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Jordan -- I'm Hotter Than Posh!

4/12/2007 3:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comKatie Price and her sexpot alter-ego Jordan, just landed in the U.S., but she's making enemies with another UK import -- Posh and Becks.

The surgically enhanced model-turned-reality TV star and her perfectly waxed hubby, Peter Andre, are taking aim at Mrs. Beckham, with Andre telling "'EXTRA" that Jordan's "better looking than Victoria" but rightfully adding, "I'm not as good looking as David."

Jordan, not satisfied with her hubby's potshot, added, "It's not hard to be better looking than her, is it really." Somewhere a robot is crying.


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she has a MAN'S BODY. . . . like chyna .

2759 days ago


Katie and Jordan?????????? Why are they bashing Posh Spice who's well known if most people don't know who they are?

2759 days ago


LORD HAVE MERCY! SPARE US FROM BOTH OF THEM. i really think england should keep its rejects. u.s. does not want the clutter!

2759 days ago


How frickin' silly can you get!

2759 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Why are we having stories about these pampered poodles? Who the hell are these brits; who cares? Another pair of no-talent losers who's only skills appear to be claiming to be better looking than someone else. How empty headed & hollow. Figures they'd move to LA...

2758 days ago


What are you lot of yanks all about!?! Jordan & Katie are the same person. Jordan is her stage name and Katie is her real name! She has just been voted mum of the year here in the UK! She has made her fortune through working REALLY hard and doesn't deserve your crappy comments! I have no idea why she would want to go to America in the 1st place but she is there now so DEAL WITH IT! You will know her name soon enough!!!

2758 days ago


Just get that nasty looking Posh off of the tv and magazine and it would be a much cleaner looking world. Al Gore, where are you!!!!

2758 days ago

Sminky Pinky    

They're both absolutely rancid and the UK's glad to be rid of the pair of them, please don't send them back.

2758 days ago


becks is hotter than both but i think posh looks better, more classy.

2758 days ago


Who is this Jordan person anyway???

2758 days ago


Who is he anyway? OMGoodnes, He's really gross, and fat, looks like he's preganant!!

2758 days ago


I dont know who this couple is but after watching the video, I think they are adorable and if they have a show I'd probably tune in to check it out. Im all for people getting out there and making money.....More power to ya!
Good luck and welcome to the great U S A !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2757 days ago


LMAO, riiight.

Jordan looks like a tranny...a trashy tranny.

2757 days ago

claire p    

I think you are being a bit harsh towards Katie Price, she is a very hard working mother and shows an incredible amount of devotion towards her son Harvey who is severely disabled. She is probably in 'YOUR' country so she can make some money to pay for hospital treatments for her son. If you watch her show on E you will see she is really down to earth and incredibly funny. Give her the benefit of the doubt for once. And she looks a lot better when she is not dressed up for the cameras, without make up she is really pretty.

2754 days ago


Ummm... Posh never smiles, Victoria is actually quite funny, Mel B said so in her autobiography and if you find any of Victoria and David's interviews or documentaries, Victoria is constantly laughing and smiling. However when she is out in public or doing publicity photos she is in Posh Spice mode; David, her sister and her best friend have all said this at one time or another.

Personally I find it distateful that a woman who's claim to fame is she poses with no clothes for a living looking down on a woman who has utilized her talent and worked hard to get to where she is (yes, marrying an up and coming soccer stud does help... but she was more famous than he at the time they started dating).

Victoria has already stated her feelings toward Jordan after reading what she had said about Victoria's fake lip ring during her promotion of Not Such An Innocent Girl, that Vicy was setting a bad example for her sister and other young girls with it... "she is a glamour model and she thinks my fake lip ring is setting a bad example?!? I would hate to know where she as fake...rings and such. She is vile."

2737 days ago
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