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Anna Nicole Nixed for Marilyn Role Months Before Death

3/28/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith wanted to play her idol Marilyn Monroe so badly, that six months before her death, she tried to finance a film about Marilyn's baseball hubby Joe DiMaggio – but was turned down for the part.

The film, based on sportswriter Marv Schneider's book "DiMaggio: Setting the Record Straight," was in production, and Smith "offered to at least partially finance it, about six months before she died," Schneider tells Ben Widdicombe of the New York Daily News. But Smith was "rejected out of hand" because she wasn't "considered ready" for the part. What's more, says Schneider, if Anna got the role, "we thought we'd have a tough time getting a top actor to play DiMaggio."

Ironically, the hospital where Smith died – Florida's Memorial Regional Hospital – has a wing named for Joe DiMaggio.

Brangelina Terrorized by $100 Mil Kidnap Threat

Angelina Jolie and newly adopted son Pax escaped a plot by kidnappers to snatch the boy upon his arrival to the US – and to demand $100 million for his return. According to an exclusive report in this week's Life & Style, a "credible" plot was "meticulously planned" by a gang that has executed kidnappings and extortion plots before. "They're highly skilled operatives with little regard for human life," says an insider close to Brangelina's security team. Though the couple have faced kidnapping threats before, this particular menace was deemed "credible and serious" – and was, apparently, foiled before any harm could come to the child. Meanwhile, reports L&S, Brad has installed a $500,000 security system in the home the couple bought in New Orleans, and what's more, the house is just a block away from a police precinct.

Lohan to Felon Dad: Back Off

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has finally spoken to her felon father, and as Page Six reports, he didn't like what he heard. "You still haven't changed," Lohan reportedly told dad Michael. "Don't go near my mother ever again."

Michael Lohan, who was just released from jail March 13, has been hoping for a reconciliation, and as TMZ first reported, wanted to see Lindsay in New York as she played guest DJ at the exclusive club Plumm. But Lindsay enlisted the club's help in keeping him out, and has now warned her mother as well: "Lindsay called her mother [Dina] and told her to be careful and to take care of her brother and sister."

Party Favors: Todd Bridges Is NOT Dead ... Ashton Kutcher's "Punk'd," However, IS Dead ... And The James Blunt-Petra Nemcova Romance is Kaput as Well

Todd Bridges is still alive and well, thanks very much – TMZ spoke to his mom Betty yesterday, and the former "Diff'rent Strokes" star is doing just fine. The confusion apparently arose because of the recent death of a truck driver named Shawn Bridges, who had a longtime addiction problem. ... Ashton Kutcher's greatest body of work – MTV's "Punk'd" – is going off the air after eight seasons. (Eight? Where has life gone?) The final season kicks off April 10, with Hilary Swank, Magic Johnson, and Nelly Furtado amongst the Punk-ees. ... Petra Nemcova and James Blunt have officially called it quits, according to People. The lovebird couple split in February.


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Lenn K.    

It's funny how obsessed ANS was with MM. What a mirror of lives they both had too many men, drugs and early death.

2764 days ago


Anna wasn't a good actress, plus she would probably have been as much trouble on the set as MM was before her death. I wish she had picked a better role model in her life. She might still be with us today.

2764 days ago


Anna Nicole looked alot like Marilyn Monroe, but I don't think she could have pulled off the acting. She wasn't talented at all.

2764 days ago


The only credible celebrity magazine I buy is People. I feel that Life & Style Magazine is equivalent to the Enquirer. So, please don't use that magazine as a credible source---it's been proven it's far from credible.

As for Lindsay Lohan, she is ridiculous. I don't know how this little girl has ever suceeded--she's far from being pretty, and obviously she isn't that intelligent. Who cares what she does?

As for Ashton Kutcher, I've never heard of the show "Punk'd." All I know about him is he's a cutie that's married to an old woman. Demi is too old for him. I think it is so selfish for older women to take the youth of these young men and vice versa, old men using up the youth of young girls.

As for Todd Bridges, I am glad he is alive, and I am sure he is glad, too.

2764 days ago


Let's put this to rest once and for all, Vickie Lynn Hogan Smith Marshall Stern (aka Anna Nicole Smith) was NO Marilyn Monroe! Putting the two in the same sentence does an INJUSTICE to the sweet memory of our sweet Norma Jean....

2764 days ago


Poor Anna, getting a Marilyn role might have made a difference in her life.

As for Brangelina, who cares, I'm so sick of hearing Brangelina stuff as well
as Tomcat..............go away

2764 days ago


It was quite obvious to EVERYONE that ANS had a drug problem. I don't believe any REPUTABLE film house would take a chance on that catastrophe. Now, if she was clean, dry and showed some respect for herself while in the public eye, she could have had an excellent, profitable career. Unfortunately, drugs were the most important thing in her life and that ruined any chance she had of formidability.

