Terrence on Naomi: "We're Just Buddies"

3/25/2007 4:01 AM PDT
Could it have been fear of flying BlackBerrys? Terrence Howard won't say precisely what nipped his relationship with super-community-servant Naomi Campbell in the bud, but the romance, as far as he's concerned, is over.

Oscar nominee Howard tells Ellen DeGeneres that he met Campbell at music legend Quincy Jones' house, and they went out a couple times, which was "kind of fun until the media went crazy," at which point, says Howard, "it was like, this isn't fun no more."

Still, Terrence seemed to like Naomi's defiantly glam-tastic attitude toward her community service. "She's so classy," said Terrence. "I love her for that." Ellen wasn't so sure: "The people at the sanitation department that work there every day really, really appreciate it when you come in with your diamonds and your chinchillas."