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Pam and Tommy Flashback to 1995

4/10/2007 7:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Divorced duo Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee took a break from dating everyone else in the free world to enjoy a little family time with their children in Hawaii on Monday.

Pam basked her golden globes in the island rays in a skimpy white bikini, as Tommy's tatted up flesh ensured that nary a drop of sun touched his aged rocker skin.

Although the motley crew is in Hawaii, no word if the former lovers got lei'd!


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Greatest parents? Where ARE the kids?

2722 days ago


The only thing I can see disturbing about this pic, is that they're on a vacation, and the "press" is waiting on the beach for them. Sad situation. As for your comments #11- seems to me that alot of the photos of her is when she's with her kids. But nice to know that you support abuse.

2722 days ago


The only thing wrong I see with this picture, is that they're trying to have a vacation, and the "press" is right there waiting. As for #11 comments, seems to me mostly the pics I see of her is with her kids. She doesn't have a nanny, and her work duties are scheduled around them. How is she a "ho", and when was the last time you met her to pass judgement? Yeah, her boobs are fake, but so is your name.

2722 days ago


"Dumb and Dumber go to the beach."

2722 days ago


she keeps going back to him because he's packing a lot of peen. women like em big.

2722 days ago


I love these guys...Pam is still so hot, and Tommy will always be cool. Pam and Tommy ROCK! ;-)

2722 days ago


just gross I say, just gross...

2722 days ago

MISS O!    

assumptions....assumptions ... yall seem to think that jus becasue 2 ex's hang out or are really good freinds automaticly they are "getting back 2gether"
im really close freinds with my ex hubby i even sleep over his house ! but were not geting back together lol were jus freinds .. so why is it that everyone assumes that jus cause tommy and pammy hang out at the beach or do stuff with the kids together .. means they are getting back together ..??? jus because 2 ppl werent meant to be together as a couple doesnt mean they cant be close freinds .. has anyone thought of the fact that maybe they respect eachother ??? and that they love eachother as freinds? i dunno jus my opinion

2722 days ago


They are perfect for one another, let us not forget they both have the hep-virus, so thats a added bonus, they share children together that,s another plus, they are both aging Pam,s coming up on the big 40,and Tommy is already thier, so It wont be long till thier bodies start drooping and sagging and wrinkles start creepin in, I mean its just reality, we all age and thier no different than the rest of us.

2722 days ago

tibbie lang    

Well, Tommy Lee is FAR from nasty, hes only one of THE best drummers in the world, and the hottest!!! But if you are not into rock stars, real rock stars, then you wouldnt appreciate someone like him , besides the man has more money and power in the buisness then any of you losers will ever know!!!! lots of luv, Tommy"s biggest fan!!!!!!!!!

2722 days ago

Billy Ray Bobby Joe    

Oh how do I wish a shark eats the both of them

2722 days ago

reported what    

Bet Pam is glad the Anna saga is wearing down. Now she can get back in the spot light with whom her love of the day is and how she longs for happily ever after and her never dying love of the man of her day. I don't know why these two just don't get married and stay married. Just wish she'd pick another color bikini the white wore off years ago. And yea I wonder where her skipper hat went? But I bet if Kid comes out with someone new, Pam would be ragging on Tommy again. Just like it seemed Tommy was over her with someone new and here come Pam running back. I don't think she can handle competition very well. And as far as plastic surgery, your're starting to look a little worn in face Pam time for a new lift.

2722 days ago

Donna Wolfenbarger    

OMG...Please tell me we are not going to have another tape !!! I dont think the world could take another one !!

2722 days ago


Skanks...both of them.
They belong together.

2722 days ago


Even tho I would love nothing more than to see Tommy with Heather again.. Pam-you rock girl! You are incredibly sexy and from what I have seen, A GREAT MOTHER! Screw all the negativity.. Keep on, keepin on, you are GORGEOUS!
And to Tommy.. ya better treat that girl right....

I hope your family had a wonderful, restful vacation! You are both blessed!

2721 days ago
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