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Opri Fires Back

4/2/2007 3:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriDebra Opri has just issued the following statement regarding the legal fees she charged Larry Birkhead:

"One can only imagine from whom and for what purposes these stories were started. I cannot comment on unauthenticated documents which were disseminated to the media under suspicious circumstances, and which are covered by the attorney-client privilege. I can assure you, however, that all of the fees and expenses incurred on behalf of Mr. Birkhead were reasonable, necessary, and appropriate, given the complexity and magnitude of this very high profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country. Out of respect for Mr. Birkhead, I cannot comment further at this time."


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Geeze, she is one fugly lookin bitch.
She's a lawyer.
She's a liar.
She's a lawyer.

That's all folks.

2730 days ago


Ms. Opri will most likely be sending Larry an updated billing for this announcement.

2730 days ago


I just read Debra Opri's statement regarding the statement she sent to Larry Birkhead. She states that since this was a high profile case in 2 states and 1 foreign country, the expenses incurred were applicable. This is not an exact quote but I have to beg to differ with Ms. Opri, reasonable is not charging for her husband's dry cleaning or dinners in which Larry was not in attendance. Shame on you Debra. Whether this was a high profile case or not, your charges are out of this world. And, the biggest problem I have is that you didn't stick it out to the very end. So you didn't do your job. Larry's atty in the Bahama's finished the job for you but even now, the paternity suit is not settled.

2730 days ago


OPRI could have been on top of the world! But first, her BIG MOUTH and now her greed, have brought her down.

2730 days ago


For all of her "ethical" concerns leading to why she left this case according to her seems completly bogus now.

If she thinks there is anything ethical about this bill than she is nuts.

Typical lawyer. Next case I see coming: Birkhead v. Opri for unethical charges!

2730 days ago


Respect???? Opri doesn't have a respectful bone in her body!! What happened to doing this case "pro bono" for the "best interest of Dannielynn"??!! And she slammed HKS for making money off of Anna in her words?!!!!!!!

My take is that she found out the DNA outcome and knows that Larry isn't the father so now she is billing him as a pay back. Saying - hey you said 110% you are the baby's daddy and we find out that you aren't - so now I'm going to make you pay for making me look like a fool believing that!

Opri is a chicklet teeth, loud mouth, media whore, man wanna be - and I am so ashamed that I resort to calling names - I honestly am - she is just one of those people who get under my skin and I HATE even hearing her voice! I feel the same about Hillary Clinton! Forgive me for name calling! I just think that it is HORRIBLE what she is doing to Larry Birkhead and I am a HKS supporter! SHE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT TO LARRY OR ANYONE!!!!!!!!!! I own my own business and I can't write off dinner's that are in excess!! Her true colors came right out! Larry does seem like a nice fella and I thought all along that he chose the WRONG lawyer!!!

2730 days ago


So much for Opri's claim that she would only give ONE interview to Rita Crosby regarding her and Larry Birkhead's falling out. She misses the spotlight is whore.

2730 days ago

Funny Girl    

She has got to be joking! Copies of videos of her on TV are reasonable & necessary? Puhleese! Even at $450 (which by the way is ridiculous) an hour she did not spend enough hours on this case to rack up that much money. What a witch. $1,000 dinners? She should be ashamed of herself. Larry, I hope you file bankruptcy on her cheating ass!

2730 days ago

Loud Mouth    

Looks like Deb will be arguing her own case soon against Larry when HE takes HER to court. Stick it to her for everything Larry, she deserves it. LARRY FOR BABY DADDY IN '07!

2730 days ago


One other thing, Larry should file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Now would be a good time to do so....I'll take the case and I won't bill him 600,000.00 :-)

2730 days ago


Cannot comment cuz duh I got caught and I don't know what to say.... reasonable?? Who is she ssssh---------ting? It is outrageous.. she should reduce that bill to next to nothing...she got major publicity and did nothing for Larry: what the hell.. no way should she get that much money what a greedy bbbbbbbiiiiittttcccchhhhhh..... a real money grubber..... she should go to a funeral out of respect and buy her own meals......

2730 days ago

how cruel    

O.K. Missy Opri - time to re-submit that bill. Wake up the World has changed due to the immediate release and exposure of your padded and , pay-back time invoice you are indeed busted. Step up to the plate and do the right thing before this gets uglier.

2730 days ago


Did she forget what 'pro bono" is?? Why make a statement Debra if you're not gonna make a statement?

2730 days ago

Just Guessing    


Geez DeBra - do you think we're all morons!

You made it a high profile case by sticking your nose in it and garning more publicity --from your publicity reps. AT $1500. A SHOT! The least you could have done was save part of the lobster dinner for Larry who can't afford such food.

Debra --the Appropriate response is sorry, my bad!!
or as Gild Raner would have said, "NEVER MIND"

You are pathetic claiming attorney/client privelege at his bill. I hope you loose clients!

2730 days ago

Just me??    

He hired you...he fired you......make him PAY_UP

2730 days ago
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