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Was Griffin's Crash a Hoax?

3/27/2007 6:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comTMZ is just askin' ... what's wrong with this picture?

Eddie Griffin's ultra-expensive crash in a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo has been all over television and the Internet today, but could the pricey wipeout really be a brilliant marketing ploy?

In the video obtained by CBS2 News in Los Angeles, it shows the car slamming into a concrete barricade. But, to quote Dr. Henry Lee from the O.J. Simpson case, "Something wrong."

Roll the video and take a close look at the guy standing next to the concrete barrier. He doesn't even flinch as the car comes near. Also, it's pretty interesting that after the crash, Griffin joked it up, saying, "Undercover Brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive."

This isn't the first time that one of Daniel Sadek's high-priced cars have been wrecked. During production of his movie, "Redline," two of the producer/real estate investor's expensive Porsche Carrera GTs were totaled during filming. One of the collisions was designed as a stunt. The other was an accident.

Eddie Griffin's publicist, Lori Jonas, told TMZ, "It was not a hoax. Eddie was racing for a charity to promote his upcoming film, "Redline." He got in an accident. He is suffering from neck and shoulder pain as a result of the accident. It was in no way a hoax."


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Not a hoax. They showed the video of the guy standing there filming it on Inside Edition.

2737 days ago

Dong Butt    

The barriers moved when the car hit. Even if it was a stunt, they wouldn't risk the front end of the car flying off and ripping the guys head off. It's real. The Ferrari Enzo is also more than just a rare car. You have to follow strict guidelines (such as owning as least two Ferraris previously) to even be CONSIDERED for buying one. There are only around 400 in the world and I doubt wrecking one on purpose would make Ferrari very happy. Also, for those of you that were saying he wasn't turning, view it again, his wheels are turned to his right. This means he WAS TRYING TO TURN but he was understeering. I know all of you have no idea what understeering is but basically it shows that he was completely out of control of the car and that his intent WAS making a right. It's very hard to understeer a mid-engined car for props to Eddie for that. ALSO, the Ferrari won't be totaled. The car is worth 1.2 million dollars. Every body panel, part, etc. is worth 600K. Normally a car is totaled if the damages exceed 40% of the car's worth. You can't deal enough damage to this car to total it. They will take the VIN back to the factory and rebuild a new car from scratch around that VIN if they have to. Think of it this way, if you're an insurance company, would you rather A) Spend 600K to have Ferrari build a new Ferrari or B) Shell out 1.2 million to this goofball? Thought so. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES BEFORE YOU MAKE SUCH POSTS!

2737 days ago


A piece of the car could have easily flown off and injured or killed the photographer. There's no way they would let a guy stand that close and risk a huge lawsuit if this was staged.

2737 days ago


I was at the event and it was definitely NOT a publicity stunt. Also, the guy actually flinches, but it can not be seen in that particular shot. Watch the other videos of the same crash. There are other shots of the same crash where the guy has a "delayed" reaction. He jumps back about a second after the camera used in the current shot moves off up him. Another thing is that several cars screamed around that same corner coming close to wall prior to when the Ezno hit it. I don't think the guy realized that the Enzo hit till it was too late. Then he jumps. I personally was standing about 10 feet behind him and I too found myself "frozen" in terror and awe.

2737 days ago


wow anyone who thinks this is a hoax because of one simple suggestion should realize that they are sheep.

1-The crash doesnt seem like a big deal in the first place (even tho the damage looks harsh).
2- The guy is real and was a camerman from Attack of the Show. He jumps but that angle doesnt show it and is stopped early.
3- Please kill yourself if you think a movie studio would green light the crash of a million dollar Ferrari for 1 new blurp of promotion.

Stop being SHEEP you easily persuaded morons!

2737 days ago


I was at the track taking photos. It was not a hoax. The guy in the video and in my photos could of easily been killed by flying debris. Not sure what the guy was doing but I remember him as the tech guy switching on a lipstick cam inside the vehicles. I thought the reason why he didn't move out of the way was he was monitoring the lipstick camera on a monitor and didn't realize the car was coming at him. If he had a video camera, he probably thought Griffin was going to make the turn, everyone else didn't have any problems. All the other celebs driving on the course wore helmets, if Griffin knew he was going to wreck the car he would of wore an helmet, but chose not to.

2737 days ago


You've gotta be out of your mind. No guy in his right mind would have stood behind a barrier like that, without any protection (ie. a helmet), knowing a car travelling at that speed would smash into it. A part from the car could have hurled at the guy at very high speeds and killed him with a blow to the head.

2737 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

There are children & adults dying of starvation; people without health insurance that need meds, etc. and they are possibly "purposefully" crashing a 1.5 million dollar car.................. how pathetic~

2736 days ago


Must be nice to have that kind of money just to throw away. Hey throw some my way. I don't even need 1.5 million - Send me about 20 grand.

2736 days ago


Obviously, the car was not totaled. Carbon fiber is pretty tough and the damage was limited to the front. Notice that the car was still moving after the incident. It'll probably be back on the road by this summer. It was a publicity stunt and at the most will cost them $150,000 to get the car back in shape.

2736 days ago

London not England    

#1(Steven) 7 #12 (Hater) - figures.....
Poor little PWT' really bothers you to know a black man has access to a Ferarri doesn't it....
...and even though this blog is old, I REALLY HOPE YOU READ THIS TO KNOW that you're my opinion, but I guess that's why this is all you have to do, and why you are NOT self-made, successful business people like myself, or rich like EDDIE. So go back to your mindless, opinionated blogging about people you will NEVER meet, and cars you WILL NEVER drive, and keep your opinions on sites like these okay...., cause it's the closest thing to fame, and notoriety you'll ever have...

2736 days ago


i personally dont think this a hoax. why would someone intentionally crashed a 1million dollar car for a days worth of press. i think you could get a lot of publicity for alot cheaper. it seems like an accident rather than hoax. Doesnt it seem stupid that someone would intentionally crash a car that only 400 were made???

2736 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass!

2736 days ago


Letting anyone drive a car that he or she can't hadle is negligence, pure and simple.
Does insurance cover replacement cost? I sure hope that the rest of us aren't paying to replace this car.
Not funny on any front.

2736 days ago


It's real. those ultra high performance cars are pretty unforgiving.

No actor would deliberately drive a car into a barrier. We value our faces too much. the publicity isn't worth the risk.

If it's a publicity stunt, why doesn't anyone ever name the movie. Just cuz the owner has had cars wrecked in the past, doesn't mean he likes it.

If it had been a hoax The photographer probably wouldn't have been there at all. " Star wrecks Ferrari" is good publicity. "Star kills photographer" is a tragic stench. He probably couldn't tell how close the car was coming until too late like 7 said, or he froze, or just felt safe behind the barrier, or all of the above

2736 days ago
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