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Did Don's "Ho" Remark Screw Wife Deirdre's Book?

4/10/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today was supposed to be a big day for Don Imus' wife Deirdre: Her first book about her pet cause -- environmentally safe cleaning -- comes out today. But now that her husband's racist remark is burning up the airwaves, could her promo tour for "Greening Your Cleaning," which includes high-profile appearances on "The View" and Martha Stewart's show, go up in toxic vapors?

A source tells TMZ that Don was supposed to appear on "The View" with Deirdre next Monday, but a "View" rep says that he won't be on the show with her (though he declined to say whether Don's appearance was scheduled). No word yet on whether the Martha Stewart booking still stands, and several bookstores where Deirdre is meant to appear tell us that there's no change of plans.

Despite his two-week suspension from CBS Radio which was announced this morning, Imus will still be able to broadcast for a charity fundraiser this Thursday and Friday, where his wife is supposed to appear to hawk her book.


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He didn't kill anyone. My whole life people have said mean and nasty things to me. I don't know anyone who has not had that experience. What he said was not that bad. People remember there is a horrible war going on right now and young soldiers are being killed as we speak. He may be a jerk but at least he does a lot for children that are very sick. Rutners needs to get over this. Where is the maturity that comes with being in college.
He is willing to apologize. Let it go already

2689 days ago


I hope that it doesn't affect her book, because she is a nice person and I don't think she is the way her husband is.

2689 days ago


I forgot to state. Hip hop is dead, the rappers sell out, it seems like most people have in our society. Puff, to Pat Robinson, they all sell out. Moreover, who buys the most rap music.... Think about it, they know what sells, blacks make up only 13 percent of the country and I can tell you not all of them are buying those cd's (or itunes). What I do like most about the Imus stuff is it shows that liberalls can also be racist. Of course, I knew that, but many try to act like they are not.

2689 days ago


The Rutgers news conference was ridiculous. Yes, Imus is a moron and deserves to be called out on his racist and insensitive remarks.
Yes...he should apologize and be suspended.

But...he did not "ruin" the Rutgers womens basketball season and all they have acheived....he has not "scarred" anyone for the rest of their lives.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson need to grow up and get over themselves and stop making "victims" out of all African Americans.

This is not the big deal they want to make it out to be!

2689 days ago

Long Dong Silver    

you think she actually blows Imus ? Ewwwww

i doubt he can get it up. Maybe she gets her jollies on the side from Howard Stern.

2689 days ago


I am so tired of everyone's "sensitivities" It seems to me that the only speech that free speech applies to any more is when it is anti-white. Nobody in this world is more racist than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Time for them to get real jobs like the rest of us. Don Imus should quick kissing up/making up. Move on! In a world full of news, this is NOT!

2689 days ago


Yea about that everyone says stupid comments like that. 1) Imus does have a history of saying stupid comments (some even more egrigous that the media did not publicize). 2)Even if everyone makes comments like that (I would saw work is different that home). 3) Whatever happened to civility, verbal diahrea (in the public sphere) is a knew phenomenom people (even comics) once thought before they spoke. You know what, they did not speak slower. Maybe most people have a unidiagnosed syndrome where they do not think before they speak. Whatever happened to do unto others? The are consequences for your actions, you learn that when you are three. You reap what you sow. Lastly, just because someone helps different people does not necsarrily mean that they are not ______ (insert your own word). I would point to the example of Henry Ford.

2689 days ago


Imus' wife should not be condemned for his actions. She is her own person and should be viewed as such. Good luck to her and her book.

2689 days ago


I would allow Don and Deirdre Imus to care for my child any day of the week. Al Sharpton, not so much.

2689 days ago


I hope the media gives the rappers who sing derogatory remarks about women like bitch and ho the same treatment they are giving Imus.

2689 days ago


The only thing Imus is sorry for is that he got caught. The hate from his mouth has been going on for years. The man is a blathering old idot with drool running down his chin.

2689 days ago


It's all self-serving. Deidre Imus is selling cleaning products with proceeds going to the Imus Ranch for Kids.

Imus bought the ranch for himself but opens it up for kids with cancer two months a year.... so it's a tax right off. He does constant fund raising for the ranch on air. He continually promotes these cleaning products on MSNBC and gets away with it because it's for a non-profit group.... his ranch.

Imus and Bernie McJerk have gotten away with too much for too long.

They are both racist and sexist.

2689 days ago


Freedom of speech, does not mean that you are free from rebuke and does not always cross over to the work place. Sigh, let us be real, the only reason that he is being called out now (as opposed to the numersou times before) is because he has probably made someone higher up upset, or because he needed to boost his ratings, or even because he might be planning to go to satelite radio, that is the truth. To those saying that people are too sensitive, then why the uproar of Janet Jackisons boob, it just a boob. I think the main uproar is because the FCC has really failed to list what is appropriate on main cable stations at certain times. That is where the real fight will come. Now to all those stating that things are only called racist when it is dispariging to caucasion people (which let us not even start to talk about the social constructs of race), I will state that comments like that are reminescent of hate literature, and what not. I am not calling anyone a Tim McVeigh, but you must relize that people have been stating things like that for about 140 years. The issue is that people make comments like that (which are just talking points) with no support.

2689 days ago


As always there are a group of people on here who can only see pictures and can't read nor investigate an issue. These are the stupid people who make judgements and idiot statements like; "she must have fake boobs and hair". Even if it were true, it's not germaine to the issue.

Many of the lower IQ idiots should know she has work very closely with the Hackensack Medical Center on "greening" the hospital as well as developing a line of safe cleaning supplies. Along with her husband, they developed The Imus Ranch for kids with cancer. Both have been outspoken on poor health care for returning Iraq veterans.

What Don Imus said was improper; however, she shouldn't be painted with the same brush. Finally, the couple do more in one day towards helping other people that most of you do in a lifetime. I don't have dog in this fight; however, when morons generalize and don't have a clue, I need to say something.

2689 days ago


Don you made a mistake, so be it , but why did you ever go on that idiot Sharptons show,the nerve of him saying to you Im asking the questions here, Wheres his answer to the Twana Brawley rape question. Which got his name into the paper in the first place.Forget this jerk. All you can do is say your sorry, thats it, and we know you are. Have a good nights sleep.

2689 days ago
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