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Judge Says It's Time To Know -- Who's the Daddy?

3/20/2007 7:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead & Howard K.SternThe judge in the Dannielynn "who's your daddy" case has just ordered up the telltale DNA.

The judge in the Bahamas just ordered Howard K. Stern to submit his DNA sample for testing along with Dannielynn's. Larry Birkhead's DNA will be tested as well. Anna Nicole's DNA is in the bag too. We're told the results could come later this week.

Birkhead left the courtroom with pumped fists in the air, jumping up and down.

If Larry Birkhead is the father, the judge could make a quick decision on custody. Then a passport would be the only thing standing in Birkhead's way of taking Dannielynn to the U.S.


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I believe it was an 'antique white' bed - not an antique bed that Larry Birkhead purchased.

2719 days ago


I thought Virgie was so broke she couldnt even go to visit the grave sight in the Bahama's now she has a house and help their in case she gets the baby? How does this happen with no money?

2719 days ago

F that    

my guess is they won't accept the appeal. They know this guy is a crook trying to hide from the truth. I think they want this done already. He is wearing out his welcome in the Bahamas!!

I just wonder how long the appeals process takes.

2719 days ago


I have never written a comment before, but, I was so elated to learn of the paternity test that I just had to comment.....finally, Larry Birkhead will have his daughter. I have been very diligent reading everything I could on the newest developments. You could never even write a story with this much drama! I feel that Anna Nicole was on mindbending drugs, and that is how Howard Stern controlled her. I feel that he loved her....was almost a slave to her, but, Anna never really took Howard seriously as a lover or husband or life partner, until Howard saw an opening for him to become Anna's "everything" by supplying her with drugs and more drugs! And, in my opinion, that is the same opening Howard tried to use with Daniel when he picked Daniel up from the airport and drove him to the hospital to meet his new baby sister and loving mom. The drugs given to Daniel backfired with him dying ..... By the way, with Daniel out of the picture, Howard would be closer to his desire to be the only person in Anna's life. Howard is very smart, very intelligent, and most of all, very manipulating. There are two people I would like to see brought up on manslaughter charges....Florida laws....on supplying a very addicted, weak woman to her early death.

2719 days ago


This is a good break, kinda.................

Poor Larry, he only chipped away at the TIP of the iceburg here, sad to say. I want him to win his case more than yall know BUT, he's fighting a losing battle. Today's appeal will be just the first of many in the Bahamas and I just hate it for this baby.

To think of all the wealth surrounding this baby without the inheritance money and the whole world is looking out for her and complaining about Bahamas when nobody cares about the poor kids right here in America who dont stand HALF the chance that baby does and we dont even so much as bat an eye for them.

SHAME ON US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, may Howard rot in hell. He will meet his Maker one day and He will get him much worse than we or our laws or Bahama laws ever can. Unfortunately, he will probably not have to attone for his sins before then.

2719 days ago


did you all see a enhancement pic Dannielynn done by a professional, they said that they took the pics of all the potential fathers then did comparison, they also said that Larry was the father, if not Larry then the late Howard Marshall.

2719 days ago


*#36 Carol, If Howard has been doing what Nicole wanted he wouldn't have excluded the baby intencionally from the will, nor her son would be dead, neither Nicole would be dead, neither Dannielynn would be an Horphan and hold hostage to a man who is not her father and ' STERN KNOWS IT!


2719 days ago


send him to Gatmo...he'll get what he'll deserve there..up the butt

2719 days ago

Enough Already!    

How do you actually think Larry is so wonderful? This man who accused Howard of bringing in a bagful of drugs for Anna Nicole to take sat right there and didnt do anything himself....that makes him just as bad as you all think Howard is. Lets not forget the nasty emails and selling pictures against a signed agreement. You all better pray if this baby isnt Larrys the way you want it to be that it is Howards if not that horriable woman Virgie will get her and that is the worst possible thing to happen. I dont know if you all understand or not but Virgie is about as low as low can go. Helloooooooooooo this woman raised Anna Nicole. People dont get that fucked up without a little help in their youth. You can call Anna Nicole a drug addict all you want but Im thinking Mama played a big huge roll in making her that way. This woman spent so much of her time trying to get men she forgot about her children. Instead of kicking her molester husband to the curb she cut Anna Nicole loose instead...probally didnt want to believe what she really knew. Just wait until one of her other husbands rape this little certainly could happen. Then what is Virgie gonna do....kick Danielynn out so she quits school in the 8th grade as well? Larry Birkhead probally isnt the father any more then Howard....this could be so bad if Howarad has to take that test as well...hes Danielynns only hope

2719 days ago


Its about time. They need to get this over. The real dad is missing out on very important growth of his baby.

2719 days ago

no more celeb moms    

Is Splash News going to buy the house for Vergie to establish residency?

2719 days ago


Who says Larry Birkhead is such a wonderful person? Why did Ana not want him acknowledged in the first place? Larry Birkhead seems bust trying to get acting jobs, signing autograhs and always making sure he is in the media. I do not think this is just for the baby, I think he is also after money. If he becomes the guardian/father doesnt he have rights to her inheritence? I also agree with some that knowing Ana Nicole and all that they have unfolded about her life this baby could be anybody's.

This reminds me of when everyone thought the Ramseys were finally vindicated when John Carr came out of hiding claiming he killed Jon Benet. Everyone jumped on the train and said, she ya told you so, the ramsys were innocent all along and I waited for the day it would come out that he was full of crap. You are not seeing the whole story and I don't think that Birkhead should come off as this saint. I think more stuff will follow and again I wouldnt be surprised if that DNA test comes out differently then what everyone thinks

2719 days ago


HKS is Howard K. Skumbag

2719 days ago


I would not worry about Stern's appeal. Our courts don't tolerate nonsense excuses

2719 days ago


Yeah but I heard one of Virgie's lawyers talking and he said something about "joint custody" between Virgie and Larry. He also said that the dad should have a role in the childs life. A ROLE?? Sounds like someone is planning to have full custody of that child. ya think it might be Vergie????? It's amazing what money will make some people do. Like go back on their word.

If Larry ain't the dad (which I really hope he is) then I'd bet $425 million that it's O.J.!!! LOL!

2719 days ago
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