2764 days ago


It is so ridiculous that Anna could not find her own identity in life!
She wasnt a good actress, but she did give good face!

She wasnt very smart and got sucked into Howies web of deceit

for that she sacrficed her son, her life and left her daughter in a mess...

I wasnt a fan of hers when she was alive... I hated the drugs and the way she came off so sleazy!

In death I feel sorry for the life choices she made and for the happiness she could never find!

I think her lack of good judgement stems from Howies strangs pull he had in her life.

Wecht seems to always refer to Elvis and his own doctor feelgood over perscribed medications, like that justifies Annas doctors!

That was 30 years ago, havent we made any progress since that time?

why is it ok to perscribe Anna drugs in different names that she used? that should be illiagal!

Dr Kris knew the meds Anna was taking, why didnt she warn her of the lethal combinations?
she spent a lot of time with her and knew she was taking all these meds!



2764 days ago


That stupid BLUNT had one hit song out!!! Who the hell cares about him?? Petra could have done WAAAAAYYY better than that nasty scum bag. He looks like hes homelss. And, he has STD's from Lohan. ICK!

2764 days ago


Anna Nicole is no Marilyn Monroe. She wasn't talented at all. I am tired hearing about it and I don't feel so sorry for Anna Nicole.

2764 days ago


Poor thing couldn't even buy a respectable part. Her career was so mismanaged. Marilyn was an icon, I don' think anyone would pay to see a bimbo play the part. Besides if Anna and her problems wouldn't be enough god they'd get Howie too. Ugh.

2764 days ago


Scoop, I agree with you everything you wrote. You would have hoped that in 45 years, since Marilyn Monroe was murdered by the Kennedy's, we would have a little more knowledge of how SOCIOPATHS work. HK$ was good, very good in bamboozling a lot of people. I've always said, it may not be today, tomorrow, or even the next few years. But, eventually something will leak out. Just look at O.J.'s life. What does he possibly have to live for? His reputation is ruined forever. As will HKS's.......

2764 days ago


The only reason Anna's life was similar to Marilyn's is because she made it that way. She so desperately wanted to be someone else (Marilyn) that she copied everything that Marilyn did. Anna didn't look like Marilyn. Take away the blond hair and you've got nothing. I'm tired of hearing the comparisons.

2764 days ago


where are the results of the dna test. thought we were to know monday...this is now wednesday......

2764 days ago


So the newest adoption didn't fare the great publicity Angelina was hoping for. After all, in the other adoptions the public was looking at her as "Our Lady of Charity", Saint Angelina. Not so much with the adoption of Pax. In fact, many people are questioning her adopting so quickly.........her one child isn't even 1 yrs old, and Brad was no where in sight for this adoption.

From her press release apologizing to her brand new plucked from Vietnam son, that she was sooo sorry about the photographers, and papparazzi, and how they all scared him that he started crying, to her then turning around the very next day, and having him pose for a magazine the "I am going to stay at home for awhile, and help adjust Pax to this new life", and then dumping him in care of nannies while she went to the set in Chicago for her new movie Wanted, on MONDAY......3 days after she arrived home from Vietnam, with Pax in tow, and ONLY his 2 other siblings..I guess it's up to Brad, to do the work of helping Pax adjust to his new life. Mommy is to busy playing movie star.

So what to do, to garner some sympathy? Oh yea, put it in the media, how they have thwarted a plan of kidnapping. Right. Ever see the Entourage/body guards they always have around them? I would imagine before moving their brood into ANY mansion they make sure it's more secure than FORT KNOX. Not buying this crap...

BTW,. isn't it amazing, how Jolie couldn't go to Vietnam, without each of her steps being photographed, all the while she was there, leading up to even her boarding a plane back to the U.S...however she seemed to be able to fly under the radar, once landing in the U.S....and then fly out again to Chicago, with NO pap's taking pics. Yet, whenever SHE wants the media around her, snapping pics of her latest "get", they sure know where she is. Why is that? Because she is the one that manipulates the media, and tells them exactly where she is going.

So what will be her next PR move?? To gain attention?? The adopting orphans, is getting old, she is really going to have to step up her game. So now the rumor is that there is a wedding in the works, for Easter weekend? Or is that just another media manipulation to get the media talking about her?? After all, the media attention on Anna Nicole Smith, is keeping the tabs busy, and though Angelina's adoption garnered about 2 days worth of attention FOR her, it quickly disolved and the media's attention went back to the ANS story.

2764 days ago
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