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Star Jones: New Business Likes Shoe Business

3/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star JonesTMZ has exclusively learned that a luxury shoe boutique in the Hamptons is offering the revamped Star Jones free shoes for life!

Since her ignominious departure from "The View," Star has undergone a complete makeover, including a new job at Court TV. Todd Shapiro, owner of Hampton Shoe Vixen is offering the deflated talk show host free shoes for the rest of her life. "Now that she has a new job and has lost so much weight, she is going to need new shoes," Shapiro told TMZ.

Since Payless Shoe Source did not renew their contract with Jones, Shapiro has offered to make Star the boutique's national pump-pimping spokesperson. "Although we can't pay what Payless did, we can pay her in shoes."

A rep for Star Jones tells TMZ, "An offer was never made to our client."


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Sunshine all Day Long!    

She is ugly as homemade sin,:

I hate it when Rich snotty ungrateful people get things for free, and the poor homeless people cant get anything, this world is so unfair!!

2783 days ago

Sunshine all Day Long!    

She needs to put her weight back on, she looks like a dried up crow!

2783 days ago


Shoes are definitely not going to help this one . . . she all but destroyed her own credibility as a lawyer after joining "The View" . . . makeover or not she is still the same self-obsessed "celebrity wannabe" . . . I was shocked that Court TV offered her any position at all . . . especially one with editing privileges . . . it is an insult to the few competent anchors they already have . . . hey Star here's an idea . . . why don't you decide what you want to be when you grow up . . . a serious member of the legal community or an actor!

2783 days ago

Cranky Pants    

I wouldn't touch, let alone BUY anything that over-hyped, saggy-assed skank endorses.

2783 days ago


Is that Grandma Moses?

2783 days ago


She's had her 15 minutes of fame. It's now time for her to go away.

2783 days ago

get a grip    

I hope she kicks Rosie ass in the rating!!!!! Rosie sucks!!!

2783 days ago


I am sure Star is happy and that is all the matters. LOL!

2783 days ago

I Agree........    

Enough already of the fat bitch!!! She's all fake!!

2783 days ago

Sunshine all Day Long!    

#4--Cranky Pants
I agree with you
and may I add, you put it quite gracefully

2783 days ago


I'm curious....what happened to the Aunt Jemima talkin' she usta do when she was on da view??? Now she morphed intowhat? I was shocked to see her. I'm 63 and I don't look that old. What are we supposed to believe? Chunky semi-lawyer of O.J. Fame becomes Bridezilla, then Aunt Jemima (forgive me - Aunt Jemima at least had a warm, friendly beautiful face, not a face like this) She is a cartoon just like so many of the --what are they called, stars? Another one of the entertainment persons who is too tedious, no talent and move on over, there are so many more wannabes.

2783 days ago

mickey lou    

Let Star go barefoot! I won't watch her or buyt the shoes she pushes!

2783 days ago


I think she looks like a man...

2783 days ago

Amy NY    

What gets me was when she was heavy see used wigs, face nails and frilly clothes to make a personna of herself. Now she just looks like a dried up cow left in the pasture. Her 10 minutes of fame are up!@!

2783 days ago


If she takes them up on their offer of free shoes for life, she'll lose any little bit of credibilty that she has managed to regain. This kind of thing is EXACTLY the reason the View fired her in the first place! Viewers were fed up with her pimping for free shit for her wedding. I bet she takes it...As the saying goes, you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

2783 days ago
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