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Angie: Takes One to Know One

4/9/2007 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie's weird brother James Haven says that he and sis Angie now consider themselves "orphans," following the death of their mother Marcheline Bertrand this past January -- even though their estranged father, actor Jon Voight, is still kicking up dust.

Haven says, "There were times when our father was awesome, but my biggest memory is that he would look more to our faults than to our strengths, and that's what was so hard."

"Now that our mother has died, we're two orphans, Angie and I, so she has a deep understanding of the orphans she adopts."

So Angie's recent spate of adoptions is because she can relate so much to the plight of orphaned children? She adopted Thai orphan Pax Thien, 3, this past March, who joined adopted son Maddox, 5, Zahara, 2, and biological daughter Shiloh Nouvel, 10 months.

Jenna Disappoints Fans

Newly too-skinny porn queen Jenna Jameson recently underwent a botched vaginoplasty operation, and has lost so much weight that she appears to be disappearing. Now, sources say, she's become a disappointment to fans -- at last weekend's Exxxotica adult film expo in Miami.

"She was contractually supposed to show up for a total of six hours in two days yet arrived late both days and blew off the event 45 minutes early on the second day of her appearance," one source told the New York Post. She also allegedly refused to answer fans' questions about her weight or her surgery, and supposedly left early when she saw that fellow porn star Tera Patrick had a longer line of fans and admirers than she did.

For their part, event organizers say they were happy with her participation. Exxxotica's Jay Handy said, "Jenna fulfilled her contract, and Jenna had a classic Jenna fan line - the biggest line, that wrapped around the Convention Hall."

Jameson blames her extreme weight loss on stress from her ongoing divorce from estranged husband Jay Grdina.

"Greasy Bear" Gets Dissed

Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis is so unpopular, even his friends can't bear him. The oily heir showed up to a Details magazine party last week in Hollywood and became enraged when he was denied access. According to Page Six, "he started demanding that staffers get Stavros [Niarchos]." Niarchos allegedly told Davis about the party and was already inside. But when staffers found Niarchos, he begged them to tell Davis that he wasn't there, adding, "I didn't invite him here, and I don't really want to be around him." Eventually, Davis weaseled his way in, and Niarchos roundly apologized to his Details editor friend, saying, "You know I would never bring him here."

Party Favors... Fantasia Can Read ...The Stars Love "Love"... Ashlee and Pete in Love?

Season Three American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino sets the record straight with People magazine: She's not illiterate. "I dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and when I said I had trouble reading, they took it that I couldn't read at all," she says. Not true! Fantasia is currently starring in Oprah's Broadway production of "The Color Purple"...This weekend the stars came out for Cirque du Soleil's new Beatles tribute show, "Love" at the Mirage. "Lost's" Evangeline Lily and boyfriend/co-star Dominic Monaghan attended on Friday, and on Saturday, both Eddie Murphy and "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kenan Thompson were spotted at the show. ... Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz claim they're "just friends," but on Saturday night they were seen kissing and canoodling at L.A. night club Parc, while the "O.C.'s" Adam Brody and Ben MacKenzie looked on. Wentz told People magazine in November that "Maybe in a different universe, we'd be some hot couple, but not in this one." They must have left the galaxy!

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Angelina and her brother should be ashamed of themselves for the way they treat Jon Voight.
Parents aren't saints and he is getting on in years. There will come a time when James and Ang will regret not being a part of his life.

2721 days ago


Pax Thien is an orphan from Vietnam, not Thailand.

2721 days ago


Why is James Haven, Angelina's brother, seem to be all over in the media discussing his sister's private life? What exactly does HE do? Is he an actor? Does he have any kind of job? Or does he simply live vicariously through his sister?

2721 days ago


I don’t think James gave an interview to the UK magnzine.Now TMZ you informer from the trash from UK.IF JAMES WANTS TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW ABOUT ANGIE HE CHOOSES PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

2721 days ago


I don’t think James gave an interview to the UK magnzine.Now TMZ you informer from the trash from UK.IF JAMES WANTS TO GIVE AN INTERVIEW ABOUT ANGIE HE CHOOSES PEOPLE MAGAZINE.

