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Charged with Importing Steroids

Down Under

3/12/2007 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0312_sylvester_stallone_bn-1Just moments ago, Sylvester Stallone was officially charged with illegally importing performance and image enhancing drugs in a Sydney courtroom, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to Australian authorities, the 60-year-old action star, who did not appear in court, was caught at Sydney Airport with several vials of a steroid known as hGH (human growth hormone), during a random baggage check. Customs officials claim they found a total of 48 vials of the steroid after they raided Stallone's Sydney hotel room, limousine and private jet.

Stallone will be required to enter a plea on April 24. If found guilty, he faces a maximum fine of $22,000 Austrailian.

According to, "Bodybuilders may illicitly self-administer hGH to improve size and strength, usually by subcutaneous injection into the lower abdomen." HGH has also "become a popular but expensive medication prescribed in anti-aging therapies."

Stallone was visiting Australia in February to promote his latest film "Rocky Balboa. Calls to Sly's rep were not immediately returned.

Reps for Stallone had no comment.


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I wondered why his head is as bid as a refrigerator! What a great promo for HGH. U gots the cash you stay young. Gimme gimme gimme...gimme some more.

2692 days ago


LOL, call me naive but I thought he was just busted to all hell from terrible plastic surgery. Now I get it. Note to any guy considering using roids: Roid Face is not a good look on ANYONE (yeah, I'm talking to you to, Mickey Rourke)!!

2692 days ago

Only in    

This only proves that Neanderthaloids are alive today. This "cracker" is right out of the cave. You "crackers" kill me.Taking drugs to look and talk like the Flintstones,he even calls himself Rocky. AHHH, I crack myself up. Keep taking your drugs, this will only make it easier for us.The African American is moving forward towards our future,while you are heading back to the stone ages.NO PEACE NO JUSTICE!!!

2692 days ago

Some dude    

Does TMZ look to hire people who have actualy graduated college? How about Highschool? Do you hire journalists, or just snag people off the street who are at least partly literate? I ask, you see, becuase I would like someone to make sense of this sentence: "during a random baggage check. Customs officials claim they found a total of 48 vials of the steroid after they raided Stallone's Sydney hotel room, limousine and private jet."

Was it in his baggage, or in his room?

Jesus you people need new blood there!

2691 days ago


I think everyone needs to know that HGH is no a steroid. HGH is very safe to use with no serious side effects. The media needs to stop releasing information when they do not know what they are talking about. After age 30, HGH levels in the body are so low that you do not look or feel the same as you did when you were younger. Overtime your natural release of HGH decreases and by using HGH, you restore the GH that is lowered with age.Here are the benefiets of HGH.

• Greater cardiac output
• Superior immune function
• Enhanced human sexual performance
• Lowered blood pressure
• Improved cholesterol profile
• Reduced body fat
• Higher energy levels
• Increased exercise performance
• Supplement stronger bones
• Younger, tighter, thicker skin
• Hair re growth
• Wrinkle removal
• Increased muscle mass
• Re-generation of major organs that shrink with age

2691 days ago


Dont them grandkids of jailbirds got anything better to do geez if he wants to take em so friggin what ,get a life downunders.Plus anyone told yuh lately that your beer sucks.
An all you thats taking a knock at him go back and play with your wee wanker's I enjoyed some of the movies he was in.

2691 days ago


REF : post 41 HGH
Hey Rob ,
thats a cool discription is it in a pill format and over the counter? I would like to give it a try.


2691 days ago


No Sam, this is an injectable drug. In the U.S. it is given to children who are short in height and endocrinologist prescribe it to children for long bone growth. Bodybuilders use it for mostly decreasing bodyfat. Steroids are testosterone hormone. Growth hormone is not a steroid. GH is a hormone produced naturally by the pituitary gland and everyone produces GH. As we get older it decreases. Although, steroids are prescribed to people for many health issues such as low testosterone levels in older men which Stallone probably also does take under a Drs. supervision. Bigdeal!! Who cares!! Why is this such a big issue!!!

Many competitive bodybuilders take huge amounts of steroids and Growth Hormone and still do it resposibly with regular medical checkups with no problems at all. The media are the ones that talk bad about it and have no idea what they are talking about. Saying steroids kill!!! HAA!!! Yeah right!!! They make it sound like it is so bad!!

Ever since 1998 when Mark Mcguire was caught with legal supplement in his locker, androstendoine, that is what started it all. Steroids have been used in pro sports for years since the early 80's.

Now the media does so many reports on the issue it just gets the attention of teenagers who want to do it. That can be bad for them as steroids/testosterone can stop long bone growth as teenagers are still growing in height.

Again, Growth Hormone is not a steroid. It is very safe.

2691 days ago


ok dave o u must be a drug dealer looser.....

