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Will Britney Vid Cost Her the Kids?

3/12/2007 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Shears.A video of a pre-rehab Britney Spears and a couple dancers at a New York nightclub might spell serious trouble for the pop princess, and could make things even more difficult as she struggles for custody of her kids.

While still photos of Britney switching clothes with the dancers at club One on February 12 are being shopped around for $150,000, Rush & Molloy report that the video – which the dancers say got them fired though they didn't specify what they were doing on it – is a much bigger deal. "If that thing goes on the Internet," says a source, "it's going to be big trouble. It might be what they need to take [Spears'] kids away from her."

The rep for the club says the dancers weren't fired, and neither reps for Brit nor the dancers would comment.

Did Cruise Try to Recruit King?

Tom CruiseScientology top gun Tom Cruise gave Larry King a personal tour of a Church anti-psychiatry facility to try to convince him of the Church's views slamming psychiatry. And after that, King says that the Church's attack on psychiatry is "incredible."

The improbable mission took place after Cruise's public excoriation of Brooke Shields and her treatment of post-partum depression with drugs. King tells the Palm Beach Post that Cruise took him to Scientology's new museum in Hollywood called "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death." And though he says he likes Tom "a lot," King, who has himself been treated with anti-depressants, disagrees with Scientology's hard-line anti-psych stance.

Paul Pays Mills $56 Mil to End Battle?

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney has reportedly convinced Heather Mills to accept a $56 million settlement – including an $8 million house – to end their bitter divorce battle and her bid for sole custody of their kid. London's News of the World says that Mills will get Sir Paul's Georgian mansion in St. John's Wood but will agree to share custody of Beatrice, the couple's daughter, and will accept $6 million less than McCartney supposedly offered her back in January. Mills had supposedly demanded $6 million per year from McCartney.

Party Favors: Foxy Brown a Road Menace? ... Governator's Hummer Smells Like French Fries ... "300" Crushes Box Office

Foxy Brown, already an alleged menace in beauty salons from Manhattan to Florida, is also creating problems on the streets of New York as well. The New York Daily News says she's been busted on 16 traffic violations in less than three years. ... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Outside magazine that he switched one of his gas-swallowing Hummer SUVs from regular diesel to biofuel, and now when he drives it, "It smells like French fries." ... The battle-epic "300" absolutely mauled the box-office, taking in over $70 million in its opening weekend. The retelling of the battle of Thermopylae had the third-best "R"-rated debut ever.


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Remember Paul -Peg leg can't take it with her!

2790 days ago

Lenn K.    

Paul that's smart you got plenty of money now you can get on with your life. Let this be a lesson to you in the future. You now know the one-legged bandit only wanted your money. Tom never stops trying to push that cult on people. Britney, no comment!!!!

2790 days ago


my regrets for paul, he is such a nice guy, and a living legend; she married him to divorce him, what a shame, what about the custody, she needs to leave england

2790 days ago


tom you are going to become even more unpopular with the cult you are in and totally controlly katie, you can leave her alone at a movie set, she has no sex appeaL, no shape, and with all her facelifts and whatever else, she is still not pretty.

2790 days ago


Along with the money--Paul should add a black eye patch a parrot and a box of crackers

2790 days ago


Heather Mills is scum.

2790 days ago


I like Tom Cruise as an actor, but I don't share his views. I agree that the psychiatry and drugs can be abused in cases, but it is also need as a valid treatment cases....including the woman who killed her bf, ate him and was then put in a psych ward till recently when she was released on good behavior w/ no supervision as long as she takes her meds. Hope her next bf doesn't believe in Scientology --for his sake.

2790 days ago


LMAO!! at #3's comment!!!!!

Ya know, it's a sad, sad story when you have to get a pre-nup before you marry someone anymore.

That woman has NO RIGHT to $58 million of Paul's money. HE made that money!! HELLO! CAN WE SAY "THE BEATLES"!!?? Just because you marry someone with a lot of money doesn't make you "entitled" if the marriage ends. Then you'll hear them say "well I've become accustomed to a certain lifestyle". WELL TOUGH POO HONEY!! You should have tried a little harder to make your marriage work!

There's nothing that I hate more than a money hungry bitch. Have some class Heather!!

2790 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem that Paul had was he was married for over 25 years to Linda and when she died he felt very lonely. In stepped or I should say hopped Heather Mills all sweet and with knife in hand to stab him in the back once she got pregnant . His daughter told him to get a PN agreement but he felt that would a kick in the leg. Lesson learned, he worth 1.5 billion so it like donating to the one-legged, backstabbing, scum sucking leech fund!!!!

2790 days ago


The Industry of Death? Give me a break! Maybe Tom Cruise and the church of Scientology should use their ability to make headlines for something productive. I manage a psychiatry practice and I can say without hesitation that the work done here saves lives & the medicines used help restore order in a mentally ill person's choas inflicted mind and helps them lead a more 'normal' life- something Tom Cruise has no appreciation of anymore.

2790 days ago

jane smith    

Poor Brit
Why would you want to put on anything these skank girls wore? Who knows what any of these dancers have? She just was not thinking. I hope she'll think clearer when she gets out. But then again, I don't think Brit has ever thought too clear- pre hair cutting weekend. The 55 hr marriage etc. was before the last incident.

I'm sick of Tom Cruise pushing Scientology down everyones throat. I like him as an actor, but he's really getting on my nerves lately.

2790 days ago


I wish the Tom and all his followers would go away forever.An organization who prys on the weak minded,people are noticing now.

2790 days ago


I find it almost laughable when all the annalysts of this case suggest that keeping the bay to the 6 month mark would almost assure Stern's ability to keep her.
I wasn't aware that when someone steals, as long as he or she maintains possession of the stolen property, in this case, a human being, that one is awarded ownership???

In that case, Shawn Hornebeck (sp?) should never have been returned to his parents! After all, didn't Devlin have possession of him for two years??? He wins, no??

Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2790 days ago


Spears is an over-rated, over-exposed, over-indulged whore that hasn't any right to children, or breathing for that matter.

Cruise is an over-rated, over-exposed, over-indulged mental midget. Both he and his so-called religion and church are the products of a hallucinating founder and believer that we were invaded by the body snatchers.

Good for Mills on this proposed settlement. McCartney is a controlling over-induled egomaniac.

Missy Brown is a slackard and a drag on humanity. She's also over-rated, over-exposed and an egomaniac.

2790 days ago


thank you # 3 for making me laugh so early in the morning.well said.she has proven herself as a whore that only married him for his money and sperm(to get more money).

2790 days ago
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