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Heather Gets the Marks of the Beast

3/20/2007 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills danced her way into an imperfect 6-6-6 from the judges on "Dancing with the Stars" last night.

The limb-challenged but nimble activist only stumbled in rehearsals. Last night, dressed in a craptacular yellow and purple full-length gown, which she said made her feel like "an ice cream sundae," the vampy amputee whooshed and twirled her way to a scary rating from the judges: sixes across the board.

Heather's clipped dancing was a revelation last night, and 666 is, of course, the Number of the Beast in the Book of Revelation.


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Jerry Whiting    

666? Did someone say 6-6-6? As in barcodes & The Mark of the Beast?

2782 days ago


I dispise this gold digger. One thing I want to point out is that her amputation is BELOW the knee, which gives her about 90 percent function of her leg. My amputation is ABOVE the knee which leaves me very little function. Any amputation is nightmare, but if you are able to keep your knee, you can do almost anything. Oh and one more thing, those artificial limbs cost BIG BUCKS. Most people can barely afford one limb...but since Heather has scammed Paul for his millions, she can afford a new limb for every day of the year. I sincerely hope people do NOT give her the sympathy vote...she is EVIL

2782 days ago


come on, no matter what you think of her as a person, it took guts to do the show.

2782 days ago


Get Rid of her She does not belong anywhere if it wasnt for Paul no one would even know her name. She is nothing but a golddigger shes ugly stupid and who cares about her leg come on America lets get rid of her NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT VOTE FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2782 days ago


SHe needs to be the first one to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing she will ever do will make me like her. She said in an interview that No one liked Linda either (THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE) Linda was a lady and Loved her husband! Heather is out for the money! GO Home!!!

2782 days ago


I will vote her off the show as soon as voting starts.

2782 days ago


Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

2782 days ago


You people are the lowest form of scum on this Earth. This is a human who has a heart and emotions, not to mention a disability for the rest of her life. I don't care what her marriage tale told, she is brave to be doing this on TV. She was awesome last night. For someone to know that she could at any minute loose that leg while dancing in front of millions, is someone who is brave and courageous. All you fucktards who are like, "Ohh she got a 6-6-6, she's the beast or whatever shit you are saying" should all go to hell because after comments like that, you are no longer considered human or species on this planet.

2782 days ago

Jerri Kehoe    

666 the devil is right, quick, quick America get her off the air and show her that not only is she thoroughly disliked in Britain she is hated in America and Canada as well.
Its so unfortunate that Sir Paul ended up with the likes of her when there are so many adoring fans all ages throughout the world who idolize the man she is trying so hard to discredit.
Everyone loved Linda for sure and its almost unholy that one should have the nerve to say other wise. THE DEVIL IN DISGUISE FOR SURE !!

2782 days ago


I have to agree with you Cate. That is disgusting. I personally love the fact that she has a prosthetic leg and is DANCING. Nevermind who she WAS with. She's dancing with no leg. I think that is flippin awesome. She is inspiring people everywhere... (Let's not forget we are in a War that is causing the loss of apendages of our young men and women...they need all the inspiration they can get) And she danced GOOD on one damn would like to be perfect like all you British people. Have no flaws, made no mistakes. Like Paul McCartney had Zero to do with anything. A marriage takes two people and so does a divorce. Get over yourselves

2782 days ago


People make me laugh... Do you KNOW Heather Mills? ... Or Paul McCartney for that matter?! Stay out of peoples personal lives, you losers. Say what you want about her ... the fact is Paul is a legend musically and both have done exceptional work in the name of animal rights. I don't see her as having a 'black heart' or being a 'gold digger'. I see people branding her that as sick, lonely people that need to get a life.

2782 days ago


I'm amused by all the negative comments about Heather. A true Beatles fan understands why everyone is negative about Heather. At first Heather said a lot of negative things about Paul during their separation, but then she denied all of it. Heather probably denied all her negaviteve comments about Paul after getting death threats and bad press.

2782 days ago


It's called 'entertainment' and clearly the lives of celebrities consume the personal lives of way too many people on here... weirdos.

2782 days ago


Paul, if you consider yourself an adult well I got something coming your way...your not. I must consider myself the moral compass for this section of news on this board because every other comment I have read is a bashing comment towards someone who is trying to prove to herself that yes, she can do this and she is also trying to prove to others out there with the same disability that they can as well dance these dances. I've met Heather on a trip to London and she is the most nicest person I have ever encountered. So yeah, I reiterate my comment, you all are scum and Paul, your the biggest pile there is.

2782 days ago


People want to blame Heather Mills for Paul McCartney's folly. He should have had a pre-nup!!! The public and media has been brutal to this woman because they think Paul McCartney is god???? The man may be a brilliant musician but like everybody else..he has issues!! Give me a break. I am in awe of Heather's courage to do this show despite how the public feels, I think she is doing a tremedously positive thing for the psyche of disabled people everywhere and I wish people would just leave this woman alone. People get nasty divorces everyday...get over it folks. Bravo Heather... you certainly have my respect and support!!!

2782 days ago
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