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Britney's Bodyguards Plow Through Fans

4/9/2007 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' two enormous bodyguards had an Easter message for her fans -- get the hell out of her way!

TMZ spotted a wigged-out Spears shopping at Lisa Kline in Los Angeles yesterday, as a ton of hyped-up fans and photogs stared from outside. But the real action didn't begin until the detoxed pop tart decided it was time to leave.

As Britney made her way to the door, her bodyguards sprang into action, using their size and strength to drive a path through the crowd of screaming fans, while politely warning onlookers, "Start moving or get pushed!"

Happy Easter y'all!


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philly fan    

Day 26 with the same fugly boots. She is a PIG.

2722 days ago


Gee...and I wonder why she doesn't take her kids anywhere with her. It can not be safe to take kids into an environment like that.

2722 days ago


Where are the kids? Every time I see a blurb on her I will ask the same question. She sickens me. People like her should not be able to pro-create.

2722 days ago


She could have had Easter at home with her family. A lot of people traditionally have dinner at home (some don't, I know), but she could have had a nice spread catered at the house.

And she and her family could have enjoyed time together. She was out and about again, though.

2722 days ago

Blah blah blah    

What the hell happened to her? Looks to me like she did not learn anything about herself or healing when she was in rehab. Does she have custody of the children and where are they all the time? Looks to me like she traded drinking for shopping..Brit, you have 2 children that need you, concentrate on them not just yourself.

2722 days ago


Does anyone see the ludicrousness of this? Or are we all so "star"-stuck? In a public place, on public sidewalks, ANYONE has equal right to stand there (as long as they're legally entitled to be in the country, not a prison escapee, selling drugs, etc.) Britney, nor anyone else has the right to shove ME out of her path for any reason other than a medical emergency, for which I would happily move. If her goons touched me, it would be Assault!

2722 days ago


why don't they just leave her alone. im sorry for you britney. but i thing one day it will go away once you become borning stop partying and showing your croch and doing frecky things and just be normal .hopefuly they will leave you alone.

2722 days ago


I love you Brit. F&*k these hATers.

2722 days ago


Mommy, where have you been lately? We miss you. When you find the time, please give us a call. Thanks.
Sean Preston & Jayden James

2722 days ago


What's ludicrous is the amount of people that hate her/think she's a pig/think she's a bad mother/think she's a pyscho/think she's a whore/think she's no talent/think that she is not redeemable in any way/is a waste of life ETC ETC ETC ETC.............................
But still follow her every move and swarm her wherever she goes......................

2722 days ago


Take away the fans, cameras and tabloid interest in her, and she'd sober up real fast! She ought to be selling burgers at 6 bucks an hour to gain some appreciation for the life she has been given.

2722 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out why anybody loves OR hates this child. I'm more concerned about gas prices, global warming, starvation in third world countries, and the dumbing down of American education. Who cares about a gum-chewing, head-shaving, self-obsessed teeny bopper?

2722 days ago


What a GREAT mother, not even spendng Easter Day with her children?????? What a CLASS ACT. Unbelievable. She is just such a loser. Thought she might have got it together, at least a little bit after rehab. GUESS NOT! LOSER! Someone needs to intevene and take those kids from her FOR GOOD! And BTW, I am a mother of two boys, 3 yr & 18 mth, before you all jump and tell me I don't know how it is!!!!!!!

2722 days ago

Again and Again    

I seem to remember she has children? Who do the children remember as their Mom? She seems to not be with them as much as she can.

2722 days ago


you guys need to lay off Britney. She is doing a fine job with her kids. It's not easy to take 2 toddlers out to shop and all the other things you have to do. I KNOW BECAUSE i have twins 18 months old. Yall should try it sometimes.


2722 days ago
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