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Paulina to Fiance: Thongs for Nothing!

3/30/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hottie Paulina Rubio is doing everything she can to spice things up before her marriage to this guy here, but he just won't take notice!

The hot-tempered Rubio and her fiance, Spanish businessman Nicolas Vallejo (also known as "Colate" somewhere in the world), celebrated their joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Monterrey, Mexico, in advance of their supposed wedding this April.

Unfortunately, Paulina did not model the gifted undergarment.


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Just sayin'...    

What's with all this "hate mail" from all of you who don't even know her? If you do and you don't care for her, that's perfectly fine, everyone has a right to their opinion...but I'm just amazed reading the comments from those who "have never even heard of her" who go on and post stupid, rude a$$ comments... her music is actually pretty darn good and she's intelligent and a very funny and she's definitely one to stand up for women's rights. And folks, don't be fooled by those who are "from Mexico and can't stand her"... my grandmother was mexican and I remember whenever I'd read the gossip magazine's she'd buy from there...forever, mexican women have been jealous of her, criticizing her and being mean, many times without basis... All I'm saying is listen to her music first, watch some of her interviews (she's all over the Spanish language channels here in the States) and judge for yourselves...I must say I was pleasantly surprised... mostly b/c in all her interviews she's a very positive gal, who expresses nothing but love and peace...and that can't be a bad thing...I'm telling you, I also assumed she was a snobby brat b/c of her famous mother, etc... but after listening to various interviews, I realized she's actually kinda cool...and by the way, she's been interviewed by Ryan Seacrest ...(about 1 year ago)...

2679 days ago

Just sayin'...    

...Oh and by the way, she was actually raised in not just Mexico but L.A. and Spain (Madrid) as well...b/c since she was a baby, her mother would bring her along for her acting gigs (mom worked a lot in Spain during Paulina's childhood)... however, she sounds very mexican to me when she interviews in Spanish...oh, and for the non-Spanish speaking world, she's given many interviews in English as well (she also speaks English)...

2679 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

Another completely worthless piece of trash news article, of someone most of us have never heard of or at least don't want to ever hear of again.

2762 days ago



2762 days ago


who are these people? i've never heard of them.

2762 days ago

Green is the New Pink    

Sweet. Third tier Shakira got white lace underwear. Pointless.

2762 days ago


Who the hell are these two--and why should we care?

2762 days ago


Why should he care about a thong? He's probably seen her naked numerous times. The thrill is gone. He's also a businessman who probably does not want be involved in her girlishly embarassing antics. Good for him.

2762 days ago


Who are these people and who cares? Monterrey, Mexico is the worst Mexico has to offer. Why would anyone want to celebrate anything there? They must be wannabees.

2762 days ago

boo boo    

i heard from a co- worker who's from mexico that this girl sounds stupid with her pretencious Spanish accent when she grown and born in Mexico. only in her country is known. Please don't post again these pair of loosers.

2762 days ago


Who the hell is Paulina Rubio???? Slow news day, eh, TMZ? ;)

2761 days ago

White Rabbit    

Not sure who these two ARE, but at least he LOOKS like people we know: a cross between Prince Charles and (a young) Bob Geldoff.

2761 days ago

Just Me2    

Paulina is very well known in the "latin" world as she has been singing and making spanish soap operas for many years (I recall as far back as 93')......and for those of you who are unfamiliar (I don't blame you!), in her native "latin" country, she is referred to as
"la chica de oro" (the golden girl ) ! She only recently came to the US and from what I read is trying to break into "mainstream" music and movies........(they all eventually come here)...believe me folks, you are not missing anything by not knowing who she is..........

2761 days ago


Paulina is a shame. She can't sing, she can't act and she has the personality of a rock. Even in Mexico we dispise her. The only reason she is famous is because her mother is an actress and because she is filthy rich and can afford to release a CD that nobody buys. She's the Paris Hilton of Mexico. I am shocked...why in the hell is she getting a place on this website?

2761 days ago

Just Me2    

"The Paris Hilton of Mexico" You are spot on............I couldn't have said it better, nor summed it up in only 5 words!!! LOL.............................

2761 days ago
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