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Birkhead Pulled the Plug

3/16/2007 12:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the relationship between Larry Birkhead and Debra Opri was kaput several days ago, and it was Birkhead who ended it.

Today Opri has said that there were things Birkhead wanted her to do that made her uncomfortable. We know Birkhead is saying it was he who was uncomfortable for various reasons.

TMZ is aware of multiple reasons why the two parted company. As we first reported, they were butting heads over various issues for weeks. Because of confidences, TMZ cannot be more specific. But we know that last Tuesday, Birkhead sent Opri an e-mail discharging her.


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britstarr from mississippi    

Opri needs to be charged with out right customer?consumer fraud for all those bogus items she is trying to charge larry for !!! thats so outrageous for any attorney !!and she claims she is so concerned for dannilynn and larry !! B.S !! and I can't wait to see hopefuuly (OL" slithering howard, get cut out of dannilyns and larrys life totally) Hes up to no good STILL....!! he's such a creepy , untruthful, gold digger and I still feel he had something to do somehow with anna's ans daniels passing !!!!

2701 days ago

Jennifer Scott    

Good, I never cared for her in the 1st place. I hope all of this mess gets worked out soon, it's gone on for far to long.

2776 days ago

Mike in FLA    

Again....very stupid move Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2776 days ago


Opri was probably trying to get LB to accept a deal from HK$ to take the baby and cut Stern in on any future inheritances the baby might get. I don't think LB is going to make any settlements. That baby is his, and he's entitled to get her without strings attached, meaning, NO DEALS with HK$...

2776 days ago


Kuddos to Birkhead - Opri is a loud mouth bull dozing man wanna be! AND she was always up Birkhead's azz!!!! I even saw at the funeral where Opri - twice - rubbed Howard to "act" like she cared to console him. Opri is a show boating HORRIBLE excuse of a lawyer! She disgraces all lawyers and is what gives lawyers a bad name. Actually to her the truth is irrelevant, it's how you present the truth. Birkhead made the right move!!

2776 days ago


Obviously, there were conflicting opinions on how the paternity suit should proceed. Maybe Opri wanted more time in the spotlight and Larry feels every day that goes by he is losing precious time with his possible child. The merry-go-round has been going on even before ANS passed away. Wonder who he's got lined up?

2776 days ago


I feel bad for that baby. She needs some stability in her life. When is she going to get it?

2776 days ago


Oh wow!! I hope it's not because Debra Opri refused to "make a deal" with Howard K. Stern regarding handling Dannielynn's financial affairs and Larry Birkhead wanted her to. I'm afraid that's what it is though. Birkhead is going to get burnt if agees to anything with Stern. Stern is bad news (and that's an understatement).

2776 days ago


The whole thing is stupid. The baby should be submitted for DNA and whoever the father is should have her. It's all a bunch of nonsense!!

2776 days ago


Debra seemed like it was all about money to her. Don't give Stern anything, regardless of how much longer it takes for Larry to get the baby back. Debra is probably a great attorney but she she seemed to lack diplomacy. - Larry is probably willing to let Stern have something just to put an end to it all.

2776 days ago


stupid move larry......i love ya, but she was exactly who you needed to help you win your paternity suit!!

2776 days ago


Larry may be betting on a sure thing: HKS will be in JAIL.

2776 days ago


I would've DISCHARGED that mouthy beotch after I heard the first disgusting comment outta her BIG mouth!!

2776 days ago


LOL TMZ has info on what happened and they are not telling all. Sounds odd to me.

2776 days ago


I pray that Larry did not make a deal with stern. Deb was fantastic in the media for him & she was furious when rumors spread HE MADE A DEAL! If anything I believe Larry couldn't handle her strength.

2776 days ago
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