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Aretha Makes Keith Feel Like a Natural Pirate

3/13/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Parrots, pirates, Patti and punsters were all in evidence last night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony -- but Diamond Dave was not. And TMZ was there to catch all the rocktacular backstage action.

Aretha Franklin delivered some Beyonce "to the left" while Keith Richards apparently remained in costume from his acting gig on "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" -- and is speaking Old Pirate, or some language only he understands. Meanwhile, inductee Grandmaster Flash (along with the Furious Five) called his arrival into the Hall "a flash of brilliance, excuse my pun."

Patti Smith got a huge ovation for her long-overdue induction, and REM and the Ronettes also got their place. Van Halen was celebrated as well, but David Lee Roth boycotted after he reportedly couldn't agree on what song to sing with his former bandmates.


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2744 days ago

He's Boring now    

Good Grief Keith you dont really believe youre a Pirate do you? You look like one, especially with the recent mustache, just so sorry you talk like one too---I havent understood a word of any induction or commentary you have made during the last 20 years. Drugs and Coconuts will do that to you Sir, lay off of each for a little bit and you'd be surprised how much clarity returns to your voice and mind.

Patti Smith was well deserving.

2744 days ago


Keith needs to be embalmed already. Even now James Brown and Anna Nicole still look better than him. See what self medicating does?

2744 days ago

That explains things!    

Look, the man fell outta a coconut tree onto his friggin head! I'd say he's had his day in the sun [no pun intended]. I'm shocked he's still standing!

I gotta say though...there should come a MANDATORY time when star types should be put out to pasture. At least, he's in great company with the OTHER Queen!

Wait look! Is that a shadow of the Grim Reaper I see behind him?? Hmmmmm....

2744 days ago


My god Keith looks sooo bad lol....

2744 days ago



2744 days ago


My goodness, could Keith look any worse? And the photo is not even sharp and clear, I can't imagine what he looks like up close.

2744 days ago


Did David Lee Roth think the world would stop if he didn't showup. He's still disillusioned that he's someone of importance. This was the closest he could ever come to any hall of fame. Now David, just go away and let's not here from you ever.

2744 days ago


is he dead?

2744 days ago

Georgie Fame    

Instead of Patti Smith, can they just induct Gilda Radner instead?

Smith is the least interesting, least consequential act to come out of the LES scene of the late 1970’s.

As she is not a musician, her music inspired no one. As a writer, the songs that most connected with the audience were written by Van Morrison and Bruce Springsteen.

Sure, she motivated girls at Oberlin College to CONTINUE writing in the journals, but Sylvia Plath had done that already.

Does this merits induction into an institution that is taken seriously by everyone BUT the Trustees.

So why her? We have the Mapplethorpe photo – nice- and we have all those speeches giving a voice to the voiceless: women, children, innocent men, etc.

Curiously, she found no voice for Cambodians, Vietnamese (after the US pullout), Cubans, Zimbabweans, Burmese, Sudanese, Liberians, (I’ll just stop now). Their pain was not as important to her, as it could not be pointed as a weapon at the US Government. That is the real object of her passion, which was/is her art.

Her screed is as warped and scratchy as her albums now are (.05% of the population can name Horses, the numbers drop precipitously from there for the other ten.) But they are very current for the groupthink that Jan Wenner pushes through his former rock magazine.

And this is PUNK?!

Oh to hear Johnny Ramone’s acceptance speech one more time.

2744 days ago


David Lee Roth didn't show up because they wouldn't let him perform at all, not because they couldn't decide what to perform. This site is so lazy, sometimes.

2744 days ago


Sammy & Michael sucked. They sounded nothing like the Van Halen should. Dave probably made a very smart choice by not performing with that sorry sound. No Eddie or Dave no real Van Halen. And could Patty Smith have rambled on any longer? I now have a longing for shows that go to commercial after so much time has passed. I turned it off after Sammy sang because I could stand no more.

2744 days ago


David Lee Roth would make a good pirate.

2744 days ago



2744 days ago


We watched the stars and their limousines, from the high above office windows atop one of our locations. Haven't had this much fun since New Years eve 1999.

That is what is so cool about crowded Midtown skyscrapers

Now, if they would just bring the Oscars here

2744 days ago
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