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Kapoor Excuse?

3/9/2007 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The doctor who prescribed Anna Nicole Smith methadone while she was pregnant is firing back at the man claiming that he's not cooperating with the investigation into her death.
Dr. Kapoor, Anna Nicole, Dr. Perper
After reports that the results of Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy were delayed by the medical examiner so he could examine additional evidence, an attorney for Dr. Sandeep Kapoor says he has nothing to add to the investigation.

Broward County Medical Examiner, Dr. Joshua Perper, had criticized Dr. Kapoor for what he says was the good doctor's refusal to cooperate with his investigation.

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Kapoor prescribed Anna Nicole methadone to her alias while she was pregnant. Ellyn Garofalo, Dr. Kapoor's lawyer, says that he has "been appropriately cautious about protecting the confidentiality of Anna Nicole Smith's medical treatment." She then calls out Dr. Perper, saying, "It's apparent that such caution is justified when the Broward County Medical Examiner makes public statements about a supposedly confidential investigation. The medical examiner's job is to determine the cause of Ms. Smith's death. Dr. Kapoor has no information that will help with that determination. Dr. Kapoor's treatment of Ms. Smith was at all times medically sound and he will continue to cooperate with any formal requests from authorities."



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Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner in the legal struggle about
the body of
Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Marshall) has a large protruting bump on his
It is on the back left hand side of his head.

When asked about his head bump he said
"I am definitely not a member of the television's Coneheads," he said
with a chuckle.
"I always used to say I have extra brains that I could not accommodate
in my head."

He said that when he was a small child his aunt dropped him
on his head and that a blood clot thickened part of his skull.

Dr. Perper is of Romanian descent and he is a very respected Medical

2783 days ago


The Law and the AMA will deal with Kapoor. Perhaps methadone was not found in the toxicology, and perhaps that is why Kapoor does not need to comply. Or perhaps medical examiners can only subpeona records if the drug was found in her sysrem. I agree they should look for paralitics like succs. But I think that Docs like Kapoor should lose their Lic. I wonder why they had so many Homosexual friends. Is HKS Homosexual? Mr. Sotos article said ANS sent him a picture shaving HKS ass. I looked to find the birth cert. Couldn't see it? Anyone find a copy? Is this guy for real? Perhaps this is why ANS will has that clause excluding any unborn children or future husbands?

2783 days ago


Cheaspeake Baybe

2783 days ago

Cat Kil    

It is so obvious that there is a cover-up in the deaths of Daniel & Anna.
When did ET/INSIDER become the HOWARD K. $TERN SHOW?
HK$ "cries" DRY tears...meaning NO tears!
The only reason he might cry is because his money train has DERAILED!
I can't believe HK$'s "closing arguments" at Anna's funeral.
It was SUPPOSED to be a eulogy about Anna's life NOT about HK$ trying to prove his innocence!
Don't ya'll think it is odd that he was ALWAYS up her @ss but NOT there when she died?
I sincerely hope that ET gets the EXCLUSIVE interview of HK$ discussing his first "Prison Love" encounter.
Larry Birkhead is most likely the REAL father & it is so obvious that HK$ is holding that baby hostage.
To glorify Bonnie $tern saying that crap to Virgie Arthur was also sickening.
That lowlife had NO reason to open her mouth.
Why did her & HK$'s parents never see DannieLynn until AFTER Anna died?
They smelled money!!
How in the world Virgie or Larry kept from strangling HK$ on the witness stand or at the funeral is beyond me.
Knowing that he basically killed Daniel & Anna I would have done so.
Why don't ET offer a DNA test to HK$ on the air?
Hell, pay him he'd do it then since he is a deadbeat low life!
Something is VERY wrong w/ DannieLynn!
No 6 month old baby should weigh just 10-12 lbs. & sleep 16-18 hours at a time (according to the Nanny Gibson).
ET…Why not do an “EXCLUSIVE” interview of her at her pediatrician’s office for a check-up?

2783 days ago


Speak up doc--- confidentiality of her medical
records-- Do confidentiality agreements
hold any water after death????? Does anybody
know??? This doc has to come clean if he is
her main doc?

2783 days ago


Just My Opinion -

Krista Barth said absolutely no such thing and you KNOW it as I've pointed out what she ACTUALLY said to you on the CNN site many, MANY times.

"KING: We have an e-mail question from Debbie (ph) in Beaverton, Oregon: "Larry Birkhead, Anna Nicole Smith's mother and Howard K. Stern's attorneys, fees have to be out of sight. How are you being paid? What about expenses, the involvement of the California, Florida and Bahamian courts, travel costs? Most people would not be able to afford this. Are the attorneys doing it for the exposure or themselves -- for themselves?" rather.


