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Dina and Lindsay: "We're Just So Misunderstood"

3/24/2007 4:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan wants to set the record straight: She's not -- not, despite appearances --a party mom. "Whoever said that, my ex-husband or whatever, I'm not the party mom!" she tells Harper's Bazaar in an interview in its April issue.

But she's not afraid to admit that she's living large -- "I'm living the American dream, and you can go ... " -- and that being 44 years old and the mother of four doesn't mean being a stay-at-home frump. "If you can button it and clip it when you're in your 40s, you're going out," she says. And there's little doubt, as TMZ has observed, that she does.

Still, Dina has plenty of mothering to do as well, what with Lindsay, one son in at an unidentified "great" college, another playing soccer in Italy this summer, and young Ali, who's following in big sis' footsteps. This even means holiday dinners every year for friends and family -- who always come first.

Dina also reveals that Lindsay's tried to set her up with various guys, particularly those in showbiz, but that she's demurred every time: "Linds, who am I going to marry? Like, an actor? Not happening." But Dina expresses admiration for some of her daughter's contemporaries in young Hollywood: She says Paris Hilton "a really smart girl" and calls Britney Spears "beautiful."

But Mama Lohan -- whose own daughter is easily one of the most paparazzi-hounded stars around -- also shares a dark prediction with the mag: "Look at me. Diana will happen again," referring to Princess Diana's tragic car crash while being chased by lensman. And as a result, Dina wishes Lindsay would quit the movies, though she admits, "If your daughter is a talented artist, you can't say, 'Stop drawing.'" Ultimately, however, people may just never get them: "We're just so misunderstood," laments Dina.

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Now I know where L. Lohan gets the bimbo gene. Finally, Lohan has to be the most overrated celebrity after P. Hilton. I begging someone tell me what' the deal with her? She's marginally talented, body is average, face average; however, the skank factor is high. Maybe I answered my own question.

2779 days ago


Beautifully said #1. That is the absolute truth.

2779 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

I hope the paparazzi hounds them driving just like what they did to Princess Diana and that Dina and Lindsay get killed in a car accident. I will laugh when that happens.

2779 days ago

Dr. M    

Lindsay needs to find ELOHIM -

And introduce her mother to Him -



Dr. M

2779 days ago


Poor Dina, you are so misunderstood, LOL. I'm your age and I look great for a 44 yr. old woman. My mother was a beautiful woman and she conducted herself as a beautiful woman. No matter how well we age, we are no longer in our twenties and your comments regarding your personal life reveal a lot about your insecurities and immaturity. You are an immature 44 yr. old who happens to have three children who need a mother not another sibling!

2778 days ago

fame ho    

Dina is the mother of all whores, why is her plastic face even in the news....????
Isn't it bad enough you pimp out your daughter and taught her such great go away plastic pimp. you paid for all your facial work??? Lindsey?

2778 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Jesus, give me a break...

This woman has pimped out her daughter for over 10 years now. Not only that, but she's more responsible for her daughters apparent lack of judgment than anyone else. She's not only turned into a spin doctor extreme for her daughter (she denies her daughter EVER has any problems, which is in direct conflict with reality (she denied her daughter had a drinking problem, denied she was a drama queen, denied that she ever went to the hospital, denied she was in rehab, denied she was partying her brains out on a nightly basis, etc)), but she's also lying through her teeth when she says she's not a party mom. Any photos of her daughter at parties invariably have her in the background; there are pictures of her dancing on tables with her own bottle of champagne. It seems to me that she's a hanger on to her daughters life, and is trying to live vicariously through what her daughter achieves. I wonder how she can live with herself, given what a detriment to her daughter she has become. How pathetic is that?

2778 days ago

Loser O'Quinn    

It's no wonder Lindsey is so messed up.... you learn from your environment. Diana looks like she is 50 wearing clothes like a 14 year old. I can imagine Diana has been living off Lindsey for quite a while.... maybe Lindsay will sue her mom like so many other young actors and actresses have done.

2778 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

No wonder Michael Lohan used to beat his wife Dina. I would.

2778 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

My god, what a loser as a parent. ATTENTION DINA LOHAN: Your job as a parent is that; BE A PARENT. I don't know who told you it was OK to act 16 again, but grow up. Your daughter needs a mother to guide & support her, not a spin doctor apologist sidekick who will run interference to the press about her daughter's bad behavior, then enable her bad behavior by being a drinking buddy.

Have you ever thought that maybe you're the reason your daughter is having so many problems? You thrust her into the bright lights of the public eye at a very early age, and did not think to help her grow up normally & stay grounded. Instead, you decided to "party with the kids" & live through what she accomplishes. That's the most pathetic thing I can think of a parent doing. You're 44 years old, woman; start acting like it.

2778 days ago


Misunderstood? Oh, puhhlease! Dina needs to start acting like a real parent and intervene with her daughter's out of control behavior! Dina's first order of business should be to grow up. Stop trying to be a 20 something hottie and start acting like a 40 something mom. Next, look at the consequences of daughter's behavior. If daughter continues doing what she's doing then something *bad* will probably happen. Those are the odds of life and if daughter is an out-of-control alcoholic then the only ending to this disease is jails, death or institutions. Mom needs to get her priorities straight. Put your daughter's life in one hand and money in the other and see which one out weighs the other. Which one has more meaning?

2778 days ago


#15 I have to agree...let's also mention the "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" . No wonder this girl is always in some sort of situation, she has terrible role models. Dina, get a life, maybe you could put your energies towards your other children, or by the looks of it , your family will be owning a prison, and a rehab's a good business though!!!

She's all freckeley...yuck!! I can't believe anyone would fine someone so skinny and full of freckles attractive...yuck, come on young people you can do better than this?

2778 days ago


and we are supposed to believe that she is only 44? LOL LOL LOL LOL

2778 days ago


Let's not forget poor Ali. She has a non-mom parent and a promiscuous big sister. Both these women will teach young Ali that the only way to live a good life is through copious amounts of sex, drugs, and delusions. All hail the Queens of Deception and the their princess-in-training. American royalty needs to be overthrown once again!

2778 days ago


boo hoo ho's

2778 days ago
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