2691 days ago

Connie Lynn    

SLY FINALLY CAUGHT.......but only with steroids????? Too bad this man got away with a medicine cabinet OVERFLOWING with PRESCRIPTION DRUGS during the years while he was "USING" & "TRICKING" every "ELITE MODEL" in Hollywood! Maybe it dulled his pain and obsession about his rumored PENILE IMPLANT!!!!! HUM..maybe Rambo & Rocky....used REAL STEROIDS once upon a time!!! He NEEDS steroids, botox, collagen and plastic surgery so he isn't a big blubbery fat slob!!!! Poor Jennifer....she is the one ELITE MODEL who has to look at that face each day. Smear some more magic potion cream on him.....PLEASE !!!!!!!

2691 days ago

no sympathy for her    

Rob- If you are going to peddle HGH on your postings, please share all unbiased info...

Yes, HGH is NOT a steriod, but an actual hormone and is used as "hormone replacement therapy" for many children and even adults who have lost pituitary function. It is NOT perfectly safe when taken in large amounts or over long periods of time. It can be very hard on the liver and can actually cause the pituitary to stop producing HGH in those who take it without a deficiency. It is used as an injectable as it is the most efficient way for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream. When taken in pill form as many scam companies sell it, it is deactivated in the gut and never transferred into the bloodstream.

Anyone who would like to know more may visit or look up growth hormone on Wilkapedia.

2691 days ago

Christopher Derr    

Funny how all of you people can sit here and bash him, when he is 60 and looks amazing. So what if he is using HGH, Im sure it was monitored and looked at by doctors. You don't think twice about people getting breast implants or lipo suction. Maybe if all the fat people quit talking crap on people for looking good, and get alittle self discipline and get in good shape they wouldn't have so much negativity. Where's the proof that HGH is bad for you anyway? All you guys can parrot what you've heard and say it is, but have you done the research on it to see what its all about? I doubt you have. Did you know the FDA didn't even want to ban steroids or make it a controlled substance. Not to mention in Europe its legal to have steroids for personal use. There are to many people jumping on the anti steroid ban wagon, that have no idea what its all about. I say give all men over 35 the choice to keep them selves healthy. HGH is just hormones not any different than a women getting estrogen replacement, but thats perfectly fine isn't it. Not to mention with 50% of the united states being over weight im sure it wouldn't hurt some of you to think about hormone therapy. I bet you selvester being in that good of shape didn't cost me any money on my medical premium increasing, but I can garuntee you that the 2000 over weight people today that died of heart failure upped my premium! 1-2 people die because they use Steroids, probably along with hundereds of other things and its a crisis, but 2000+ people die in america alone everyday for being obese and you turn your heads. Not to mention 40% of people smoke and there is absolutely no benifit to that, atleast steroids can help you obtain a better lifestyle. Yet cigaretts are legal so they must be better for me than steroids right?? You guys are all blind and you pay way to much attention to the media, I hope you guys really try to get your priorities inline, and decide whats important to you, staying around at whatever cost it takes to see your kids grow up or sit around eating mc donalds and smoking your cigarettes getting fat and cancerous, because its legal. When really your killing yourself more than any steroid ever could. You want a perfect example of how non potent most steroids are, you could take a bottle of Oxycodine, Tylonal, Ibuprofin, and Dianabol( A steroid) Take the whole bottle and see which one kills you, I can assure you It wont be the Steroid, but your perfectly legal pain killers all would. So before you go spewing your mouth and your opinions, do your research and try to provide some honesty!

2690 days ago

Tim, the White Leader (ROFLMAO!)    

Thanks Farrah (Fawcett) for your life changing and postitive, awe-inspiring Muslim bullshit message re: your personal salvation and day at Mecca, ROFL!
Anyway, all things stated about HgH are basically correct. It's a hormone not an anabolic steroid. Yeah, Sly made good movies. Yeah, he looks funny; different for sure.

2690 days ago

Tim, the White Leader (ROFLMAO!)    

BTW...Neanderthaloid would mean to resemble a neanderthal. Did you mean something or someone resembling a neanderthal or did you mean neanderthal? I know, I know, it's probably just not having command of your own language and realizing that you were using a adjective. Just thought I'd "axe" or "ax" you "dat" question. ROFLMAO!
Sorry, you're right Farrah, the topic *was* Stallone after all, wasn't it? ;)

2690 days ago

Tim, the White Leader (ROFLMAO!)    

Personally, I'm a Sly fan. Some of his movies have been cheesy but c'mon, what kid growing up in the late 70's and the 80's didn't love Sly? We ALL age and I can't think of anyone I know that LIKES it but I'd have to agree with the last poster. I 've been a healthcare provider for 16 years and morbid obesity is a problem on the system. EVERYTHING to greater and lesser degrees taxes the system. A LOT of it could be avoided with some self-care.
I can see the difference in Sly's face and so on. Not sure what that is from; could be a lot of things, medically speaking. Now, one poster said it was not possible for a man or woman Sly's age to have that much muscularity and definition. I'd have to disagree with that. This is going back a ways but what about Clarence Bass, the dude was 70 something years old in the mid-late 80's and he was WAY ripped up. Jack LaLane looks great and the man is in his 90's! A great deal can be acheived with natural body building. Results are not overnight but a man or a woman can lot in a few months with disciplined eating and some work. Aging doesn't mean the muscle fibers stop responding to taxation.

2689 days ago
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