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Police Investigate Kid Rock Assault Claim

3/16/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid RockPolice in Michigan are investigating the claim of a woman who says that Kid Rock pushed her when she was a guest at his home last week.

According to an Oakland County, Mich. Sheriff's report, as reported by the Detroit News, Rock invited a man and a woman over to his house in suburban Detroit on March 8, after meeting them at a local bar. At some point during the visit, the woman allegedly became "rude and obnoxious," at which point, according to the woman herself, Kid became verbally abusive, swore at her, grabbed her neck, and pushed her into a snowbank.

Rock -- whose real name is Robert Ritchie -- denies the allegation through his attorney: "We will be pursuing litigation against this woman as soon as we determine her identity. [Rock] made an error in judgement ... There was no assault, there was no altercation." The statement, as the Detroit News reports, also suggests that the woman has been stalking Rock for "over a year."

No one has been arrested, and an undersheriff says that the matter has been referred to the Prosecutor's Office.


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Kid is fuckin awesme! Whoe the hell callin his fans retrarted!!!

2747 days ago


Hey Teddy P, Kid Rock is a lot cleaner than what your dirty mouth sounds like. You sound like a fucking inbred. Kid Rock has had more beautiful women than you'll ever even see in your little life. Don't be such a hater. Kid Rock has more talent in his little pinky than your whole trailer park development. And Big H, what is a taint? Something that scumbags like you have around their ass or something?

2747 days ago


BTW, Shar, you sound really intelligent with your "poo" comment. Retard loser. What exactly are you talented at? Spewing weak-ass insults at celebrities you are jealous of?

2747 days ago


Ledbetter hit the nail right on the head.Thank You

2747 days ago


dont be rude to people in their home.KID ROCKS

2747 days ago


This one report is a little different then the one I just read on our local news - in that one, Rock is accused by the female guest as grabbing the back of her neck twice and trying to torce her back to his home. Also, the male guest that she came with is said to have given a report to the police supporting hers. While another witness mentioned was said to have supported Rock's story.

I am by no means a fan Rock's nor am I taking either side. But I do wish the D.A.'s office good luck in sorting through it,. esp. w/ witnesses for both sides.

2747 days ago


You people are all idiots, and yes Kid Rock blows.

2747 days ago



Ask your mother what a Taint is, she should know. And give the bitch a breath mint while you're at it!

2747 days ago


I am shocked! I am shocked at these low life, lazy, no ambition people that have to scam and hussle the successful, hard working people. Get a life! (And not by B.S. lawsuits)

2747 days ago


2747 days ago


What the hell is up with all the Taint and Trailer park talk? Isn't this post supposed to be about if this greaseball "assaulted" someone or not?

2747 days ago


Teddy P, again with the filthly mouth....with a mouth like that, I am shocked that you are not a KR fan? Perhaps you should give it a listen sometime. Sounds to me like you are jealous...or just a loser, perhaps both. Ledbetter1212 couldn't have said it any better.

2747 days ago


Kid Rock is awesome love him

2742 days ago


Rock on Kid!! Waitin for a show!!!

2741 days ago


Gimme a break....he did it. I have no doubt he did it. I know this jerk and after a few lines of coke, he's a real idiot. He blew up at pam at her private screening of Borat, kicked in some tourists door at Hardrock looking for Tommy Lee **who,im sure, would have kicked his butt**,he's a total cokehead and seriously arrogant.
Nobody....I repeat...NOBODY here stalks him. He's barely a celebrity and has screwed over most of the people that have ever done ANY type of work with him. He's on his way to playing the county fair. He cant even sell out the Palace in his own home town and was already given a lifetime achievement award from them. He hangs out with people like Tara Reid and Axl Rose....D-list, at best. Did you see how skanky the girls were in his lame Scott Stapp video???? Plz!! He did it.

2736 days ago
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