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Angelina: Stay-at-Home Mom?

3/17/2007 4:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and Maddox -- get ready to see a whole lot more of mommy!

Adoption-happy Angelina Jolie told a Vietnamese newspaper that she'll be staying at home with her kids for awhile to help the new passenger on the adoption wagon, Pax Thien, adjust to life in America. It seems Angie thinks staying out of the limelight might be a good idea, especially because little Pax was so riled by the media attention surrounding his adoption, that he broke into tears during his first meeting with the mega-star.

Jolie later apologized for exposing the three-year old to the frenzy. "I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment," she said. So this means there isn't another "Tomb Raider" sequel in the works? "Everyone would agree that children need to have a family," she continued. "I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?"

Paris & Nicole -- The New Richard Simmons?

In the this-can't-be-real camp, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are gearing up to produce a really not needed fifth season of "The Simple Life" -- in a fat camp. An E! network spokesperson told Us magazine that the celebutards had signed on to be counselors at a camp that touts a "weight loss and fitness" program as one of its components. We don't know about you, but the idea that the pencil-thin Richie (who admitted to having an eating disorder but seems to be looking a tad less skin-and-bones these days) could teach kids anything about healthy diet and fitness seems going too far -- even for "The Simple Life."

Heather Mills Gets the Brush-Off From PETA

"Dancing With the Stars" one-legged dancing sensation Heather Mills is learning the consequences of going through a nasty divorce with a beloved Beatle the hard way; now, not even charities want her name associated with them. A report from Page Six today alleges that Paul McCartney's soon-to-be ex-wife may have been axed as a spokesperson for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), because the group doesn't want to offend longtime PETA supporter Paul McCartney. PETA hasn't come out and said so, exactly, but Mills' recent anti-fur activities have been done without the PETA crew in tow. PETA won't admit to flat out dissing Mills, stating only, "...we don't have any imminent campaigns planned with her."

Party Favors: Cate Blanchett in New Indiana Jones...Real World to End Real Soon?

Cate Blanchett is reportedly in negotations to star in the fourth Indiana Jones film, the first Indiana Jones installment in almost twenty years...MTV recently announced that it'll be casting its 20th -- and possibly last -- season of "The Real World." Unlike previous sex-heavy seasons, producers are now looking for people with "career goals" and "life goals." Fancy that. No word yet on the location.


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2776 days ago


nicole richie never admitted to having an eating disorder.... tmz please check info before you post it!!

2776 days ago


die heather!!

2776 days ago


********ANGIE AND HEATHER ARE WHORES****************

2776 days ago


The truth of the matter here with Peta is Paul Mccartney is the big man spokesperson for them , his name and image is much larger than Heathers. THere is too much controversy over Paul and Heathers divorce, Peta doesnt want or need the problems from the divorce publicity or from maybe these two running into one another. so Heather is the easier person to shun in this case. It is sad, but Im sure thats true. I feel bad for both Heather and Paul. I feel less sorry for Paul becasue he'll come out of this looking like a shining knight, Whether he is one or not.

2776 days ago


Poor Paul after his most painful loss of Linda, got sucked into the world of Heather Mills!!

After losing the love of his life, he is now going to end up losing a huge chunk of money he has worked all his life to earn!!

Heather Mills was able to see that Paul was still deeply wounded and heart broken and she she seized the moment to manipulate herself into this grieving mans life!

after 4 years of marriage she thinks that 46 million settlement is not enough!

Why is she worth it? she is the biggest scam artist there is!!

do you think she also thought that a baby would also give her some financial security? I DO!

what a BITCH


2776 days ago


Get Paris and Ritchei the hell off the air, No one needs their spoiled, stupid advice on weight loss or on anything else, for that matter. I agree that Ritchie giving advice on weight loss when she has supposedly had an eating disorder is a joke. Get someone with sense on instead, somene trained in diet, exercise and common sense. Not these idiots whose fame rose out of the money that daddy Lionel and greatgrandaddy Conrad had.

2776 days ago


I agree with you Snoop! I just read where the people in Britain are saying that America is welcome to have Heather Mills - hope they know that we don't want her either!!!

2776 days ago


Millions and millions of women around the world decide to stay home to raise their babies. And most of them have to give up a lot financially to do it, unlike Angelina Jolie. And they don't have hired help in raising the children, and they don't need to announce to the world that they are staying home for awhile. Just raise them, Angelina. We don't need to hear about it.

2776 days ago


As a stay at home mom i might of gave up a lot financially but what i have been given back. No money can change that. Sad part about angie's decision is she has a 10mth old at home who i have a feeling is gonna be the one who feels left out as she grows up.

2776 days ago


Heather "I'm not an attention seeker" was on every news program in the UK saying she's
not doing this for herself but the cause. Once you tell us, it's pr. Her high priced pr person must of told her that. How extremely silly she is. Peta fired Heather because
she is the ultimate attention seeker. On all those news shows she was only supposed to talk about
the bad conditions of pig farming, and that soon became an after thought. She ranted and raved
about her life and troubles. She is not dedicated to anything but herself to be a good
activitist. Peta expects you to take about the issue at hand, not yourself.

2776 days ago


#9: You're right.
#10: You're right.

But I guess we need an announcement so no one is sobbing when they don't see a film in her future (translation: future=next 2 months or so).

2776 days ago


No matter how many babies she adopts, she will still be a homewrecker, and that little boy did not even get to know her, and she changes his name at 3 years old?? Only God can judge, but the whole thing stinks to me...till next time world...BLONDEE

2776 days ago

pattie in cali    

mills. go the hell home. no body likes you here. your a drain. PAUL is much loved by the world. you snaked your way around PAULs life. you can't snake your way in our homes. maybe you should raise your child and stay out of the spotlight. no body cares. we turned the lights out on you along time ago. GO THE HELL HOME. your like a bad gas pain. break a leg, hahahahahahahahah.

that felt good. can't stand this tramp

2776 days ago


I sure Angelina and her army of nannies will stay home with the kids for period of time until she's nominated for sainthood or the Nobel Prize. I'm just waiting for Second Coming of Jesus to ascend into heaven with angelic Angelina at his side. Sorry Brad, you'll have to ascend like the rest of us.

2776 days ago
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