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Candy Spelling Counsels Larry Birkhead

4/9/2007 3:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Composite of Candy Spelling with a pic of Larry Birkhead insetWith the DNA results in the Anna Nicole Smith paternity case set to be revealed tomorrow, Candy Spelling, one of Hollywood's most noTORIous mothers, has come exclusively to TMZ to offer Larry Birkhead advice on everything from handling fame, to mitigating exorbitant lawyer fees -- even personal grooming!

Check out Candy's letter.

Dear Larry:

As the court appearance that will change your life approaches, I am stepping into my role as a celebrity-by-association to share some experiences with you.

1) The hair, Larry: Most of the time, your hair looks great, and I'm sure you spend a lot of time getting it right. Just be warned that you might look good every day for a month. But the one day you leave in a hurry and don't pay enough attention, or you get a little wild with an untested new style -- photos will be taken that will haunt you forever.

ebay logo2) Fans/autograph seekers: Hollywood lives in fear of being yesterday's celebrity and ending up with an autograph languishing on eBay for days with no bids. If people want many copies, if they don't want you to personalize it, and/or they ask for Anna Nicole's name as part of your signature, nicely decline. If you slip and do see your autograph on sale, have a good friend bid more than 99 cents to buy it.

3) The lawyers: You've already found out that you have turned from man to cash machine. Lawyers aren't the only ones who will see you that way, especially if you are Dannielynn's biological father. The good news is that someone who presents you with a bill for $620,492.84 must think you have a good case. The bad news is that you will need more lawyers to fight the legal bills. My advice: Negotiate in advance, and put in a clause against expenses for lawyers, spouses, meals or laundry.

I wish you success in court on Tuesday, but beware: There's never enough preparation for "celebrity." I'll never get used to tour buses and cameras outside my house every day, reporters analyzing my grocery choices, and bloggers pretending to know more about my family than I do; but I do have a good life. Yours can be, too. Just remember that celebrity and/or money mean that nothing will ever be the same -- and act accordingly.

All the best,

Candy Spelling


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Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

LOL-I can't believe the old bag is still giving advice to people who don't want it. What's with these Hollywood mothers who think they are stars because their hubbies or kids are? She looks like Norman Bate's mother in Pschyo, her daughter looks like a man and she tells someone that getting caught with wind-mused hair will never be forgotten?
Larry does not care about the shallow impertinent things that you find important. Candy.
With the dynsfunctional family Candy has raised her advice is about as credible as a virgin telling a hooker how to have sex. Use your husbands and daughters money and get another face lift and keep your nose out of other people's business before someone breaks it. Best of luck to you , Larry!

2697 days ago


I HATE THIS BITCH....she needs to write a letter to herself so she can take some of her old crazy advice.

2695 days ago


Tori.....role play and you'll realize you wouldnt want your kids doing this to you my TV friend.....

your dad made all of our Lifes fulfilled with such joy and love-filled shows and obviously you MOM was important to him also......

you get 1 chance to live.......why not do it with those who have brought you up............

peace to you and your.............


2665 days ago


Soory 4 the typos..

: - D

Ignore the negative thoughts and focus on the POSITIVE THINGS in LIFE....

Too many people go through this world and most definately in our Great USA, not realizing how lucky we all are and how much we all have compared to other countries...

why esle is everyone trying to get through our borders ????

why else is everyone angry with us?

those outside of the USA think that we do not appreciate what we have..

SOmetimes many people though..get so caught up in what.."she has or he has"...that they forget to look at "wht they themselves have"...

and that is that they are here...alive.....and in the "FREE" country........

We are strong Amercans and father set a culture that generations and generations have lived by and even think of in their everyday life by creating most of the "FAMILY-ORIENTED" shows that America is all about"

Set a great example for the "SPELLING " legacy and think of the good things with your Mother and father...

We watched you grow up and need to be positive for people to see...

If you do not want people to care..then you would have never went on all of your father's shows...

so please..keep your father's legacy intact for 100 of thousands and millions who enjoyed him and Candy......

behind every great man there is a great woman and she is your mom...

Otherwise you dad would not have been with her...

remember that.........................

Peace to you and your family....

(sorry for any speel chacking here..LOLOL0




2665 days ago



2752 days ago


Why does she feel compelled to send this letter? This is just wacko!!!

2752 days ago

Hot Smoochie Lips Inc.    

Anna Nicole Smith would have wanted to make peace with her mother.

Howard K. Stern and his family made Virgie Arthur a scapegoat to what had happened to Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith and it is time to stop it. It is the number one strategy in brain washing. To find a common enemy to demonize.

Larry Birkhead should follow Anna Nicole Smith real wishes and make peace with Virgie Arthur and let Virgie do what she wants to do to her grandchild and not fight with Virgie. Please tell Larry Birkhead to give some respect to Virgie and sympathize with her grieving over the loss of her daughter and grandson. Howard K. Stern apparently does not understand what Virgie is going thru. Most likely it is because he does not grieve himself for the loss of Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith.

Larry Birkhead should let Virgie be a loving grandmother to Dannielynn and let her do for Dannielynn what she could not do to her daughter, because as parents she was very busy. Virgie Arthur had to work full time job and raise her children. Now she has time and she can give to her grandchildren what she wished she could give to her children but could not. This is why many children show more love to their grandparents, because their grandparents have more time for them and are less stress then their parents. But this is not any indication that the child does not love his parents. A child need his parents and grandparents help the parents.

My suggestion to Larry Birkhead is not to follow in Howard K. Stern footsteps, and not to continue make Virgie Arthur a scapegoat to what had happened to Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith. Even if Virgie bit Anna Nicole Smith as a child, and Anna Nicole Smith ran away from home and live with her Aunt, by all accounts these things do not kill children. It just make them stronger. And indeed, Anna Nicole Smith was a very strong girl, until she met the man who claim to take care for her. And now we see what kind of care he had for her. He made sure she will not skip any drug intake and will even demand to wake her up so that she will not miss any portion of drugs.

Larry Birkhead initially showed respect to Virgie Arthur, and this could be seen clearly in the court of Judge Larry Seidlin. So up until that time Larry Birkhead, who knew Anna Nicole Smith better then anyone, did not have any ill feeling toward Virgie Arthur. It is only after Howard K. Stern and his family pounded at Virgie Arthur, that people start to look at her differently. Please Larry Birkhead should understand that Virgie Arthur is a scapegoat. Howard K. Stern created a common enemy to demonize. It is the number one strategy in brain washing.

2752 days ago


You have got to be kidding me

2752 days ago


WTF??? What the hell does she have to do with any of this??

2752 days ago


Is it a slow day at TMZ?

2752 days ago


This is a joke right? Slow news day ?

2752 days ago


She should sell that energy-guzzling behemoth hotel-for-one she currently lingers in. Is it really necessary to heat and cool 50,000 square feet when she probably never moves more than 2 feet from word processor/internet connection?

2752 days ago

yirmine snipe    

If she actually wrote this she is a bigger loser than I ever dreamed. What a way to get your name out there. Next time maybe she'll do the world a favor and just step in front of a bus.

2752 days ago

As I see it    

This is strange. But then again, Larry can use all the advice he can get since being a celebrity is what he's after. Gotta make sure that hair is just right to raise a child!

2752 days ago


Does Candy Spelling know Larry Birkhead?

2752 days ago
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