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Britney's New Dude:

'We're Growing Very Close'

3/14/2007 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and JasonBritney Spears' newest rumored boyflavor of the month, Jason Filyaw, admits that he and Brit have been "growing very close" since their "special" relationship began, and even used the L-word to descibe his feelings for her.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Filyaw, self-described as "very spiritual," would neither confirm nor deny that he is dating Spears, but admitted, "I love her, I support her 100% and we are close." Filyaw, who's been attending AA meetings with Spears, also revealed that he is helping Britney with the spiritually "deep" part of her recovery.

Britney Spears Gallery: Click to launch photosThe 33-year-old lead guitarist for the rock band RIVA says he met Spears long before she checked into Promises Rehab Center, and that they go "way back" to 2003, when he recorded some music with Britney at The Hit Factory in New York. Filyaw claims they stayed in touch, but "a few weeks ago ... we met up again at a Los Angeles AA meeting."

Ah, spring.


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britney needs to take care of herself first dont need men in her life right now for god sake !!!! focus yourself better and get a life!!! forget men!!! but justin will be better i mean whole alot better be with justin he would treat her better.... think of kids pls we love u britney!!!

2722 days ago


For ALL of you "people" out there who bad mouth and put down Britney or other celebrities...get over yourselves! Do you think Britney really cares about what you think of her and how she lives her life? DOUBTFUL! If she were just another average woman gong through all shes been through you wouldnt look down on her but shes Britney and suddenly you have the right to condem her life and the choices shes made....WRONG! So focus on your own life and leave Britney alone...she deserves a break from this childness, I think shes fantastic and is the greatest entertainter I have ever seen!

2721 days ago


ewwww ewwwwwwww ewwwwwww
what is this tarts problem?
isn't she screwed up enough on her own with adding a man to the equation...AGAIN?
oh well...theres another book I won't read.

2721 days ago


She should dump his sorry arse right now for even speaking.
She should be moved to Betty Ford in an all woman's facility. Otherwise, I agree, she will have baby #3 or an STD in the next year.

Give her a choice, rehab w/o men or lose her sons. Very simple. IF she loves her son's that much, she will chose getting well over getting..well you know the rest.

I am pro KFed getting the kids.

who is with me?

2721 days ago

Cunning Stunt    

Jay is a lunatic. Used to play in a band called Quick Kill Formula, mostly in his mothers basement in Oakland, NJ. Years ago he walked right into a live interview on MTV outside the VMA's. He now claims to be working on becoming a "Detective" of some sort. Fun guy, a bit bananas. Not actually dating Brit, BTW.

2721 days ago


I hope Brit gets her life together. For her and her children. It's about time she went into rehab. I hope it worked. And I AM a fan. Oh, if you don't know what you are talking about, maybe you shouldn't speak.

2721 days ago


jason filyaw is a loser. he is just a 34 year old man from oakland, nj who lives with his mom and makes his 20 year old girlfriend work so she can pay for his pills and pot. he says he is a musician, but the only thing he is playing with is a bunch of lies that all of you believe. however, you are right when call him a loser. that is all he is, not to mention a drama queen who is going no where. just a dirty jersey boy trying to claim some fame.

2721 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

......................As a professional, in what you say, well ,I guess I'll continue to keep that part of my life a secret. I just visted Britney's "flavor of the week"...His music, Yawn!!!
His claim to fame IS the twice divorced Britney.....You know what they say about divorced women...ha ha ha....He's losing his hair, I don't think he ever had a voice, but then again I haven't heard all of his stuff....Lets just say, I think he has been around the block a few times and well, he sees an opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I right ,Boy?!!
Spiritual?!! To What??!! Sorry, your 15 minutes is over...MOVE ON!!!!

2721 days ago


Oh great, another Larry Fortensky.

2720 days ago


jason filyaw has a girlfriend for years now. i guess she was just a buffer until he schemed this britney situation. the good news is that jason likes threesomes, so I am sure he and britney will get along just fine. jasons current girlfriend should know all about that considering she has them with him all the time. all i have to say is TRASH. Jason Filyaw is TRASH just like his music. he can't sing for shit and his lyrics blow. he is looking for a ride. a money ride. he has none. what a dirt bag.

2720 days ago
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