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Virgie Arthur Rears Head -- Again

4/3/2007 8:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virgie ArthurVirgie Arthur, the mother Anna Nicole Smith hated, has filed papers in the Bahamas asking that a judge make her the guardian ad litem of little Dannielynn.

Arthur's move comes just after the judge has set a DNA hearing for next Tuesday. TMZ sources say the DNA results will be unveiled at that hearing. It is unclear if Arthur will get her day in court before the DNA results are revealed.


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That doesn't make any sense. It is easy for you to say what
you would do when you aren't even faced with the situation
and loss of your daughter's and your grandson's sudden and
mysterious deaths. I hope you never have to face that experience
in losing your daughter and grandchild to a horrible death, and to
then remember your cold and callous comments about someone
else in that instance.

There is NO WAY anybody can blame these deaths on
Mrs. Arthur, Anna's mother, but certain individuals sure like to
bash and criticize her to divert attention from the person who
REALLY caused all these problems, the person who blocked
all people who could help Anna, including her mother.

You don't really believe it is Mrs. Arthur's fault that all this happened,
because that would be utterly stupid and without any basis, and
isn't what we are really looking at here the untimely and totally
unnecessary deaths of two helpless people? The lethal drugs
involved and who was buying and administering them? It amazes
me that anybody could spend time criticizing a parent instead of
really having any compassion nor concern for the fact that a young
boy is DEAD, heinously, and so his mother.

Too many people love to blame parents for everything these days,
and instead of taking the responsibility for their own actions they
are always bashing parents. It is ridiculous.

Howard's parents were supporting HIM, and Anna was supporting him.
Anna made some really bad decisions, and the worst of all of them
was moving to the Bahamas with Howard Stern, which isolated her
from her friends and family. This ultimately led to her son's death,
and to her death.

For you to blame Mrs. Arthur for what happened is absurd, and you
should be blaming the person who is actually responsible. There are
priorities here, and if we wanted to get on the immature trip of
blaming parents for any of this we would also have to look at
Howard's parents who obviously financially supported their grown son
and did nothing about his having many prescriptions for drugs in his
name. Lord Help you whoever you are!!

2642 days ago


Vergi IS A FAT PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!

2722 days ago


You Go Girl!

If it turns out that Larry isn't the father, I hope she gets custody!

2722 days ago

Cindy Adams    

This woman hasn't seen her daughter since 1996 and Anna didn't want her around. Whether you like Anna or not - looked how she turned out. This nasty woman needs to go away - she doesn't care about the baby only the money that goes with her. If this poor baby didn't stand to inherit all this money none of the fighting would be going on and they would all just leave her with Howard no questions asked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2722 days ago


IMO the bahemian judicial system is postponing the case just to keep the money coming into the bahamas....From all the media to all the tourist that have chose to go there just to be apart of the circus events........

2722 days ago


Good. The baby needs to be with a blood relative while this is sorted out.

Also, I am curious, if Virgie was such a bad mother to Anna Nicole-why haven't any of her other children come out and accused her of horrible things also?

2722 days ago


go Virgi!!
do not listen to those who hate you, your daughter was always hard to handle, and if you were that bad she would not have had you raise her son most of his life!! Stern drugged her up and used her like a hoker. she bad mouthed you, and will burn, but you girl know the truth, and thats all that matters!! She should have taken cvare of her family, she was and always did think of her self. I pray you get the child and the money!!

2722 days ago


I would not give this woman my cat to care for. The way she disrespected her own daughter funeral and grave. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2722 days ago


Virgie loves Larry, too, but just wants the baby away from HK$. Very obvious here.

2722 days ago


This amazon is determined to get her paws on that child and the $$..what a puke! If she wants $, let her get a job...She's the last person ANS would want to have her child, is she that braindead or what..They'd be on a drunk around the clock like we've seen her "lovely" cousin puking when giving an interview! Heaven forbid! Let her get her fat ass out of there and back to her trailer.That entire gang sickens me! She knows Anna despised her and how she trampled on her grave at the burial goes to show how nasty she is.. I can just imagine what she was saying to herself while doing this! Shame!

2722 days ago


I see all the evil doers and supporters of the devilish Virgie and the Judas of our time Larry Birkhead are starting again, writing against the spiritual Howard K. Stern. Well me and all true followers of the Lord are going to continue our fight for the beloved Howard until one day his picture will be raised in households throughout the land next to our picture of the blue-eyed Jesus. A truly blessing for any home. Continue your mocking of the truth. When Howard and Anna Nicole reach sainthood who then will you be laughing at ?

2722 days ago


Right on NE..I was wondering that too..............The longer the case is delayed, the more money flows to the bahamas...not only does the government benefit,but all the hotels,restaurants, and souveigner shops......Is it a ploy????????????????????you decide....

2722 days ago


She is a mother and a grandmother . Danielynn is - HER - family.

2722 days ago


She's getting too old and it's too obvious that is all about the money with her... I wish they'd hurry up and eliminate her quick from this process. She accussed her own daughter of killing her son ... Which was outrageous considering how much Anna loved her son...
She is so transparant.....

2722 days ago

Mom of THREE    

Vergie, I pray you get your granddaughter. You were good enough to raise your own kids, Anna was not the only child, you raised your grandson and you should be the one to raise your granddaughter. Prayer are with you.

2722 days ago
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