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Jennifer Aniston... Fake or Real?

3/24/2007 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston as seen at a party in 1992, and at a London premiere in 2006.

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Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

it's her eyes she had done NOT her nose!

2770 days ago


I don't know what the big deal is about Jennifer Aniston. She was ugly before and she is ugly afterwards. If she wants to age gracefully, she will need ALOT of work. Good luck with that, my friend!

2770 days ago


Take away the celebrity and you have a very ugly person ;-) YIKES!!!

2770 days ago


Looks like she had her eyes done as well.

2770 days ago


yes i would say she had her eyes done...they are now not so droopy on the top lid. But her nose looks the same and if i were going for a nose job, my end result would not look like this....geez come on.

2770 days ago


She had to have her sinuses fixed. Snoring and breathing thing. I don't think her eyes were done when you compare the two pics. It just looks more like her eyebrows were plucked. The first pic looks like she has caterpillars on her face. It looks like Jen's good girl goth phase when nuts.

2770 days ago


She's had her eyes, nose, and lips done. If you look at her in The Object of My Affection her nose is way different than it is today. Also, her lips are thinner.

2770 days ago


She lost alot of weight since 1992. That can make every feature on her face look different. I also had the same exact procedure done on my nose to fix my deviated septum. IT IS NOT A COSMETIC PROCEDURE! IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU LOOK ANY DIFFERENT! The changes are done on the inside in the sinuses. It is called septoplasty not rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a nose job, septoplasty is not!

2770 days ago


all of you folks before are dummies!! As we age our face change! and for god sakes knowing how to wear eye make up can make a world of diffrence! she plucked some brows ,learned how to wear make up or had some one do it so she looks better.. she is NOT ugly!

2770 days ago

Caroline the other ragged princess    

Jennifer, dahling, have all the surgery you want but Braddy Poo is mine! All mine! And even if he wants to leave me, I got him hooked on these crazy kids. Brad is everything I wanted in a man--real dumb, nice to look at and watches my orphans while I'm shopping--oh yeah!

2770 days ago


She has admitted to having her nose done. What is the big deal? It is starting to look like it did before anyway, but she is still beautiful and a talented actress.

2770 days ago


Like any of you that are bashing her, even come close to looking like her! she's beautiful, I don't know why anyone thinks she's ugly! I would love to see what any of YOU look like! So go back to your trailers and keep dreaming!

2768 days ago

Darla McDonell    

WHY give up Vince...he's a hunk

2764 days ago


who cares she is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2761 days ago

Fanny the Fan    

She's just trying to be a movie actress and lead her life. She's not a very good actress, as it turns out. The brilliance she showed in comedy in "Friends" has either deserted her, or it was the product of a situation (synergy of Friends castmates, directors, etc) that may never come again. Of all the Hollywood "celebs" she seems like one of the few genuine and nice persons. She is private, and the 'public' will probably never feel they KNOW her and that's appropriate! They won't! I hope she finds a movie or TV show where she can shine the way she did in Friends. As for all the people on this site who have said she's ugly, I don't understand you. She is pretty. Not the most beautiful face in Hollywood but expressive, alert, bright, intelligent, and pretty. You should be that good-looking.

2730 days ago
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