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Queen Lati-fah-Q

3/21/2007 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Queen Latifah emerged from the Maui surf yesterday, and vented her frustrations with paparazzi by flashing some sort of maritime distress signal.

Latifah, who voiced a mammoth in "Ice Age: The Meltdown," did some snorkeling amongst the whales and fishies off the coastline.

The Cover Girl uncovered and revealed her luscious new fresh-faced look in a form-flattering one-piece swimsuit!


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Just a thought    

She's got alot of talent - who cares if she's a little overweight.......

2741 days ago

Andolini Figueroa    

You GOOO girl...Screw those whaliers ....Bitch slaped asses... bring it on ....ass wipes!!

2741 days ago


You know Queen Latifah may be a little more full-figured than the average star, I mean seriously these women are walking around skeleton thin. I agree that she would look more beautiful if she just smiled and went with the flow, but hell I'm not a celebrity and ordinary people get on my nevers just by virtue of existing in the same world as me. So I can see how being scutinized and stalked by the paparazzi can really piss a person off. Actually, I applaud Queen for not giving in to become status quo, these girls out here that are masquerading as stars are just twigs with huge fake boobs, that's not a real woman by any stretch of the imagination.

2741 days ago


JERKS! The Queen is beautiful leave her alone! Damn can't anyone have any privacy anymore ! Go Queen don't let them get to ya paparazzi are nothing but a bunch of losers making money off of people I hope they all choke!

2741 days ago



2741 days ago


Hey, how stupid are celebrities?! They KNOW the paps are out and about so grow up! All this bullshit about their privacy!!! Hey, we are the ones paying their millions per picture salary. If they don't like being in the public eye get the hell out of it and leave the millions behind. The paps are an annoyance that they will just have to tolerate. As far as I'm concerned they are a bunch of rude whiners!! They'd whine WAY louder if you took the cameras off of them, believe me! from whiners are losers

2741 days ago


I would of done the same thing she is trying to enjoy herself and relax and she has people all up in her mix and don't even know the flavor

2741 days ago

tmz is full crap    

tmz you are stupid and hateful bunch of losers. Bet each of you has been on a diet for years - do a story on yourself - or maybe your fat mothers - all of whom must be so proud that their offspring are just a bunch of idiot gossip peddlers!!! Queen is a beautiful black woman with amazing talent. She is an amazing woman with an ordinary woman's figure. Not all hollywood stars starve themselves to fit the ideal picture of the media and high reporters like TMZ. Get a life, get an education too. Anyone with the fat whale comments - guess you are a huge ass yourself. Fools, idiots and losers read and actually believe this crap on TMZ????

2741 days ago


LOL, you tell'em girlfriend!

2741 days ago


I actually thought she had more class than that. I like her but it's a shame she has to resort to juvenile tactics like this.

Come on Latifah - you're better than this. Not very becoming for a cover girl!

2741 days ago

she smiled    

Smile, girl, you look good. You've got it goin' on. Enjoy your vacation!!!!

2741 days ago


U go girl, and an extra finger to #5. and all the other haters!! now take that pic.

2741 days ago

Love Ya    

You guys better leave her alone, she looks like she will beat you down. She is from the BRICK CITY!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago

Poppa Nut    

Send in George Costanza the marine biologist.

2741 days ago


There sure is some stinky fish in them waters.

2741 days ago
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