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Terrence on Naomi: "We're Just Buddies"

3/25/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could it have been fear of flying BlackBerrys? Terrence Howard won't say precisely what nipped his relationship with super-community-servant Naomi Campbell in the bud, but the romance, as far as he's concerned, is over.

Oscar nominee Howard tells Ellen DeGeneres that he met Campbell at music legend Quincy Jones' house, and they went out a couple times, which was "kind of fun until the media went crazy," at which point, says Howard, "it was like, this isn't fun no more."

Still, Terrence seemed to like Naomi's defiantly glam-tastic attitude toward her community service. "She's so classy," said Terrence. "I love her for that." Ellen wasn't so sure: "The people at the sanitation department that work there every day really, really appreciate it when you come in with your diamonds and your chinchillas."


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Sean Bresnahan    

Run, Terrence, run! You don't need that kind of crazy in your life. And please don't tell me you really find her...classy? You were just being polite, right?

2740 days ago


Terrence, you are fine as hell!!! you don't need a woman like Naomi Campbell. Believe that! She has a bad attitude and bad temper, run away as fast as you can. from what i have read you can get pretty hyped to, so this would not be good chemistry!!! but you are still fine as hell!! LOL

2740 days ago


If it's true he's dating Campbell, he should invest in good body armor like a flack jacket and helmut because you never know when an "incoming" cell phone could attack.

2740 days ago


Ya see Terracne is just trying to get some press for his movie. Come on it's like a chick dating OJ, and than saying oh he's very good with knives, ya know who ya dealing with geez. She's too strong for me, that idiot isn't he married, why isn't he with his wife anyway.

Geez that dumbA$$

2740 days ago


I thought that terrence Howard was Married and had Kids??? And I think he can do alot better then Naomi Campbell maybe he cann help her learn how to control her anger and not take it out on the people that work for

2739 days ago


i beleive terrance has said he is trying to get back with his wife. saw him at the golden globes and wondered who the young lady was that was with him? he lives in the philly area which is where his family is living but i am pretty sure the woman was not his wife. besides all of that he was extremely nice...

2739 days ago


howard reportedly said, "it was like, this isn't fun no more"???? how cud Naomi, a Brit, put up with his ATROCIOUS "English"! omg. "like"???? is howard a valley girl? "no more"???? howard and Campbell are night and day. he is ghetto and she is a world-class supermodel. run Naomi, RUN! plus he needs to shave that old jheri curl mess that's on top of his head, and he looks "sweet" or on the DL.

2739 days ago


no thats not the reason why he doesnt want naomi he says he is still married and trying to get his wife back only thing he said in a magazine article after he got divorce from his wife and remarried her she left him and started dating some guy she dated before him and he gave them his blessings now he wants the wife back so he doesnt want to date anyone else. so he rather be treated badly than be with naomi who would want a man for herself than play second best in terrence howard,s bitch ass messed up situation. he is just a bitch who keeps yammering am married am married he is married .yes he is married but his wife isnt she got a man punk and its not terrence. and naomi can do a whole lot better than that prick who doesnt know when a woman just doesnt love him anymore

2739 days ago

ann coulter    

ellen's a punk for having this trash on. this f***tard pulled a tim hardaway recently. keep up with current events ellen dear otherwise you come off smelling like a jezebel.

2739 days ago


Friends with benefits I'm guessing. Terrance, you wanna keep acting and your teeth?................Wear your body armour ......... That bitch is nuts.

2739 days ago


He doesn't like black women.... He's waiting for one of us beautiful white women!!!

They all do... ;-)

2739 days ago


was that weird report he wanted a TV out of his room cuz he`s curious? but just saw his new movie & it was touching & inspiring

2739 days ago


ellen is so quick and witty, i adore her. because she's so laid back, it sometimes goes unnoticed, but she is really sharp. that chinchilla comment was GREAT!

2738 days ago


they better be..hes too good for her..shes psycho..crazy bi$@$!

2738 days ago


Terrence Howard seems pretty messed up and that will not help Naomi's mental health. He claims that he loves his wife and yet seems upset that Gabrielle Union - a beautiful , articulate & smart woman- will not return his call. I guess that she does not like rejected, sloppy seconds.
He is potential ly a charming and good actor ,but does not have a clue about the women that matter. He pretty much admitted having a shot gun marriage- knocked up the misses-cheated, divorced return to woo her for 5 years only to be cuckolded by her former boyfriend.

If you ask me Naomi, nutty model is the lucky one there is no relationship. Terrance needs good counselling and time off before he dates, reunites or remarries, because he'll be a doormat as he was in his marriage. The wifey never forgave his cheating ways, a man with a clue would have moved on, hence, doormat.

2738 days ago
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