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Star Gives Babwa Silent Treatment

3/16/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones Star Jones says she's over "The View" – and that she hasn't uttered a word to her old boss Barbara Walters since she got booted from the morning gabfest last summer.

Jones tells TV Guide that she hasn't spoken to anyone at "The View" since her bitch-errific departure, though she does have email correspondence with Elisabeth Hasselbeck because, Star says, they "had a very personal relationship." Still, Star won't spill the beans on what Thin Lizzie talks to her about (job openings?) because she's "extremely discreet."

Still, Jones says that she still keeps up with the show itself, because it's "very difficult not to keep up with it if you read newspapers or magazines or do any work on the Internet." Jones claims that she's Flabulous Gallery: click to launch galleryhappy for Rosie & Co., even though ratings skyrocketed on the show pretty much exactly when Star bolted. Meanwhile, TMZ caught up with Star giving someone else an icy-cold reception yesterday in Manhattan.

Angelina's Hot Passport

Angelina Jolie passport photoAngelina Jolie may have gotten a faceful of tears from her newly adopted son Pax, but Angie's own passport picture will brighten just about anybody's day. The picture was part of Jolie's adoption application, and smokin' hot is putting it lightly.

Meanwhile, Jolie went yesterday to pick up the newly-named three-year-old Pax Thien, but he started crying during their first encounter, perhaps because, as Nguyen Van Trung tells People, he didn't even know he was being adopted! "We just told him that we are taking himAngelina Gallery: Click to launch photos out," says Trung. "You are going to play outside – play with a mother and father." After the initial jitters, however, all went well. Pax – described as "very cheerful and happy" played nice with new big bro Maddox.

Heather Mills Cries Wolf on UK 911

Temper, Temper gallery: Click to launch photosHeather Mills has been overusing the British equivalent of 911, and the police have had just about enough of her bleating. The monopod and soon-to-be-ex-McCartney Mills dials 999 (emergency in the UK) so much to kvetch about the paparazzi, that a Sussex police superintendent complained to reporters, as reported by Page Six, "Clearly, people who make lots of calls to the police run the risk of being treated as the little boy who cried wolf." According to Mills' rep, the dancer-to-be hasn't annoyed the cops and she's simply protecting herself from the paps.

Party Favors: Jay-Z NOT Drinking Cristal ... Joe Simpson Getting Forgetful ... Spielberg Gets into Comedy

Jay ZJay-Z says that even though a bottle of Cristal was brought to his table at a Manhattan club the other night, he most certainly did not drink any of the bubbly, which he famously boycotted last year. ... Joe Simpson, say Rush & Molloy, forgot his BlackBerry after lunch at the Brooklyn Diner in New York. A Diner minion ran after Pa Simpson, but to no avail. ... Steven Spielberg has his sights set on TV comedy on a new series called "The United States of Tara," about an ordinary seeming woman with two kids who happens to suffer from multiple personality disorder. The show, reports Variety, may land at Showtime.


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You know the old saying....."You don't know what you have until you lose it?"....Well, after Star and Merridith left, I thought a new style format for the VIEW was expected and was excited to hear that Rosie was coming back to television.....but.....look what we got? A Loud-Mouth Rosie O'Donnell insulting the viewers (young and old) that have supported this show for ten years! People say, "Well, just change the channel and don't watch it"....True, I can do that, but I truly thought that ABC and Barbara would have done something about the many people who have emailed and wrote to ABC (including me). I can't believe that they both don't care about their viewers. It truly amazes me how corporate only sees money pouring in despite the negative comments that they receive on a daily basis.
If Rosie is speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party (or she thinks she's the spokesperson)....then I'm going back becomming a Republican. Keep speaking your LOUD MOUTH're making the Republicans look good! It's amazing how Rosie thinks she knows everything and if you DARE reveal your view, she'll chew you up and spit you out! How does ANYONE respect this woman? I use to like her when she had her show, but since she's come out of the closet, she's become a BULLY and disrespects people who don't agree with her. I have nothing against homosexuals, but that's my opinion....but, when Rosie throws it in your face and makes you feel like a homophobic, that's where I draw the line. Rosie just can't get it through her FAT HEAD that there are people with religious beliefs that feel that homosexuality is wrong. When did people's rights regarding their religion have to agree with Rosie's view? Shame on ABC and Barbara Walters for allowing her to ruin the show and its network.....guess they just don't care about their viewers and only care about their POOR NEGATIVE RATINGS. more thing.....I don't know of ONE PERSON who likes Rosie.....NOT ONE....and I know many!!

