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Did Don's "Ho" Remark Screw Wife Deirdre's Book?

4/10/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today was supposed to be a big day for Don Imus' wife Deirdre: Her first book about her pet cause -- environmentally safe cleaning -- comes out today. But now that her husband's racist remark is burning up the airwaves, could her promo tour for "Greening Your Cleaning," which includes high-profile appearances on "The View" and Martha Stewart's show, go up in toxic vapors?

A source tells TMZ that Don was supposed to appear on "The View" with Deirdre next Monday, but a "View" rep says that he won't be on the show with her (though he declined to say whether Don's appearance was scheduled). No word yet on whether the Martha Stewart booking still stands, and several bookstores where Deirdre is meant to appear tell us that there's no change of plans.

Despite his two-week suspension from CBS Radio which was announced this morning, Imus will still be able to broadcast for a charity fundraiser this Thursday and Friday, where his wife is supposed to appear to hawk her book.


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Jill Collins    

I despise that horse-faced, gold digging ho Imus is married to and his ugly-ass kid Wyatt is a brat. Is *that* offensive?

Jill Collins

2718 days ago


Just because Imus opened his silly mouth and said the wrong thing doesnt mean that a environmental book by his wife should be affected in sales or in Imus wifes book promotion tour. . She is not the one who made the offensive statements, Also, Imus has more tham apologized his butt off to Al Sharpton, , and the public and others for his bad remarks. He has offered to meet with the girls athletic team whom he insulted and aoplogize to them, The man knows he has messed up and admits it. The main problem I have with what Imus said is when he called these poor girls "hos's " That was bad. But I dont see anything intentiionally racist about Imus remarks at all. The man needs to be forgiven, just as the public found no problem in forgiving Jesse Jackson for calling Jewish people derogatory names a few years ago.

2718 days ago


I'm confused. Is that woman on the book Imus' granddaughter or his wife's granddaughter or something? He's about 70 right?

2718 days ago


Don Imus is a bitter, angry old man. I've never considered him to be even close to being funny. I agree with what Howard Stern has said about him in the past.

Any woman that would willingly sleep with that jerk must be a peroxide-headed ho.

2718 days ago


Oh my God-----Imagine being obligated to screw Imus !!!!!

2718 days ago


JMHO but Diedre is a diiiiick. She is the hooooooooo. Marrying an old fogie like this just for his money. I can't stand either one of them.

2718 days ago

Long Dong Silver    

Deirdre is a gold digger just like ANS, another 26 yr old marrying a 90 yr old. *yawn*

2718 days ago



2718 days ago


How'd Imus land her again? He looks like an old-ass lizard.

@ the one: what's an "imbesel"? Do you mean "Imbecile"? I love irony...

2718 days ago

little lucy's mom    

I have watched the Imus in the Morning Show on MSNBC off-and-on over the years. Mr. Imus' on air persona has always been "the angry/verbally abusive crummugin (sp?)". I have hardly ever seen him hold back on anybody that he felt did the wrong thing or as he would say "that fat lying bastard, etc." I did not see the show the day this happened, but in the past Bernard (who pushes the envelope every time he opens his mouth) probably helped this escalate into an VERY unfourtunate comment that Imus DEEPLY regrets.

My impression of him is a person of deeply felt, and for the most part, honorable intentions who shoots his mouth off and that's what he gets paid for. I agree with him that we should measure this comment against all of the good things he has done for kids with cancer and autism. The Matt Laur(sp?) interview this morning was "ruthless" . I have never seen Matt go after anyone for so long (the segment lasted 15 minutes at least) perhaps because Imus is Today Show competition.

I don't believe that Don Imus is a racist. This was not a "rant" like Mel Gibson or Michael Richards made in anger. Let's cut this man some slack - he has apologized from the heart, which is more than most would do.

2718 days ago

Queen of Clean    

"Who are you to judge the life I Live? I know I am not perfect and I don't live to be. But before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean" - Bob Marley

No one is perfect everyone is so quick now a days to jump down peoples backs - This culture is getting TOO sensitive - everyone stop being cry babies and pay attention to your own lives....everyone says dumb things from time to time.
I once started yammering about crazy / psychotic friend of mine in front of my manic-depressed cousin (the room went silent) open mouth insert foot - That does't mean I discriminate against people with mental health issues - I happen to have a degree in Psychology & Social Work and contribute to charities that support mental illness - it came out - laps in judgement.
Days after Easter-----1,000 of years later people are still SO QUICK to crucifiy someone.

TMZ thanks for "Advertising" this book for Mrs Imus I am sure with ignorant people out there who want buy a book because of her husband she will need all the support she can get - I am truly happy has I am very into Green Cleaning and was not aware - I just went on to order it!

Now come on we have more important things to worry about like who is Dannylynns baby daddy.......

2718 days ago


Even though I don't like Don, the book sounds really interesting. She hasn't done anything to anyone, why go after her?

2718 days ago


The woman with the fake hair and fake chest, married to a guy with more Botox in his face than actual skin, is going to tell us ignorant folk how to live "naturally"??? Hilarious.

2718 days ago

mickey lou    

Maybe she should GREEN clean her dad,I mean hubby's mouth!

2718 days ago
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