BARTH: I can -- it's really not appropriate for me to speak to my fee arrangement other than that I am being paid by Mr. Stern individually for this. Even though it would probably be a proper payment out of the estate, he's going to pay me. This was very important to him. And he did borrow some money from his mom and dad for some cost advance.

You have not seen any of us jetting around in private planes that have been paid for or things that are kind of extraordinary. This is just kind of, for us, down and dirty. And I am not a $1,200 an hour lawyer. So maybe that question would best be posed to Miss. Arthur's lawyers. "

2783 days ago


Didn't HOWARD say under oath that ANS was not taking methadone the past 5 months?
If there is methadone in the toxicology report doen't that mean that he lied under oath.
Do you think by the fact he added "at my knowledge" means that he will be able later say OH I didn't know she was taking so it is not me sho gave her ??????

2783 days ago


I'm sure the dr. is not worried about it

2783 days ago


I've heard that Daniel was so turned off by Anna's drug use that he NEVER took anything stronger than Tylenol. The whole methadone thing should be a red light.. Many pills can be ground down and mixed into beverages. This is what I think happened:

It's easy to make a "pill-less" cocktail of methadone and other's easy to place even the most bitter ingredients in a citrusy drink ( methadone is commonly taken this way)
After Anna had the baby, one could have been prepared for her in a lemonade type form.
Unfortunately, her affection for Daniel could have led her to let him have the drink, possibly to help him avoid a trip to get a drink/soda out of the room. Most moms share food and drink with their children, especially in a pinch. This caused the fatal depressive effect on the respiratory system for both Daniel AND Anna.
Howard has been touted as a "gofer" and prepared most things for Anna and was most likely unknowingly given drugs everyday in this manner.

This also explains why, only on the day Anna died, Howard decided to go out and "buy a boat" instead of being almost literally connected to her hip that day. The bodyguard and his wife knew Anna, but Howard knew her better and he would have had to answer as to why she was so still.. He more than likely knew he had to rouse her from time to time to make sure she would not die. She looked so impaired in the last videos of her..

Hey.. why hasn't anyone looked into the methods of taking methadone liquid and grinding pills into beverages. Everyone is looking for the pills in the stomach and needle marks on the body.. Anna and Daniel overdosed without ever knowing it.. This was a double murder, with Howard waiting in the wings. Where are all the people that knew Howard before Anna??? I've yet to hear anything by any news source or tabloid about Howard's history...

2783 days ago

Ben Dover    

you know perhaps these comments would be respected far more, if we refrained from resorting to grade 5 tactics, and stop calling people names..i feel like I'm back in elementary school. Dr. Perper is a man of integrity, he is a graduate of John Hopkins Medical School and has performed thousands of autopsies and not 1 complaint of misconduct levelled agaunst him. I find it irritating that some people question his character...the man is doing his job. At the end of the day, he is not going to jeopardize his career and reputation for ANS's case..she's just not that relax people!!

2783 days ago


Medical Examiner wants to see Anna Nicole Smith's computer, click on to read..

2783 days ago

I'll take Howie    


2783 days ago



I don't think we will see Big Moe turn on anyone. Big Moe is confident in who he is and he adored Anna. Moe is a gentle giant who was soft enough to help Anna through her grief and call her Sister & "Baby Girl"

Moe understands a mother's heart. Moe talked about Anna being a mother and I will be extremely disappointed if Moe 'turn's" away from who he is and who he loved.

I think I've watched every interview Moe has done, I've watched him at the funeral and in the crowd - and he loved Anna. I think Moe & his wife treated Anna & Howard like they were little children - catering to their every need.


The only side that will give Dannielynn a good life is the side of truth, love and dedication.

Howard K Stern said over & over at Anna's funeral that he didn't care what a judge said, he didn't care what a lawyer says, he didn't care what so-called family says, or blood relatives - He is the only one who knows the truth - Anna knew the truth - and He knows the truth.

Truth always wins - the truth does't change it's story - the truth will set them free - I don't know for sure if Howard K Stern is completely honest - he is not willing to give Dannielynn's DNA swab - Dr. Kapoor is not willing to communicate with Dr. Perper - Although he just wrote a letter to FoxNews saying he did talk to Dr. Perper which Dr. Perper is denying. you can see it's going to get real messy in the police "investigation"

If tells a truth that contradicts with Dr. Perper, Dr. Kapoor or Howard K Stern - I am afraid instead of Howard & Bonnie taking a dignified approach the will be on here calling us all names again.

2783 days ago


There you go again. Posting disgusting, slanderous and ignorant speculation. There is nothing more dangerous than mob mentality and that is what I see here. It is a shame that many of you weren't born back in the days of good, old fashioned lynching. You would have loved that.

2783 days ago
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