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Anna's Cause of Death Revealed

3/26/2007 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After performing an autopsy, it became clear that Anna Nicole Smith died of an accidental overdose of medication.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Medical Examiner for Broward County, just announced the 39-year-old former Playboy Playmate was taking a number of drugs, including methadone and anti-anxiety drugs, among others.

Anna did not take methadone the day she died, said Perper, but there was evidence she had taken it several days earlier.

Dr. Perper concluded that it was combined drug intoxication, including anxiety and depression medication, Valium, Ativan and antihistamines, that contributed to Smiths' death. She had also taken chloral hydrate, a strong sedative, which was a major component in her death.


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Agree with other comment that Stern should be tied down and given the same drugs he let her take (or gave her himself) He HAD to know and can't claim no responsibility. What a creep. He is a fungus that grew on her celebrity. Note all the pics, he is like a fungal thing hanging off her.

2770 days ago

Deb H    

Howard K. Stern testified
she had not taken metadone in his presence in the last five months!
O'Quinn and Virgie----I hope HOWARD K STERN sues you both for your
comments that were so very reckless (both accused Howard of murder!).
O'Quinn----someone should file a bar complaint against
you.....there's gotta be some type of Canon violation in this
somewhere! AND as far as the private investigator that Daniel never
hired, he said himself that he became friendly with Daniel because
they were at the same breakfast place several times a week. How
interesting that he can come out and say whatever he wants about what
Daniel supposedly told him. I don't by it folks! Just another person
looking for some attention and a part in a future movie in my
opinion!Howard.....KEEP up your fight for what ANNA wanted! She
wanted you to have Daniel in her will of 2001 and I BET she would
have wanted you to have custody of Daniellynn if she had made another
will! However, in the absence of an updated will, the Birth
Certificate makes clear her wishes in this regard.I'm praying for you
Howard! You are getting a raw deal and it is by all the people that
Anna did not want in her life! Oh, and by the way, they all need you
out of the picture so they can get in on the estate and get the baby.
Howard, Anna is with you and she will guide you if you listen. Please
pray for the empowerment to follow her wishes. :)

2770 days ago


Hell, we know she o'd.

Tell us something we DON'T know!!!!

2770 days ago


#15 the answer to your question is


2770 days ago

Paula J    

It was not one major component but several combinations which caused her death. She was ill with an infection which was treated, she had stomach flu, just gotten through pneumonia, so all these ravages to an already ravaged body...did the trick. As for Dr. Perper, I have never seen such a respectful man in my entire life. He never once was rude even during the ridiculous gossip from the media and message boards. He was always the professional and kind hearted too.

2770 days ago

Paula J    

Did you hear Howard's attorney ? She is great! And she left no doubt as to how Howard and Anna felt toward each other!! And she also said the investigation into Anna's death is over!
Now I think if I were Larry or Howard, I would sue Virgie for calling me,( the potential father of her grandchild) a sperm donor. Defamation of character is a good start.:)

2770 days ago


How could Dr. Perper possibly state that this was an accidental overdose as opposed to some one plying Anna Nicole with drugs. This makes no sense!

2770 days ago

Angie from Melrose Park    

What I'm confused about regarding Dr. Perper comments is he stated that Anna took her usual meds Wednesday night after dinner which was included 2 tablespoons of the Chloral Hydrate then why didn't she die during the night on Wednesday if she according to him took more than her usual dosage. Which in combination with her other meds caused her death.

Doesn't sound right to me, anyone else out there think somethings fishy about this so called time-line????? After all Howard said he got up at 10am and she was already up needing help to the bathroom and nothing was stated about her taking ANY meds on Thursday the day of her death.
If Chloral Hydrate metabolizes in your system in 4 minutes (according to Dr.Perper) then how can it take at least 12 hours to kill her?????

Any ideas from anyone else out there??????

2770 days ago


I have never before read such hateful posts directed at someone who is dead & another person who did not have anything to do with the death! Why do you all hate HKS so much? He did not kill ANS! She took too many drugs, all legal. I would be looking at the doctor who prescribed them. Just because she took 9 meds., does not make her an addict. I take 9 meds. & if I die it will be because my doctor &/or pharmacy made a mistake, not because I am an addict. Cause of death knocks Vergie's thoughts straight to hell...she is the evil one here. Also all the others who came out with comments that were unfair/untrue, like Mo saying HKS was acting strange day she died - NOT!

2770 days ago

Angie from Melrose Park    

Something seems a little fishy with this timeline. According to Dr.Perper Anna took her usual meds Wednesday night after dinner along with her Chloral Hydrate(usual doage 2 tablespoons) but obviously took more than the usual dosage which is what did her in.

But according to Dr.Perper's own words Anna was already awake Thursday morning when Howard got up at 10am needing help to the bathroom. Nothing was said about her taking ANY meds on Thursday, so how can this Chloral Hydrate which is absorbed within 4 minutes take over 12 hours to kill you?????

Anyone else out there wondering about this so called time-line on the day of her death?????

