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Britney Forced on Avril Against Her Will

4/2/2007 9:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Avril Levine, Britney SpearsAvril Lavigne says she was cruelly mistreated as a kid – for being forced by her mom to go see Britney Spears in concert.

The punky Canadian pop star tells Jane magazine (via MSNBC) that she had to swallow a whole live show's worth of the older pop tart – who's only three years her senior. "My mom made me go to a Britney Spears concert when I was young. I was like, 'No I don't want to.' She was like, 'If you're going to be a performer, you need to see other people."

Lavigne further disses Britney, saying that no one would've minded her spitting at a paparazzo's camera, as TMZ recorded last year, if Spears hadn't been, like, wearing underwear that week.

Olsen Twins' Shady Encounter

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are often seen without their sunglasses when they're out and about, but maybe they should learn to take them off when they're inside.

Recently, report Rush & Molloy, the millionaire twins were strolling around Hollywood's dimly lit Chateau Marmont with dark shades firmly planted on their faces when – boom! – they slammed right into a jewelry designer, Lisa Salzer. "They all apologized to each other and walked on," says an R&M spy, "but the Olsen girls clearly couldn't see a thing." This might explain something about why they dress themselves as they do.

Swank Gets Free Ride for Being Good Samaritan?

Hilary SwankHilary Swank may have been speeding recently, but a kind act at the supermarket may have saved her from a ticket. Rush & Molloy report that the Oscar-winning actress was pulled over by the 5-0 for going too fast on Pacific Coast Highway, but when the officer came to ticket her, he recognized her as Hilary Swank – the very same one who had helped an older lady with her groceries a few days earlier. Recalls Swank, "He goes, 'Hey Ms. Swank, you know what? You were speeding, but I'm gonna let you off for being a good Samaritan."

Party Favors: Timbaland Calls Scott Storch a "B**ch" ... PETA Targets Karl Rove's Bizarre Rap ... "Blades of Glory" Ices Competition

TimbalandProducer-types Timbaland and Scott Storch are at it full throttle, with Timbaland calling pal-of-Paris Storch a "bitch" at New York's Marquee the other night, according to Page Six. Timbaland also played a song that roundly slams Storch and his producing talent, with the line, "I'm a real producer and you just a piano man." ... PETA is targeting Karl Rove, says MSNBC, for the bizarre rap routine he spewed at the recent Radio and Television Correspondents dinner in Washington, D.C. He talked about ripping the heads (he first said, troublingly, tops) off of animals. ... The Will Ferrell-Jon Heder figure-skating farce, "Blades of Glory," won the box-office skate-off this weekend, with a $33 million debut, beating the Disney animated feature "Meet the Robinsons," which netted $25.1 million.


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Lenn K.    

Britney and that wig has got to go. I don't know if it's just me but the Olsen twins creep me out.

2725 days ago


mom i dont want to go see britney,

Too Bad youre going, I didnt spend 55 dolars for us to go see this girl who is going to have number ones right after the other,your going.

Mom but britney isnt that good, I already claim songs that arent mine , so do I have to

Yes your going and take off that dingy shirt your waering a see skimpy bra instead,

But mom, I dont want to look trashy,

too late for that

2725 days ago


I'd be upset if I had to go see Britney or Avril in concert........yawn.

2725 days ago

in the know    

TMZ, I know you buy photos from other sites, but it is annoying to read verbatim every word and story from page six. If they can find a story why can't you? What do the people on your staff get paid to do?

2725 days ago


What is the truth about this new dance show featuring Britney Spears and Michael Jackson?

2725 days ago

Reality Check    

Five comments and nobody wants to recognize the pay-it-forward actions for Hilary Swank? I think it's fantastic that, despite being a very big celebrity, she took the time to help another person. I know a lot of people will say it wasn't a big deal, and everybody should do that, and who cares if she is a celebrity, but not enough people actually help others when the situation presents itself. I'm impressed by anybody who takes the time to help another person, and I have a lot of respect for the police office who recognized the opportunity to reward someone for a good deed done.

2725 days ago


Avril Lavigne is a bitch. I have no respect or liking for so-called artisits who feel the need to trash other performers, whether or not they are any good is beside the point. Trashing others only makes her look petty & stupid, she must be taking her cues from Pink.

2725 days ago


I will add this to my list of reasons why I can't stand Avril snot-nosed-brat Avigne. Whatever you think of Brit-brit, you would have to be brain damaged not to recognize that she is a talanted performer. Before the whole mess she's in now, she was GREAT on stage.

Avril continues to prove that she is a snot-nosed brat by still not getting how increadibly, outrageously wrong on all levels it was to SPIT on someone. Who the hell does that? What is wrong with you if you for one second think that you can SPIT on someone?

2725 days ago


Hey # 8, WHo does that? I can answer your question. Avril's husband Derryk Whibley spit on a papparazzi while he was dating Paris Hilton. That's right Avril, no wonder you're so angry. I'd be angry if I married Paris' leftovers too! Then again, it is slim pickings in that scene to find anyone she hasn't been hosed by.

2725 days ago

GOD 1    

i guess seeing britney is why she looks like a trogoldyte bitch..

2725 days ago


Avril is a bitch!
damn wut makes she think she's all that??
she's not even talented and she can't even sing! idiot.
she may takes her cue from pink but at least Pink deserve to disses people since she IS Talented.

on a brighter note,

look what happened when you did something good.
what holary swank did deserve to be praise and heck i don't even care if she didn't get any ticket because of that.Karma babeyh

Take note of THAT avril!

2725 days ago


I agree with Avril. If you really listen to Britneys voice, she cant sing. Britney has a special mike that changes her voice, and in studio. I heard this along time ago, and if you really listen you will hear what I am talking about.

Britney was a good performer. Someone liked her look and marketed the girl the right way- thats all.

Avril is a true singer who can really sing and write her own music. I dont blame her at all.

2725 days ago


Avril honey - go take a are a very cranky little brat.....perhaps a bubble bath with sooth the anger and jelousy you have within.

and.......learn to sing

2725 days ago


Britney is SO "yesterday". What's funny is that she believed all the "yes' people around her, and her own press, that she was a "star", when what she is - is a "pop" star. A "star" can take off a couple of years for children and other things and then return to "fandom", but a "pop" star is a very short-lived career. It's even shorter if you think you can take a hiatus, like a REAL star, and return to the teeny-bopper craze. She's nowhere near a teenager anymore. She twice divorced and a semi-mother. She has a lot of waking and growing-up to do, and I truly don't think she has the moral fortitude or strength of character to do either.

2725 days ago

pattie in cali    

poor AVRIL. i wouldn't want to see her, you go AVRIL. do your own thing, not what spears is doing, you will end up like her. spears is a BIG FAT DOWNER. she got too big for her own good. A BIG DING BAT.

2725 days ago
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