2741 days ago


In my opinion I do believe that Angie & Brad should be taken out and shot at dawn if they adopt one more bastard child and brings it to this country to reap the fruits of our land...don't Angie and that tallywacker Brad Pitt have enough monies between them to buy an island somewhere far far away and then they could adopt a whole crop of them, they could even make movies starring each and every one of their monkeys....but STOP THE MADDNESS ANGIE and Brad!!!!

2741 days ago

shayla J    

I don't dislike or like Star; what is so wrong with her having a big lavish wedding? As far as her weight loss, so what if she had surgery! Is anyone else being targeted for LIPO or the overuse of BOTOX??
Rosie - sucks! can someone hug her??
Jay-Z - we as black people need to stop making Timberland, Crystal, and the people who prosper from those demeaning, mindless rap video's rich and get our own shit! Invest in our own communities and build black families as whole.
Angelina - There are millions of hungry suffering kids right here in America that would kill for the chance at a normal safe environment in which they can learn and grow. If you stop seeking media attention and adopt for the right reason you probably could see that.

2741 days ago


Sharon R, you nailed it. Star Jones is a BIG nobody who has had her fifteen minutes of fame. I don't ever want to see her again anywhere, talent, just a lot of guts.

2741 days ago


If someone needs to be shot it is you, I glady give the 'pardon' shot.

2741 days ago


I don't watch the view anymore because that disgusting woman Rosie has degraded it and when I flipped it on once and saw Roseanne, that was the ultimate. The two Hollywood women that completely turn me off on the same show. What a pity it has gone so downhill. What happened to the wonderful people with some sophistication like Merideth and someone has to get Diane Sawyers who is a class act unto herself. Instead this network has opted for the bottom of the dredges. They certainly lost me.

2741 days ago


I think Rosie is the best, she makes the show, she is funny and cares about the world and uses her brain at the same time , for star...........................................

2741 days ago


I agree, We have sooooooo many needy children here in our own country, why not adopt one of them? I don't get it!

2741 days ago

Doris Charlton    

The View is a joke. Even a trusted journaltist has allowed herself to fall over opinions that she should have kept to herself over personal problems of Rosie who no on respect amyway. Now after all these years I can not respect my former trusted and well loved Baraba Walters

2741 days ago

lucy richards    

I love Star Jones and her husband Al. I wish them all the best and I happy to know that she nails such a fine man. If they break up I will be very disappointed. The view, I have not watched the show since Star left.

If Rosie cannot keep the rating for her own show how can she possible lift the rating for one that has so mich controversy. I think the new ratings count is fake.

Barbara is in this business longer than life is on earth and she know every one (including god) so why can't the new ratings numbers be fix. Like Donald Trump says Barbara is not truthfull.

2741 days ago

Jeannie Fields    

As an adoptive mom I too, have to question why all these stars choose kids from overseas. I adopted 3 American babies and I know that I have done something to make their lives better, and the adoptions also improved the lives of their birth parents, who were not prepared or capable of raising their children. My adoptions also made my own life better because more than anything I wanted to be a mom. You don't have to leave the country to find children that need you. They are everywhere. And you don't have to adopt to make a difference. I spend times with kids in the neighborhood and help out at school. We go to the library and do impromptu reading circles. America is full of kids that are hungry for a grownup to pay attention. That is why kids are so vulnerable to predators. Everyone reading this could make things a little bit better just by being there at the park to throw the ball or push the swing. The only ones that really need to do the dramatic things are the ones that need "credit" to validate their actions.

2741 days ago


You know this is the first time that I have visited this blog and it may be my last. I have read most of your comments and most were truly ridiculous. It is unbelievable that you would insult Star's mother for giving her the name that she chose. Whether or not Star had surgery is or should be irrelevant to you. Do you have a problem with your weight? If so address your own issues. You make comments about Star and Barbara as if you know them personally. You don't know them you watch them on T.V. and read about them in magazines and papers. You need to address the issues in your own lives and stop avoiding your own personal issues by focusing on issues that won't add or subtract anything from your life. Some of you need to seek a therapist and get out of the land of Oz.

2741 days ago

Lady Louise Grenville    

Star Jones was guilty of seeking PAYOLA for every thing in her wedding. Not only was this against the network policies, it would also be in violation of the Lawyers Canon of Ethics. She deserved to be ousted from the "View", and she should not be given any media forum where she can continue to seek "freebies" from merchants.

2741 days ago


If Star Jones gets any uglier it's going to be required that she wear paper bag on her head at all times. even at home. Jesus she could cause a freight train to derail! You don't see her husband as he has probably secretely faded into the wood work! i don't blame him!

2741 days ago


Long posts suck. Why do some people feel they have to post a dissertation on here? They are exhausting!!!


2741 days ago
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