2770 days ago


ANS and Daniel had the same drugs
Methadone and Ativan

Manner of death Accident

2770 days ago


Now that the news with the truth comes out, people are now accusing Dr. Perper because you do not like what he says, someone said; sounds like HKS'S mouth piece!? What is wrong with everyone?! I am really sad for him/hks and his loss, and I am wondering where the compassion is? He lost his entire life in the blink of an eye! Everything! And you are comparing him to OJ? OJ was estranged from his wife, who it was proven he beat her and terrorized her for many years. The only person who terrorized Anna in my mind just from looking at all the facts was Larry Birkhead! I mean the guy was so cold, he did a press conference the day after Daniel died and was calling her out dragging her into court! the moment he did that is when I had my opinion. I remember watching it and thinking; "He is a cold man, how could he do that even if it is his child?" I thought gosh, no matter what the truth is, how could he do that to someone he was at some point in a relationship with?!" I felt really sad for her, because I could see how much she loved her son! [as any mother would from such a huge loss] I also thought, I bet she regrets ever being involved with him!

And somehow everyone has turned this so many ways and want to blame the man who was devoted to her? I am really trying to wrap my mind and see if I can see it from everyone who is blaming HKS, and I just can't see it! I think no matter what was found 2day, you folks have already made up your mind, but this is another fellow human being, who lost his entire world! The reason she was on all that medication was from the stress of Daniel dying, and the case being fought in the media with LB. Can' you see that...anyone? seriously?!

2770 days ago


Well I have been following some of what has been going on, firstly lets go back to her son Daniel, and the circumstances surrounding this and the fact that HKS was again very present and according to some he was supplying him as well including other things I am sure. 6 months later Anna, what is wrong with this ? Does the authority not see it? or maybe they do ! As well what was really chilling to me , is that everywhere Anna appeared or was , even one replay of Larry King, he is there by her side through the whole interview and watching her constantly. He was there everywhere, now although they could be friends, does one need their attorney by their side 24/24? He was there in the background behind or beside Anna, now to me for a man who says he did not get a penny from his services what did he get? He did not have Anna, he did not have the money , hmmm something here feels suspiciously wrong. As well if you recall when the house got broke in after her death and HKS claimed it was the owner? He seemed to know where to look as to what was missing, the documents? why would they and how would they know where the documents were? the closet was hardly torn up, everything was yet pretty much in their rightful place, something wrong with this. I agree with Divine Wisdom who posted, the number factor as well. Just the whole thing does not add up and they consider this a closed case?

As for the drug intake, wherever she got the drugs the medical professionals should be dealt with. Feels to me that all those surrounding this death and Daniel's feel to be scape goating the fact that there is enough evidence there to further investigate.


2770 days ago

Paula J    

How do you know the sick son of a bitches, Shelley and his wife weren't secretly filming Howard and Anna in the house? Maybe that's why they knew where all the money making things of Anna's were. The scum!! They won't admit it because they'll be sued.

2770 days ago


I do not buy it. why are the investigators taking the word of HKS and the rest of the people surrounding Anna during her time of need? of course they are going to say whatever they have to in order to clear themselves of wrongdoings!!! Scott Peterson maintained is innocence, but did they take his word? hell no. This statement today, just confirmed to everyone that it is okay to enable drugs, you wont get in trouble, just deny deny deny. I dont know, it just sounds to me like they relied purely on the words of HKS, the Doctor, the shrink, etc.Do they really believe 475 million dollars is not motive? do they not find 2 suspicious deaths in the same family odd?is the fact that Anna had Daniels death inquest coming up, is not a motive for murder, if she possibly knew something?Did they not listen to the private detective, whose card was in Daniels pocket?Daniel expressed his fear of HKS, and had nightmares of his mom in a casket, allegedly. Do they really think someone is so stupid, they are going to express a motive for murder on a computer? Esp. a Doctor or Lawyer? Did they not care about the Dr. Prescribing so much medication to Anna? enough to kill a horse?I suppose it is possible, that Anna overdosed, but, why did the people around her allow her to do so? Look at the list of drugs in her system. The doses may be accurate,.there is no doubt it was not an overdose. But WHO caused it? I am not comfortable with Dr. Perpers announcement, or the Seminole Police. In my opinion, they failed Anna.I could be wrong, but I could be wrong that Scott Peterson is guilty, too. I understand the media can blow things out of proportion, but, in this case, my gutt tells me there is something wrong with this investigation, when they rely upon the words of the very people the public suspected, the media suspected. I think it was tacky of the attorney, to announce the hate emails between Larry and Anna? that poor guy wants his child, she naturally is going to fight him on that. I guess, we have no choice, but to take the words spoken today, as the conclusion of there investigation. We do not, have to beleive it, unless we feel it is accurate.I am under no obligation to beleive anything they say. This is all just my opinion, but this stinks. I will never ever beleive, that Anna Nicole Smith or Daniel Wayne Smith died, on there own, but they can call it as they will. It does not surprise me.Anna should have stayed with Larry Birkhead, I feel she and Daniel would be alive today, had she never left Larry. I bet they would be a happy family, and Larry would not have allowed Anna to die. LARRY, I PRAY TO GOD, THAT YOU ARE THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF DANNIELYNN. I BELEIVE YOU ARE. I HOPE YOU GET THAT BABY GIRL OUT OF THE BAHAMAS. YOU ARE NOT AN ENABLER, LARRY. YOU SHOULD TAKE PRIDE IN YOUR ACTIONS. ANNA MADE A BIG MISTAKE, A FATAL MISTAKE, THE DAY SHE LEFT YOU. all of this is solely based on my opinion. Anna and Daniel, rest in peace. maybe a miracle will happen and justice will prevail.

2770 days ago
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