adults who are raised with money and delusions of self entitlment...this kid, Paris Hilton, etc. They are just gross in their delusions of self grandeur and narcissism. They have done nothing to improve society or give back. This guy goes to parties, slams people, gets drunk and expects everything for free.

Someone should make a film about overindulgent, narcissistic people who are famous for being famous, and the downward spiral they are on...all we hear about is how this girl or that guy got a DUI and got off, or did drugs or trash talked someone else. It's just gross. They all deserve each other.

2784 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I'm usually stunned at the over the top vitriol posted on the tmz site, but strangely the comments for "Greasy Bear" seem...apropos. Imagine being known as a "Greasy Bear?" Doesn't he have a brother that is even more disgusting?

2784 days ago


Daddy must have cut him off!

2784 days ago

Just wondering???????????    


That Greasy Stinky Fat Slothful Ugly Foul Mouth Stupid Sock Cucking Slimy Piece of Sh-t or whatever his name is.

Put on your big boy gotch and learn you have responsibilites like the rest of humanity

LSR (wanna buy a vowel?)

2784 days ago


He looks like a bloated fat ass Elvis right before he crocked on the sh*itter.

2784 days ago

Just wondering???????????    

42# you are so correct.

Probably him just thinking about getting his fat ass off the couch breaks him into a sweat.


2784 days ago

angie k    

This guy is such a loser, it isn't even funny!!! Just the sight of him makes me THROW UP IN MY MOUTH!!!! But, he is friends with Paris. I guess enough has been said!

2783 days ago

Terry F    

This guy is such a disgusting pig. If his family ever needs an oil reserve, they can just squeeze it out of him. It should be good to power every car in southern California for a month or so.

2783 days ago

Blingy Boondock    

This guy is worthess as tits on a @#$@#$. He is absolutely disgusting and should follow suit to what his friends do----- snort up, big boy, because at this point you need ANYTHING that will aid you in the shedding of a few pounds. He is a beligerent fool. He can afford an island. That said, he should do us all justice buy purchasing one and staying out of the public eye forever.

2783 days ago


Oh come on ya gotta love a dude named greasy bear! This dude is a friggin' riot! Even the mere mention of him makes me begin to chuckle then loose it to uncontrollable laughter. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Greasy Bear there is an old saying - We're not laughing at you we're laughing with you. That really doesn't apply here, we're laughing at your clueless ass! I'd love to see him in a reality show- "Greasy Bear: The slow spiraling downward extinction of a real moron. " Dude looks like the troglodyte offspring of brother and sister cave people. He's the only guy in the world that makes Paris look classy. Can he actually form full sentences or does he just point and grunt? Hilton is the only Paris he'll ever be in, because even the French wouldn't let his nasty ass into their country. If his brother is even worse I don't know if I'll be able to stand it!

2783 days ago

Hello Kitty    

Your comments: Lindsey Lohan is poor.. um I don't recall Lindsey passing out bad

2783 days ago
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