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Madonna: Silence is Golden ... or Else!

3/10/2007 5:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When Madonna sleeps, everybody sleeps. And don't even think about using the water when the Material Mom slumbers.

This is just one of the odd tidbits that the world will learn about Her Madgesty's life behind closed door is detailed in a new tell-all from her former nanny, Melissa Dumas. Apparently, as Page Six reports, Madonna won't let anyone make noise while she sleeps, including taking a shower -- and that includes hubby Guy Ritchie and the kids. Titled "Live To Tell: My Life as Madonna's Nanny," the dishy tome is slated for a September release with Crown Publishers. Dumas -- who lived with Madonna from 2005 to 2006 -- also reveals that Madge enforces a strict household media ban and a stringent dietary regimen. Live to tell? We're not so sure.

Naomi -- "I'm Happy to Mop"

Naomi Campbell wasn't fooling anyone when she told People that she was "happy" to mop floors. The BlackBerry-wielding model/actress/whatever is set to do a five day stint at New York's Sanitation Department as part of her community service punishment for throwing a cell phone at her housekeeper. "I never spoke about what I would and wouldn't do ... I'm just doing what I'm told to do and that's it," she said, adding that she'll bravely "get on with my life" when it's over. The angerific Campbell swears she's turning over a new leaf, and claims that once this whole mopping business is behind her, she'll be donating to charity and working on finding a TV gig that will allow her to help "change people lives."

Lane Garrison Has a Guardian Angel

Embattled "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has at least one Hollywood pal firmly in his corner. Mark Wahlberg, Garrison's co-star in the upcoming thriller "Shooter," threw his support behind the troubled actor, who is now facing manslaughter charges in connection with a car crash this past December that killed a 17-year-old. Wahlberg told reporters, "I pray for [Lane] every single day of my life. It was a horrible accident. It's a tragedy for everybody involved and we're just praying for everybody." Wahlberg is no stranger to trouble: The "Departed" star admits that he was "a kid that got into trouble," and estimated that growing up, he'd been arrested anywhere between 20 and 25 times by the Boston Police. Garrison is currently free on $100,000 bail, giving him a brief reprieve and the opportunity to do the press circuit for the new film.

Party Favors: Aniston Schemes with Sam? ... Eva Wants Chesney to Sing for Her ... Scarlett Gives Shoes to African Kids

Jennifer Aniston was spotted in New York this week having drinks actor Sam Rockwell. Witnesses say she and Rockwell, who stars with Jen's ex Brad Pitt in the new film "Assassination of Jesse James," seemed to be discussing a possible new film project. ... Eva Longoria is keeping her bridezilla in check, but has big plans for her July nuptials to NBA star Tony Parker. She wants singer Kenny Chesney to perform at her wedding -- but Chesney "just doesn't know it yet," she says in Cosmopolitan's April issue. ... Scarlett Johansson: actress, model ... shoe designer? Johansson launched her new line of shoes for Reebok on Thursday night, and announced that Reebok would be donating 2,000 pairs of shoes in her name to the Soles4Souls campaign, benefiting Sudanese refugees.


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Uh, Madonna, I think you forgot where you came from.

I Love your music, and one of your tours on video that my husband bought me, got me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

You are from Michigan, but you, like the rest of famous people, have let "fame & fortune" go to your head. Not surprised.

Come back down to earth OK?????

2748 days ago


I need a quiet house when I'm sleeping too...or I can't sleep. I highly doubt she's being a diva. She needs rest and apparently it doesn't come easy for her either. *NEWS FLASH*, many people have sleep disorders, famous people included.

2748 days ago


Sam Rockwell is Vince Vaughn's good bud. Everybody always wants to slant every story about Jennifer Aniston toward Pitt. Vince and Sam go way back, even before "Made" and remain close pals. Now that could be a story.

2748 days ago


I have trouble sleeping also, however I can't demand everyone in my house to stop their lives until I get up. My family would say, "So, get over it!!!".

Doesn't she live in a castle, or a least a mansion.

I wouldn't think in a mansion or castle, if your bedroom is on one end, and activity on the other... she would have any problem's.

Use ear plugs & an eye shade for Christ's sake!!!!

OMG, heaven forbid Guy snores, then what.........

2748 days ago


Madona has got that Borgen African thing going.

2748 days ago


I am not a Madonna fan; I think she has harmed many young girls.. But, at least consider that this may be a deal between her and the nanny. Over the years, I have seen her do ANYTHING for money and attention. This may be just another bid for publicity, just when nothing is going on in her life, and she is getting older. Anybody working for Madonna has signed MANY non-disclosure agreements. So, let's not start lining up at the bookstores just yet.

2748 days ago


So Madonna's a light sleeper, doesn't allow t.v., encourages healthy eating, and likes to run an orderly household. Is this supposed to be scandalous? What is appalling is that some talentless hack is making money divulging the idosyncracies and living habits of a famous person she once worked for.

2748 days ago


of course aniston wants to do something with rockwell, she knows brad is the only reason anyone is still paying attention to her so she will ride any wave near him.

