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Debra Opri Bills Birkhead King's Ransom

4/1/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra Opri, Larry BirkheadTMZ has learned Larry Birkhead got a Fed Ex on Saturday, and it was not good news. It was a bill for legal services from Debri Opri, the lawyer he fired two weeks ago. The total: $620,492.84.

Opri billed her services out at $475 an hour. Here are some of the charges:

- A total of three $1,500 monthly charges for Luck Media & Marketing, Opri's personal publicist.

- On March 1, 2007, the day before Anna's funeral, there is a charge of 10 hours for "preparation for and attendance in Bahamas re services and var. meetings re same." On the day of Anna's funeral, there is another 10 hour charge with the exact same language. Ironically, TMZ knows Birkhead asked Opri not to even attend the funeral, but she did anyway. On March 3, Opri charged yet another 10 hours for travel from Nassau back to L.A.

- On February 24, 2007, while Opri and Birkhead stayed at a private residence in Ft. Lauderdale during the Florida hearing, Opri billed $600 for Seafood World. We're told she brought four trays of lobster to the house. The bill says, "Dinner gift/Ft. Lauderdale house stay." But it was no gift to Larry. That same day, she billed $211 for items at Publix grocery store.

- March 8, 2007, Opri billed $161.65 for an Outback Steakhouse dinner. And get this -- the bill was for $111.65. Opri left a $50 tip and billed Birkhead, who wasn't even there!

- Opri billed Birkhead $4,265 for Cingular roaming service while she was in the Bahamas.

- Opri billed Birkhead 18 times for Diva Limos that took them to and from the Ft. Lauderdale courthouse to the private residence.

- October 22, 2006, Opri billed Birkhead $1,116.16 for a dinner at Graycliff, a restaurant in Nassau. The note next to the charge is "Alexiou atty mtg." Alexiou is Birkhead's lawyer in the Bahamas. Birkhead was not present.

- The next day, October 23, Opri billed $2,467.75 at Graycliff restaurant for another meal. The charge again was for "Alexiou atty mtg." Again, Birkhead was not present.

- Also on October 23, Birkhead was billed $25.75. The item -- "laundry service Zawacki." Zawacki is Opri's husband, who was present on the trip. Ouch!

- Opri's bill reveals that "20/20" is more than a TV show -- it's the number of hours she bills for a "20/20" interview with Larry Birkhead. Opri and Birkhead went from L.A. to New York City on December 9, 2006, did the interview and returned the next day. Opri billed 10 hours travel time each way.

In all, the packet of bills Birkhead received today totaled 112 pages. Opri offered Birkhead a bargain: Instead of the $620,492.84 bill, she offered him a discount at $511,365.09, but only if he accepts immediately. Opri wrote, "I'm still willing to accept the discounted billing at this time, but only without further discussion."

TMZ contacted James Levesque, Opri's publicist with Luck Media & Marketing. He said, "Debra Opri always gets paid. That's what she does for a living." Beyond that, he wouldn't comment on the bill. Opri could not be immediately reached for comment.

UPDATE: TMZ has just obtained a statement from David Owen, Opri's lawyer. He said, "We're pretty confident that her bills are fair and reasonable and he has not paid them. She is entitled to be paid and he stiffed her and her bills are fair and reasonable."


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hates lawyers    

A greedy self-serving lawyer. What a surprise. Lawyers are like whores. In both cases you get f***'ed and end up feeling broke and dirty.

2695 days ago

No Sympathy    

What a bill! Larry only needed someone to represent him in getting Dannielynn's DNA, so that he could prove that he is the father.
After Anna died he should have fired Opri. Dannielynn resided in the Bahama's, NOT Los Angeles or Florida! Why did he need a lawyer from Los Angeles?
Lets also remember that Opri was long gone after Larry won custody of Dannielynn.
Opri, like most lawyers never know when the next sucker is going to walk through there door. So they better milk the crap out of the poor fool who does!

