Think Heather's Leg Will Fall Off? Bet on It!

3/11/2007 4:01 AM PDT
If Heather Mills' leg should happen to fall off during this season of "Dancing With the Stars," it will surely be a YouTube classic -- and could also make a few lucky gamblers some cold hard cash.

Yes, you can actually bet on whether or not Heather's prosthetic leg will fly off during a routine on the popular ABC show. If you bet $100 that it does happen, the gambling website will pay out $350. On the other hand, you would need to bet $600 that it doesn't happen to win $100. For all you gambling noobs, that makes "no" the heavy favorite.

The site even goes as far as to state, "Heather Mills' leg must fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine for all Yes wagers to be graded a Win." Just remember, kids: Gambling is bad!