2748 days ago


Madoona....I guess you are scared to death your kids will find out what the world/critics really think about you. (Gross yucky, over the hill poser)
It is perfectly ok for you to spew loads of yucky Madoona sexual, political pontificating crap at me and my kids and the rest of the world (I don't have 3 full time nanny's available to make sure the TV is off , the newspaper shredded, etc when I am not home or out at the GROCERY STORE)
You have a dopey 'yes dear' husband that loves riding on the Madoona gravy train! and he doesn't inject any of his own personality or real life into the kid's lives.
I personally can't wait to read the nanny diary book! I hope it emabarrasses your skinny a$$ to no end.
Your fake BRIT accent, your high falutin' tastes and needs. Your are a girl from the midwest of the US...who didn't shave her skanky armpits, did a SEX book, did a disgusting documentary of your filthy oversexed, exhibitionist lifestyle...Now your want us all to believe you are Mother Teresa saving the world. You derve what you get and I hope the Nanny makes a fortune off the book and movie rights etc.
I don't agree that Madoona has a hand in it. It will be a great cringe worthy read for all!

2748 days ago


I don't really blame Madonna, I'm a really light sleeper and I hate being woken up coz it takes me ages to get back to sleep again and when you are as busy as Madonna you do need to get a full nights sleep, I know this coz I work out a lot like she does and I have 3 kids and lead a busy life, I also ride horses too, so we have a fair bit in common; except for the famous pop star part of course, but I wouldn't want to be famous, always being followed around by the paperazzi would drive me nuts I think so can understand why she wants to keep the media out of her private life, it also keeps some normality which is really important when you have kids. My kids know that they have to keep it right down when I go to bed on a Friday or Saturday night coz if they don't they wil be made to go to bed too and in the morning if they get up befor me they know to keep it down and they don't pester me unless it's an emergency of some sort
A bit of it is probably coz she is getting older too and isn't the party girl she used to be which is fair enough in my opinion ans it is her house and she pays the bills so she deserves some respect and I think that this nanny is just cashing in, Madonna would have explained all of this to her when she hired her and she still took the job, she shouldn't have if she couldn't hack it she was also being paid so she has no reason to complain and a good routine is viatl especially when your buy and you have kids.
And Madona is a good diciplinarian when it comes to her kids, not letting them watch tv is maybe a bit harsh, but at least they lead buy active lives to compensate for that and when they grow up they will probably have a sense of self diciplin and self worth, unlike that useless pathetic media whore parisite hilton(her parents should have followed Madonna's example they certainly did a shit job raising her.
Personaly I would much rather my kids look up to Madonna then some twit like parisite, she is a hard worker and she doesn't smoke, hardly ever drinks and NEVER does drugs, she has self respect and is a strong independant woman, she stands tall whilst many others fall apart around her coz they can't handle fame, you have to be tough to get by in this bussiness, sure she swears a bit and can be bossy but i'd rather be like that then a pathetic little bimbo who can't even put gas in her own car.
I grew up listening to Madonna as a teenager and she has changed heaps over the years,but she's still a fun loving person who hjas evolved aand ahnged a lot to suit her music and has set trends in both music and fahion and I can't wait to see the new clothing line she has come up with,
I wish Madonna and her family all the best

2747 days ago


Naomi wants to do a tv show NOW or wasn't she waiting for the right time to compete against somebody without giving away her greened-eyed inner moster?..a Naomi tv show-oh pluuueeze! I'll never believe anything she preaches..
She is just one synonyme shy of saying a talkshow! This proves how she has been always envious and fearful of ex-modelTyra Banks!

Tyra Banks once said very bodly on her shows with Elle Macpherson, that SHE isn't just one of those stupid models who thinks getting all the big magazine covers is the only accomplishment there is and then they try to get a rich man to marry them to keep up with the lifestyle after they retire... Tyra stressed that indepedent strong women are more than that. She poves how she has left such a controversial world (modelling) to build a thriving career on tv , and change lives of other people. I guess Naomi didn't miss that episode and Tyra has got the better of her ..LMAO

As for Madge, I agree with what Beth said about her diva-dom..Her big mansion stil can't do good for her. I was expecting such huge houses to be immune to sounds made by other family members by the opposite ends?
But, I wonder if the tell-all wil materialise, aren't the maids and staff of celebrities supposed to be bound by non-disclosure and confidential agreements? Then if it does happen, I will fall for it that Madge is a publicity hungry celeb, to gain more exposure and money....

2747 days ago


I am glad that Naomi is going to hit the mop. Good hard work is always good when one is trying to change who they are....

Scarlett.. Good on you for donating those shoes! Those kids will love 'em!

2747 days ago


Forget about Lane Garrison from "The Shooter". I'm boycotting any movie that stars Mark Wahlberg. I saw him admit to a tv interviewer that, yes, he did beat up a guy that was smaller than him when he was in his twenties & beat him so badly, that the guy LOST AN EYE.


When the interviewer asked Wahlberg how he felt about that being a big movie star and making millions of dollars and knowing that there's a guy walking around with only one eye because of him, Wahlberg said that he "felt sorry". Then......the interviewer asked what he's done to make it up to him. Wahlber said that would like to, but that he doesn't know where the guy lives. The interviewer then asked him if he tried to look up his address. What was Wahlberg's reply??????

He replied "NO".

This punk is giving an excuse of "I don't know where the guy lives", when he hasn't even tried looking him up. He's a violent man with a violent past. He beat up a man to a bloody pulp until he smashed his eye. I'm not giving one dime towards any movie that stars that thug.

2747 days ago

george vieto    

Next time Naomi Campbell has a temper tantrum and throws a cellphone at someone punish her by having to stand in a batter's box in Yankee Stadium and Mariano Rivera throw a baseball close to her upper torso and high speed and Naomi will shape up and quit impersonating a female Tom Brady throwing objects at her subjects.

2747 days ago


Madonna is old now. Nobody cares.

2747 days ago
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