2700 days ago


I think this fee was a way to get Birkhead where it hurts as opri could see Larry was spending too much time with photogrophers and then he had a secret meeting with Howard which was against Opris best judgement. She knew howard was wanting to call the shots. Anna would be alive if Howard and his buddy attn. would have given the DNA. Maybe the arguments would not have gotten so heated between Larry and Anna.
Larry said he ask Opri not to go to the funeral, so how can he be charged???He knew he could not afford her services. So those fees should be deducted. Also the fees for TV intervues. That is advertising for her so she should not charge Larry..... She did many spot reports on court TV and other news shows. This is free advertising, so deduct this amount.
Also all the meals that Larry did not attend should be deduct.
Never hire an attorney out of you budget.....Right???

2700 days ago

rhonda wilson    

That Woman...should immediately be dissbarred, she is a theif, a robber, and a money grabbing, money hungry, bi--h....iAnd, her personal entertainment , and high flying pig eating style should not be charged to her client! I think the whole world is looking at her like......burn in hell, money and all.

2699 days ago

N. Georges    

This is what makes attorneys look like blood suckers throughout this country. She should only be billing for time directly pertaining to paternity hearings and perhaps other time only if at Larry's request. No travel time, no cell phone charges, no extras!!! This is the most ridiculous bill, and I would be outraged!!!
I hope everyone remembers this woman as the "scum" of the earth!

2699 days ago

Debra opri fan-NOTTTTTTTTTTTT    

Larry you are a gentleman and Debra is really hurting herself. What amazes me, she is a lawyer, but so self destructive. Debra first of all your smiles are as fake as you are. I hope no one hires your expensive, yet very sorry ass again. You really are hurting yourself. Everyone is feeling all the negative energy. Do you not believe in writting off job related expenses? How pathetic are you? You really are the true definition of a female dog. I will pray for Larry and hope you do not get a cent or any other clients. If you do i sure hope they file bancruptcy after you represent them and not even accomplish what you were hired for. Larry was smart for firing you. I bet he witnessed much of your stupitity. you are so shamefull and a disgrace to society as well as the working proffesion. I hope a good lawyer finds many gaps in your contract agrrement. I am sure your stupity is present there.You really need a reality check.OHHH and by the way are you made out of flesh and bones?

2699 days ago


She simply wants to punish him because he pulled the plug on her 15 minutes of fame.

“A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns.”

2698 days ago


Will the poor guy ever get a break?

2760 days ago


Absolutely outrageous. How does she expect to egt paid? He makes about $50k a year and that was ehen Anna was paying him? She should be disbarred.

2760 days ago



2760 days ago

Lady Hadenough    

This is why lawyers are looked at as vermin... It makes it very hard for the hard working, honest, ethical lawyers out there. I hope LB gets a good lawyer in the states now.

2760 days ago


whoa, angry lawyer?

2760 days ago


Opri's a disgusting greedy pig. Since when did lawyers have publicists? Everybody wants to be famous these days.

2760 days ago


OMG I don't think anyone is worth that much money!

2760 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

Interesting - TMZ states in this article that they knew for a fact that Birkhead asked Opri NOT to attend the funeral.

Now all the mud slinging against Howard makes sense. It always does in the end doesn't it? TMZ has been writing facts that no other news agency ever reported. They were always fast and furious with the information.

There had to be a leak somewhere - at least now we alllllllllllll know the leak was on birkheads part.

Birkhead - you are ssssssssssliiimmmmmmmmmeeeeee

Funny, TMZ you never report anything bad about birkhead. I always wondered why - now the truth be told.

You are all pigs every last one of you.

Howard I think you should have your attorneys and specialist check the trail as there will be a good one for the defamation and slander and it will lead back to 1) Larry Birkhead 2) Opri 3) Virgie 4) Ford Shelley.

Shame on you TMZ but glad you showed finally showed your true colors.

2760 days ago
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