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Howard K. Wins a Big One

3/29/2007 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern has temporarily derailed the inquest into Daniel Smith's death. The judge in the case has put the inquest on ice for at least two weeks.

Stern's lawyer argued the law allowing the inquest was flawed, because it was impossible to impanel a fair and impartial jury given the massive publicity surrounding the deaths of Anna Nicole and her son.

The inquest judge is letting Stern's lawyer go to the Supreme Court of the Bahamas to argue that the hearing should be permanently blocked.


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Rose Mendoza    

I think Howard K. Stern is a slimy, slinky, snake eyed monster who has not only manipulated Anna Nicole Smith but is now manipulating the court system. This is totally unacceptable and unfair and I cannot in my wildest imagination believe that the Supreme Court will grant his request to dismiss this inquest. This inquest has to be processed as there are many, many unanswered questions, the result of which may end up in a homicide. I do not know why the courts are intimidated by Howard K. Stern and they seem to be fearful of him. I have never my life heard of or read anything quite so rare and unusual.. Since when can you tell the courts what action they should take? Where is his power coming from? Even if he has a "dream team of lawyers" this inquest MUST BE HELD AS IT IS VERY ESSENTIAL and Howard K. Smith cannot continue to manipulate the court system. He did so in the DNA testing because he knew damn well he was not the father SO PEOPLE ARE GETTING SUSPICIOUS AS TO WHY HE DOES NOT WANT THIS INQUEST HELD. What is he hiding? If he is successful in having this inquest set aside, I think there will be some sort of big opposition between the people who are interested in this case, as they are getting sick and tired of his delay tactics. He is a dirt bag, to say the least.

2665 days ago



2730 days ago



2730 days ago

Someone needs to shoot this worthless piece of crap!

2730 days ago


Very very sick man.

2730 days ago


What is happening at the B A H A M A S ! ! !

2730 days ago



2730 days ago


Permanently Blocked???? Are you freakin kidding me??? Nice move Howard....that ought to improve your reputation.

2730 days ago

Dr Feelgood going down    

OK I was giving Stern the benefit of doubt but this tells me that he is hiding something!

2730 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Stern is his own worst enemy. Stern is the reason that he is demonized. He stole someone elses baby, had his attorneys tell the media to bring the paternity matter to the Bahama's and he would comply with the judge's ruling which backfired, than he appealed the judges's decision and now he is in someone elses country where he wants to change their laws to remove the focus off of him in Daniel's inquist (what are you so afraid of?). The truth will set you free. Time is running out for this skank. I can only imagine what precedence it what set if Howard is not orederd to comply with the paternity. Everyone with an agenda will run to the Bahama's to have their baby if they want to oust the real father. The Bahamas has to set an example and end this madness now.

2730 days ago

Simply elle    


There is NO WAY that HKS OR his "DREAM TEAM" can in ANY way claim that he "loved" this boy. He doesn't know the meaning of the word!

God help Dannielynn.

2730 days ago


i wonder how much he paid this judge.

2730 days ago


What the hell is this world coming to. He killed the whole family and he knows how to get around it. I am sick of hearing it all. Let him Die....

2730 days ago


if i wasnt so busy reading comments about Courtney love i'd have been first!!!
oh well, HKS needs to just die, so Dannielynn can go live with Larry

2730 days ago


Boy does he make himself look guilty, This is an inquest not a trial for HKS. He is not a Bahamian citizen, yet he is able to attempt to change their laws. Get that baby away from the SOB NOW!!!!

2730 days ago
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