2721 days ago


Angelina and her brother need to get over themselves. Who hasn't been hurt by a loved one at sometime in our lives? AND it hurts more But you have to forgive them. That is your one and only parent. My father did some things to my Mom before she passed away but I have choosen to forgive him because he is my Dad. Most importantly the Bible says you will be forgiven the degree that you forgive others...I am sure that she has never done anything to hurt anyone else that deserves forgiveness.

And the comment about being an orphan is just ridiculous! She doesn't know what it is like to grow up witout anyone. I have heard how fondly she talks about her Mom...I think it is a disgrace to her memory to say something so stupid!

I admire her for adoptiong these children...I have a son myself that I adopted from Guatemala...but her adoptions are too quick.. I know people that have adopted from several of the countries she adopted from and it took them so much longer. Mine took 13 months...I get tired of seeing celebrities take advantage of things. I would really like to sit down with her and discuss her adoptions.

2721 days ago



2721 days ago


James Haven creeps me out. He has a Disneyland Annual Pass and he used to go there more than I did. Like he was there every weekend come rain or shine. I remember even one rainy day, my friends and I went to Hearthstone Lounge (at the Disney's Grand CA hotel) having a drink and , he was right there drinking away with his waaaaay too skinny girlfriend. His girlfriend at the time used to dress all goth, and not pretty goth. Like seeing him in person you realize he's a male Angelina Jolie, but a male version of Angelina Jolie is ugly.

The two of them need therapy.

2721 days ago


There are no orphan children, ONLY BIOLOGICAL ORPHAN PARENT'S!!!

I believe Jon Voight was so judgemental, harsh, etc.....
Becasue he is a controlling person.

Recently, when my Mother died,my entire family went into chaos, no one is talking to each other.
I've tried; to no avail.
Everyone is so angry at each other.

I saw a Psychologist, and she told me that my views about my Father would change one day: because I would have to deal witht the guilt of everything.... I shoulda, coulda, woulda, done. My Father is far from perfect...he is an alcoholic. I take him as he is...however, when he get's out of line, I immediately tell him, "BE NICE!!!!!"
(Over the years, he knows what that mean's; (KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!)

We are off & on.... it's hard to say....not to mention the women in his life....I literally have to cross out the old girlfriend, and write in the new one so I won't forget! (I'm NOT kidding)

It is a VERY difficult relationship however, I want to say to myself when I look down @ him one day in his casket, that I TRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Unless, I go first).

I ask him, when he is receptive, if he want's to get treatment, (he has before);
He says, "For What?". Then I find myself treading slowly as to not make him mad or pressure him to drink. We have to talk about the weather, and non-serious stuff right now, Hell, it might always be that way. (We just don't agree on anything!)
I say my prayer's at night, & include him, for God to watch over.
I've spent many, many, many, nights crying. (That didn't work)

Angie & James Haven, your Father was & is far from perfect... that is what is so hard about growing up. You see your parent's as people, instead of "your parent's sitting on top of a Royal Golden Arch.

I think it is the hardest lesson & relationship to navigate through.

Bless you Alway's
God Be With Your Families!!!!

2721 days ago


...voight very publicly BEGGED jolie to get therapy. he couldn't even be bothered to get her kids' names right, and his embarassing "pleas" smack of publicity (pours his heart out to ET? yeesh!). he was a great actor in his day, he should keep his mouth shut and hope his daughter one day forgives him.
LMFAO at all the b-list celebatante "super-friends" of PH dissing each other at the clubs...

2721 days ago


Angilena Is trash, any one that can stand behind her actions has no morals or ethics. Her brother is gross. If you wet Angelina's lips and stuck her to a mirror, she would stick.

2721 days ago


Cindi, may God bless you as well.
Every family is dysfunctional is some way.
Stay strong.

2721 days ago

Only in    

There once was a lady in lived in a choo,she had so many children she didn't know what to do.

2721 days ago


WHAT GETS ME, how is it that THIS reporter can call somebody WEIRD…..I guess it take one to NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2721 days ago


oh please .. make me sick ... she and her brother are such hypocrites and to compare themselves to orphans is disgusting. they have no idea. they were probably given everything.

2721 days ago
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