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Did Someone Fer-get to Tell Josh It's Fergie's Birthday?

3/28/2007 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For a guy whose gal was celebrating her 32nd birthday last night in London, Josh Duhamel sure looks cranky.

Maybe it was just the large rivers of liquid everyone seemed to be imbibing that got him down. Maybe it was the fact that Sienna Miller was tossing what looked like real $100 bills around the room, just not his way. Maybe it was that Diddy had his sunglasses on all night and wouldn't look him in the eye.

Whatever it was, Josh just put on his sour puss and kept it there.


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Theres Diddy NOT looking fat..... so I'd say your last story on him is false....

2745 days ago

ana nemis    

sienna miller??? i thought that was anna nicole! yet ANOTHER potential as the rotissieri casting [like boys with their rotissieri fantasy baseball leagues] for the anna nicole biopic continues!

2745 days ago


Diddy's doing Sienna. That's the real story.

2745 days ago

Great Dane    

Someone should tell Fergie she's 32.....I think she thinks she's 18......maybe thats Josh's issue.....

Diddy is an ass....he's always rock'n sunglasses in the dark...maybe that explains him and Sienna....with his MAGIC glasses on, not only does he think she looks good.....who knows, maybe he thinks she's black, maybe he thinks she's Kim Porter.....

Take the glasses off.....

2745 days ago


Diddy + Sienna = shagging!

2745 days ago

casual observer    

Wrong- This picture confirms that Ditty has let himself go a bit (see the man boobs).

2745 days ago


Josh must not of been in a party mood.

2745 days ago


If Fergie is 32 I am still an embryo.

Sienna's a whore, which makes her and P-daddy a perfect match.

2745 days ago


haha. It looks like Seinna has one hairy man arm in that pic.

2745 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

....................GEE TMZ.....Diddy doesn't look this least bit "chubby" to me!!!!!!!!.........................

2745 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

Theres Diddy and Sienna again. What about his new twins?? Britney got majorly dumped on going out when she had babies at home. WHY IS IT DIFFERENT 4 A MAN?

2745 days ago


Why is Diddy out partying and he has 3 children at home? DIDDY when are you going to grow up? How old are you now. 40!

2745 days ago


I look foward to the end of Josh and Fergie... maybe it is coming sooner rather than later!

2745 days ago


Ok furgies only 32 wow she looks 52 , do another rail of tweek , if this isnt a ad to not to that crap there never will be one , I really wonder what she looks like in the morning or without the cake make up ? , fugly . Now just who is Sienna ? looks like another hollywood stick chick , and boy is she fugley , i guess this passes for beauty , just as Paris does as well , the new beauty , fugley is beautiful anorexia is normal , gosh am I glad I live in the real world and not in theirs , Josh looks like he is digusted with the whole lets get drunk and act like fools kinda thing , been there as well , maybe furgie will pee on herself again , stupid drunk , what do u bet she becomes a alcoholic or already is one ? trade one addiction for another , sad but typical

2745 days ago


Awww come on, Maybe Josh was having a really bad bout of PMS last night! Kotex anyone?

2745 days ago
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