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Slim-Fast on Anna's Death Nightstand

3/26/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithSeminole detectives found Slim-Fast on Anna Nicole Smith's night table in the Hard Rock Hotel room where she died.

According to a scene investigation report released by the Broward County Medical Examiner, Smith, a spokesman for the weight loss supplement TRIMSPA, had nicorette gum, Tamiflu and several cans of soda on her night table next to the diet drink.

In the document, there is no mention of TRIMSPA products being anywhere in the room.


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The crime scene report time line and details do not quite seem to match the original statements.

So she was found blue at 12:30 and it took them 1 hour and 30 minutes to call emergency personnel. Sounds very negligent to me. This whole mess smells very fishy. I bet if any of us waited an hour and 30 minutes to call EMS if we found someone dead we would be in DEEP water

2768 days ago


ANC only did the trimspa thing for some money she needed badly. Just because you do advertizing for a certain item does'nt mean your taking it. That necklace with the word TRIMSPA around her neck was platinum w/diamonds. Hey that's not a bad deal she got. All of hollywood does it. What a mess!!!

2768 days ago


I will believe that when pigs fly.......Howard enabled right down the path to destruction so he could have everything.

2768 days ago


2 I know said that she saved three days before she died. I still am not satisfied about someone not paying for giving drugs to Anna. It has really bothered me and I know I have no control but it still bothers me.

2768 days ago


I find it interesting that boh this document & the autopsy report appear to be prepared in an identical manner - same type, format, etc. Also interesting is that neither of these alleged "official" documents are signed. Wouldn't you think that if they were in fact documents prepared/released by the police & coroner's office they would have been at the very least signed??? Think about it! is clearly trying to elicit publicity from this situation - by providing bogus reports.

2768 days ago



2768 days ago


Poor Anna, Pity she couldn't find the strength to help herself and her child.
I hope the media and public leave stern alone for a while, he needs time to grieve!

2768 days ago


But she's still DEAD right?

2768 days ago

monkia louinski    

The "emesis" mentioned in the report is aka: vomit

what were the bloody body fluids on the sheets? TMZ: we want the whole report!

We want to see all the meds - the whole list please!

2768 days ago


But she's still DEAD right?

2768 days ago


Why does it take 10 days to type up a crime scene report? My good friend (an attorney) says they usually get these back on their desks within a couple of days. And it is not signed. Please don't fuss at me if someone has already posted any of this....seems a few of my posts are MIA

2768 days ago


The death report says she weighed 180 lbs !

hell none of that weight crap did her any long term good
Taking that crap helped screw her body up and that trimspa guy should also go to jail for he knew she was taking a competing vendors product while he claimed his crap got her thin

2768 days ago

jen newman    

I am so disgusted with the autopsy results and no pointed to things in the autopsy report (I just read it online) regarding bruises on her back and shoulders among other things. It merely mentions Dr. Perper's comment about not knowing if the raging abscess and subsequent infection from the dirty needle used on her buttock. He actually admit that he doesn't know if it was self-injected or who did it. He also said something even more ridiculous adn that is: "she was happy leading up to the day of death." Who the hell did he interview? Let me guess, hmmmmm...

This whole thing is ridiculous. Only if this doctor actually was in the room or lived with ANS and HKS would be really know the background. For him to say that there was no sign of foul play sounds like the Seminole authorities think the world is really that gulible!

Well, I have had enough. I decided to stop following this drama cause I don't foresee HKS being responsible for anything, according to the police department down there.
I give up...

I really HATE being told riduclous things and being expected to go along with it. HKS must be happy as can be tonight...


2768 days ago


TIME LINE IS MORE THAN A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS------ I thought it was said today that HKS helped ANS to the bathroom, put her back to bed, he took a shower and left at 10:00 AM and never checked on her again and of course, didn't know anything since he was dealing with the boat and wasn't informed until Moe called him and told him and then he returned to the hotel.... AND what is the deal with the other gap in between Taz calling Moe upon finding ANS, and then him getting to the hotel? It also says that AFTER he was at the hotel he called for help? Over an hour? NEWS FLASH--- THIS INVESTIGATION ISN'T BY ANY MEANS "Closed"------- it's just letting things calm down while they continue their investigation and gathering informaiton.....

2768 days ago


#4 who is going to press the charges? it would have to be vergie.

2768 days ago
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