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Lily Tomlin Speaks on "I Heart F**kabees" Meltdown

3/22/2007 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comLily Tomlin is now joking about her now infamous four-letter-word-filled exchange with director David O. Russell on the set of "I Heart Huckabees." Video of the supercharged meltdown has been making the viral rounds on YouTube. At least it isn't a sex tape!

Tomlin told the Miami New Times, "I've never seen it. Is that when I'm sitting in the seat and really going nuts? Oh my God, I'm gonna die when I see that."

Tomlin is referring to a 2004 video in which she, Dustin Hoffman and a few other cast members are waiting in a car for a scene. Between takes, Tomlin goes ballistic on Russell. "Leave me the f**k alone!" she screams at one point. "Do you know what the f**k is going on, period? F**k you! F**k you motherf**ker!" Not very ladylike.

In another scene, Russell fires back, launching into a furious tirade directed at Tomlin, in which he kicks and even knocks over several props.

"I love David," Tomlin says. "There was a lot of pressure in making the movie -- even the way it came out, you could see it was a very free-associative, crazy movie, and David was under a tremendous amount of pressure. And he's a very free-form kind of guy anyway."

To check out the party to whom she was speaking, click here and here (very NSFW).


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The Man    

someone needs to smoke a bowl, and chill. damn.

2740 days ago

Wow. she? After that it looks like any fame she had, will be gone.

2740 days ago


I think Lily is hilarious! Didn't like the movie though and after seeing the video of David O. Russell going off, I can see why.

2740 days ago


I can't remember ever using the F-word that many times in a sentence. She'ld make a trucker blush!!!!

2740 days ago


Fortunately, the arguing was not detrimental to what turned out to be a fantastic, hilarious film

2740 days ago


#3 -- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........classic

2740 days ago


Lily is GREAT.

2740 days ago

petra glyph    

Huckabees is a masterpiece. Whatever tension there was, in the end it was magic. Filming is stressful and I am sure there isn't any residual bad feeling. My favorite performances for everyone from Mark W. to Naomi, to Jude, to Jason to Lily herself. An overall great movie.

2740 days ago


Tomlin looks like a creepy old bag lady who is revels in her own self-importance. The only thing Tomlin ever did(that anyone can remember) of note was play "that" switchboard operator that wasn't as funny as everyone thinks. Also, I'm still horriefied remembering the pics of her hairy armpits. As I see it, Tomlin doesn't deserve to have a hissy fit and play the primadonna.

2740 days ago


The F-bomb is so overused that one gets completely sick of it. The world would be a better place if people just forgot that word and learned to cuss without it...

I am betting that when Lily sees that clip and listens to herself in a meltdown she will be very embarrassed.

2740 days ago


Who is that poor person in the right hand side of the screen? ....she's crouching down holding her hands up, afraid of being hit by flying props and then escapes out the door.
Poor soul. goodloord, not a very GLAMOROUS job being in a movie is it? It looks abusive.

2740 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I am not condoning the use of the F word, but I do appreciate the raw and honest emotion expressed. I can only hope my own F-meltdowns are all behind me!

2740 days ago


Lily is GREAT, she's sick of that prick. He needs to chill out. He totally hit that girl crouched down next to the door with something that flew off the desk. The way they cleared everyone out so he could act like a little baby and scream was pathetic. SO funny that's it was caught on tape. Lilly has nothing to be ashamed of.

2740 days ago


I haven't seen I Heart Huckabees, so when I first watched this on another video site I thought it was just a scene from the movie - now that I know it isn't it makes it that much more hilarious!! They're both totally whacked out!!

2740 days ago

Black Sheep    

TBA. Lily Tomlin is an Oscar-nominated, Tony Award winning actress. She has also been honored many times for her brilliance as an actress and a comedienne and has been in the biz for many many years. She was one of the first to break stereotypes when it came to her work with Richard Pryor and she is nothing less than genius. Hissy-fit and primadonna worthy for sure.

2740 days ago
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