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Don't Hold Your Breath -- Daddy Time Still Hours Away!

4/10/2007 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite reports that Anna Nicole Smith's babydaddy would be revealed at 10:00 AM EDT, TMZ has learned that the hearing to determine custody of Dannielynn will start in the Bahamas at 2:30 PM EDT -- so keep your pants on.

We're told that all the usual parties -- Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, and Virgie Arthur -- will be present. You can expect Virgie to declare her intent to seek custody of the baby, even if Birkhead is the biological father.


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Boycot all Jesses Business    

It's not working Howard.

2752 days ago


Michelle, you would know HK$ is a wonderful man, HOW???????????

2752 days ago


Another delay? Let us find out who her daddy is. Shame on you Virgie for not standing behind Larry if he is her dad, after you talked about how he put flowers on Daniel's grave. Let her be with her father. Anna left that one horse town for a reason and I am sure she would not want her daughter growing up there.

2752 days ago


I will laugh when it turns out that LB is not the father.

2752 days ago


#15 since when is what Virgie thinks is OK, the same as really being OK?? She didnt do an OK job of raising ANNA. No one has asked her to look in on Dannielynn to make sure that she is being raised right. Last I heard, Anna told her to stay as far away as possible.

I'm praying for Howard.

2752 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

Amazing, isn't it?

2752 days ago


is this all really necassary virgie? DO YOU REALLY THINK ANNA WANTED HER BABY TO GROW UP FATHERLESS?? THE POOR BABY DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HER MOTHER, AT LEAST LET HER BE RAISED BY HER FATHER! lets end this. lets have the dna, and end it! Virgie needs to realize she has lost HER daughter along time ago and needs to stop trying to filll that void with Dannylynn.

2752 days ago

Miss Tia    

if Larry is the father, i bet HKS will let him move into the Horizons so he can be with Dannielynn while Virgie still holds things up....I can't believe Virgie is vile enough to try to get custody even if Larry is the father....oh wait, yeah i do believe that...Virgie is a vile bitch....

go back to your hole toadstool Virg!

2752 days ago

DON'T believe everything you hear...if you do your part of the problem    

Even when they do the results..WE WON'T BE TOLD ABOUT IT....they were told not to talk about it may take days/weeks for us to be truly informed. boo...but I totally think Larry is the biological father, but I am rooting for Howard..He's great.!! I love him.....his whole family has been helping his through all of this- I just wish there could be a better ending to this saga. sigh...GO HOWARD.

2752 days ago



2752 days ago


Soon,Soon,Soon Howie will be out of the spot light, he is eating this up for all its worth.
The Scumbag dosent deserve any of this publicity he is getting.......thinking he is a big Star.
His sister makes me sick.......saying Howard will never be able to get over the baby if she is takin away, he got over Anna, he will get over Dannylynn. He has no right to this baby's
welfare in the future................None at all!! and hopefully Larry will not give him any visitation.
And Howard's brother is about a half wit Idiot!! kinda of spooky! Well Goodbye Howard Sterns!!!!! U Will Be A Thing In The Past U Scumbag Idiot!!!!!!!

2752 days ago



2752 days ago

The real Dottie    

Will we ever find out the truth? Why is this taking so long? Maury would've had the results in a matter of hours. Too much stalling and excuse making. Four days turned into well over a week and the conspiracy just continues.

2752 days ago


If Larry is the father, Virgie has no legal right to that child. None. She can only hope for some visits. That's all any grandmother should want when the child has a living parent. And if Howard is the father, she will never see that child. I hope Coward K. $tern never gets near that baby after today!!!

2752 days ago


Unfortunately I do think that Larry is the father. I think that Howard should get to keep her though since that is what Anna wanted. She even put his name on the birth certificate. She fled the U.S. to get away from Larry and to keep her daughter away from him. This whole thing is a disgrace and should never have taken this long. Now the baby and Howard have bonded and this is going to be awful for her when she gets yanked away from him. I only hope that Larry lets Howard have some kind of a relationship with her.

2752 days ago
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