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Britney: The Dental Detective

3/29/2007 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A begoggled Britney Spears wreaked havoc with Hollywood paparazzi yesterday when she was transported to Century City ... with another toothache.

Actually, it appears that Britney is being treated by celebrity dentist to the stars, Dr. Bill Dorfman, whom you may remember from his dental prowess on ABC's "Extreme Makeover."

Spears, seen here in her best Angela Lansbury "Murder, She Wrote" detective garb, found her way into the dentist's office and was treated for a pesky molar. The earth remained on its axis.


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Great Dane    

It is VERY common for women to have trouble with their teeth.....after giving birth! ESPECIALLY TWO births, back to her age....when she's more of a RED BULL drinker, then a milk and cheese person......

2742 days ago


its probably because of the buliemia it rots your teeth

2742 days ago

London not England    

This BITCH is SO OVA it's not EVEN funny.....I hope she saved her $$$$ cause I doubt if the fleeting fame of the music bizz will be kind to her!

2742 days ago


what a hat collection she's going to have

2742 days ago


Isn't the world done with Britney yet? Now we are worried about her teeth???

2742 days ago


Did she relapse already? Could these visits be her excuse to score some prescription drugs? She looks extremely happy and she's never with her kids. I'm just asking.

2742 days ago


shes only trying to score some pain meds. stupid bitch.

2742 days ago


Listen, I had two kids back to back and my teeth are perfectly fine. Could it be her lifestyle has ruined them? The acid in barf (and she did that plenty as the pics showed) will mess up anybody's enamel.

2742 days ago

in the know    

How come you don't report on every star when they go to the dentist? Who cares? When it comes down to a blog discussion of what could be wrong with Britney's teeth, you know our country has problems, and has become a land of vicious gossip. Celebrity gossip is one thing, but this is pure journalism at its worst. If you aren't repeating the same Anna Nicole story over and over, you are making up rediculous posts. Please TMZ, get back to work, do some research and post something original that you did not buy from someone else.

2742 days ago


TRASH....thats her.

2742 days ago

J. Owen    

And I should care because....?

Alright, admittedly, I'm glad this isn't another P Hilton sighting (TMZ and Paris have a contractual agreement to publish her every thought). But a trip to the dentist gets top headline space?

2742 days ago


I would bet $100 that it was from Puking, or smoking or X or something like that. God knows she can get away with anything she is rich!!!

2742 days ago


Red Bull is full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, so are Cheetos! Plus, cigarettes can ruin teeth; I know, I used to smoke heavily and I have eight crowns from it. Besides, given her other hygiene problems I kind of wonder how often she brushes and flosses her teeth. Veneers look good almost all of the time.

2742 days ago


she looks great and happy wish her the best of luck

2742 days ago


Britney is definitely looking more centered and happy now. I hope that makes all the haters steam until they explode.

2742 days ago
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