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Is Britney Locked into Deal with Manager She Hates?

4/6/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is telling people that she "hates" her manager Larry Rudolph and that she never intended to sign with him after she left him the first time in 2004.

But now, a source tells FOX News, she's signed a five year contract with Rudolph and "can't stand him." Since Spears separated from Kevin Federline late last year, Rudolph has acted as manager and de facto publicist in many instances, informing the public as to her whereabouts and movement. None of Britney's people had any comment on the claim.

Hef Says He's Definitely Not Anna's Baby Daddy

At least one male human being won't claim paternity of Anna Nicole Smith's baby – Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

The mammary magnate just wanted to get it on the record, so he told the AP, "I can make clear at this time that I am not the father of the child." But Hef's still raising some eyebrows with critics who say that his company is cashing in a bit grossly on the death of Anna Nicole, who they brought to the public eye back in 1992. Playboy already has pictures of Anna in its May issue, it's running an hour-long retrospective on Playboy TV, and it's got a memorial online. Hef says Anna "would appreciate" the tributes.

What's more, Hefner says that Anna almost didn't make the centerfold cut because she was 160 pounds when she tried out. "We like the voluptuous ladies, but not that voluptuous," he says.

Fitty Labels "Je-Je-Je-Jews" the "Real Goon Squad"

Rapper 50 Cent might be in da you-know-what for calling Jews "goons" on a radio show yesterday. On New York's Hot 97's "Miss Jones in the Morning" show, as the New York Daily News reports, Fitty called to weigh-in on fellow rapper Tony Yayo's assault case. After telling the host that he didn't think Yayo's legal troubles would hurt "his crew," he added, "Worry about the Je-Je-Je-Jew unit. They're the real goon squad. When the lawyers come out, you'll see what it is. I don't pay nobody. I only pay the lawyers." The rapper didn't clarify what he meant, or if he was referring to anything in particular.

Party Favors: J.Lo Says She's a Big Girl Who Eats McDonalds ... Martha Stewart Runs from Neighbors ... Disney Allows Same-Sex Couples to Have Fairy-Tale Weddings

Jennifer Lopez tells the new issue of British Elle (via People) that she's not afraid to eat like a normal person, and that she's a size six -- and will always be one. "I've always been seen as a big girl," says Lopez, frighteningly, "but I like my body." ... Martha Stewart was supposed to do a benefit book-signing near her hometown in upstate New York, but backed out at the last minute, says Page Six, because she didn't want to get attacked by locals who are furious that she's trying to trademark the name of their town, Katonah, for a line of products. ... The Walt Disney Company has changed its policy and will let gay couples purchase Fairy Tale Wedding packages at their resorts and on its cruise line after a website,, revealed that the company was prohibiting same-sex couples from participating in the program.


No Avatar

Britney Spears Photos    

What will happen next?

2760 days ago

in the know    

I think Britney could use a new manager. He apparently is not able to manage her well. It is pretty said when JLO is making size six sound like it is big.

2760 days ago


If anybody is going to treat the subject of Anna's life and death with some dignity and class, it's going to be Playboy. Hugh Hefner was proabably one of the few people on the planet who actually cared for the woman, and I believe he truly felt helpless in watching her fall and decline. He gave her a chance to be that something that she always wanted to be.

If anything, I expect the Playboy pieces will probably portray Anna in a better light than actually existed.

2760 days ago


I feel for the manager, he's the one with the psycho/skanky Britney on his roster. Must be a real task to work with a hillbilly. Wasn't it the other day that they all met to see what direction they were planning on? Britney stuck in her scatterbrain mode. Dumb is forever.

JLo, size 6??? Get real.

2760 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

J-Lo may be fit, but she is NOT a size 6. Keep it real Jenny from the block!

2760 days ago


who cares if Brittney don't like her manager. this chick is a total wack job. she will never make a come back.Michael Jackson has a better chance at a come back than her!!! LOL

2760 days ago


Joe Francis thinks he's a modern day Hugh Hefner. But Francis isn't even up to the level of Larry Flint.

Joe Francis is slime; a pornographer and a rapist, according to his profile on Wikipedia. Check it out.

I do not understand the Hollywood types, like Jennifer Anniston and Paris Hilton, who hang out with him. He has drugged and raped young women, people.

2760 days ago


Disney may be progessive about same sex wedding - but wonder if Disney WORLD lobbied lawmakers to make it a misdeamenor to feed groups of homeless people in Orlando FL

2760 days ago


marriage should be between a man and women. I'm sure the parents will be happy trying to explain to there kids why 2 men or 2 women are getting married with mickey. Disney u lost one customer here and i'm sure i won't be the only.

2760 days ago

Madonna's a skank ass liberal ho    

Since when was a size 6 considered to be a big girl size????? If that's true, then I guess a size 8 or ten is considered OBESE!!!!!!!!!!!!

2760 days ago


J-Lo ain't no size six. These stars lie all the time, they should realize they are real people like everyone else. PUHLEEEEZZ!!

2760 days ago

Sean Bresnahan    

I don't thin 50 knows what he said! He comes across as the Mike Tyson of the rap world. A street kid sadly inarticulate, not terribly bright, and with no common sense. He will end up broke like the woebegone former boxing champ.

2760 days ago


Ok wow, excuse me, Jennifer Lopez, has gone and proven herself a moron. A big girl wears a size 6?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!??!?!?! So me wearing a size 12, being 5'9", how do I ever manage to fit through a door?! Right Jen?! UGH DUMBASS!

2760 days ago


Other than the FACTS that, - she signed, - she's an adult, - too bad, - who really cares,- look at this from HIS side. Now, who do you think is REALLY stuck?

2760 days ago

jane smith    

If she didn't want him for a manager, why did she hire him? How stupid. Who else would even mess with her ungrateful butt?

J-Lo is out of touch with the everyday person. Especially since Mark(i can't even piss without him) Anthony.

2760 days ago
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