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Did Don's "Ho" Remark Screw Wife Deirdre's Book?

4/10/2007 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today was supposed to be a big day for Don Imus' wife Deirdre: Her first book about her pet cause -- environmentally safe cleaning -- comes out today. But now that her husband's racist remark is burning up the airwaves, could her promo tour for "Greening Your Cleaning," which includes high-profile appearances on "The View" and Martha Stewart's show, go up in toxic vapors?

A source tells TMZ that Don was supposed to appear on "The View" with Deirdre next Monday, but a "View" rep says that he won't be on the show with her (though he declined to say whether Don's appearance was scheduled). No word yet on whether the Martha Stewart booking still stands, and several bookstores where Deirdre is meant to appear tell us that there's no change of plans.

Despite his two-week suspension from CBS Radio which was announced this morning, Imus will still be able to broadcast for a charity fundraiser this Thursday and Friday, where his wife is supposed to appear to hawk her book.


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Okay one more time. Let us not live in fairy tales. People are complicated. Not one dimensional. Look at every historical figure, even your parents and you will see some attributes that are praise worthy, as well as qualities that are lamentable. The issue is that people who say despicable things, can do some good things, not ever person who make ignorant comments is ignorant (some of them are quite smart in other areas). One should strive to better themselves everyday and recognize that while we all have faults, we can work to make ourselves better. Maybe Imus will finally deal with his issues, my main point still stands that when you apologize, you do it directly to those you hurt first (the basketball team) and then the media. Not the other way around.

2666 days ago


Peroxide Ho,wouldn't know what to do with a mop or broom,unless it's to use the handle to satisfy her sexual needs as for sure her wrinkled up old pimp of a hubby isn't man enough.

2666 days ago

Stacey G.    

Imus has apologized for what he said. You know what move on. It really makes me angry as hell that blacks can have their own stand up comedy shows and all black movies where they constantly degrade white and no one see anything wrong with that. But the minute a white person says anything, whether it be out of anger or a joke all hell breaks loose. I agree with a writers comment earlier, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton need a life. Slavery was abolished years ago and they stil keep harping on it, and as long as a person is reminded of the past, they will live in the past. Move on people...... These two guys are keeping people from moving on, racism will always live as long as they are around. Total idiots I say.

2666 days ago


I agree with you # 54 Stacey G.

2666 days ago



2666 days ago


The only reason Imus is in trouble is because he is white. Listen to rap and what do you hear??? Far worse then what he said.
People in this country need to grow up. If what someone says offends you that is your problem for giving them power over you, especially if what they said is wrong. If it is right and you get upset then change so that cannot be said about you again.

2666 days ago


Don Imus said some stupid things. After reading these comments, he's not alone. I think, Al Sharpton is on a terror, since he found out he's related to Strom Thurmond, through Coleman Sharpton. Hey, maybe he's related to Deirdre Coleman Imus, too.

2666 days ago


I have watched Imus in the morning for a few years now and he should have kept that comment to himself. His wife is not a gold digger. How many of us do good deeds like she does. I will buy her book because I believe in her cause and the effort she has put into this. I do not like to use harsh chemicals because I do think they are bad for you. If the truth be known I wander how many of us would be fired because of racist remarks. Lots of people would be out of work. Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!

2666 days ago


God! I'm so sick and tired of this censorship crap -anyone is supposed to be able to say whatever they want in this country! They may have to deal with the ramifications of their statements, i.e. people not buying their album, watching their show, voting for them, being their friend(if they're not a public figure)but never ever should it be about keeping your thoughts to yourself. If freakin pedophiles can get on the internet and talk about how great man/love/boy is -we should be more worried about that than some of the cuff remark some public figure made!!! GET OVER IT!!!

2666 days ago

molasses crinkles    

this looks like larry king's wife. a mere child to the aged old man with a hefty bank account. lol any woman who would be this beautiful and crawl into bed with such icky old men. i just don't get it. even for the money. puke, barf, chunks.... these women obviously are truly an insult to all women and their ego's to put out books and be "someone" is pathetic.

just a cash ho. i guess imus does know what the word means...

2666 days ago


The rap groups and Imus need to stop this kind of talk!! Not cool.

2666 days ago

MS. M    

I don't understand why his comments should effect her book sales.....if you want & like the content of the book, that's basically all you need to know.....politically correct is way over the top....we are so doubled standard....rap is alledged art and defended by the black community...I'm not saying what he said was correct but he did apologize, he is to meeting w/ the team. Imus knows what he said was politically incorrect & STUPID....but for Rev. Al to add fuel to this is situation is irresponsible....particularly when in the 90's he led a cause in the name of Tawna Brawley....let the women figure this out with Imus...I support him & his wife because they do so much for so many unfortunate kids...I hope the team strongly considers this and forgives a thoughtless live comment meant to sound clever but coming off STUPID.....

2666 days ago


What Don Imus said was hurtful. That one sentence did tarnish the amazing accomplishments of those young ladies. That being said. He has apologized, and I think he was being sincere. We should just let him be suspended for two weeks and then move on.

As for some of the comments on here. It is obvious that nastiness and ugly remarks are not just spewed by a certain race. As a black woman, let me say that Al Sharpton has never, and will never speak for me. Nor does Jesse Jackson...anymore. I give Mr. Jackson credit for putting his ass on the line back in the days of MLK. But that's about it. They are NOT, and I repeat NOT leaders of the black community, and I wish people would stop treating them as such. I also refrain from listening to rap. My husband and I refuse to purchase any such CDs. We don't allow our children to listen to rap either. They might hear it somewhere else, but it is not allowed in our home. There is no use of the N-word, the h-word, the c-word, the b-word, and so on and so forth. I agree with Bill Cosby wholeheartedly. There needs to be a return to common decency, dignity, class, and personal responsibility. By EVERYONE of us. It's sickening that the courser the subject, the more people flock to it. This black family, for one, will not participate it the coursening of society. And I know of many others who do not. I just wish everyone would just stop and say, ENOUGH. And I don't care if you are black, white, blue, yellow, pink, or every color of the rainbow. It needs to stop. Oh! And Buy the lady's book. She had nothing to do with what her husband said. And I really don't think he's racist. He just said something very very stupid. Forgive and move on. Please!! For Christ's sake, let it be! A nice evening, to all of you!

2666 days ago

Ratta !    

When I was a kid, we had a great rule. If I stubbed my toe or such, I could shout cus words til the pain went away. It was great ! I just wasn't allowed to use these words at people. Saying "oh sugar" just didn't express what I was feeling at all. We even had a dictionary of slang. There are some choice words in there and they are an important part of our language. Are we gonna ban the a word, b word, c word, d word, e word, f word, g word, h word, etc. Enjoy your freedom of speech. Variety is the spice of life.

2666 days ago

Grumpy old man    

well, I'm glad that ho (Imus), won't be on any talk shows for a while and now, they need to can his ho' wife too They're a couple of redneck hoes.

2666 days ago
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