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Justin Dials Britney's Digits

4/12/2007 8:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake was worried about Britney after all – so worried that he called her a while back to make sure she was all right, he says.

"I called her because I worried about her," he said at a press day for "Shrek the Third," which was also, awkwardly, attended by Cameron Diaz, Justin's most recent ex, reports People. According to Justin, Britney's on the right track: "She's a great woman, I'm rooting for her. [It] seems like she's getting everything under control now."

Meanwhile, Britney is officially denying rumors that she's got the hots for Los Angeles Lakers forward Luke Walton, telling photogs that it's actually her cousin Alli who's crushing on Luke.

Brad to Angie: Show Shiloh Some Love!

Did Brad Pitt really escape with daughter Shiloh to send Angelina a message that she's not giving their biological baby enough love? That's what Life & Style is reporting in its new issue, though the couple's rep denies any preferential treatment or rift.

The magazine says that after Angie came back from Vietnam, Brad noticed that she "appeared to forget" about Shiloh while she lavished affection on the adopted kids, Maddox, Zahara, and the newest addition, Pax. What's more, family insiders claim that it's mainly Brad that takes care of Shiloh.

According to Life & Style, Brad got so fed up that he packed a bag and ditched Angie and the rest of the brood to stay in their Los Feliz home while Angie stayed in the Hollywood Hills.

Jacko Goes Bargain Basement on Neverland

Michael Jackson could be selling his personal playground/estate Neverland for the low, low price of $20 million, after asking $50 million several years ago. According to Page Six, "distressed-debt guru" Bill Huff is in "serious negotiations" to buy the property at the bargain price. The estate includes a zoo, movie, theater and amusement park, though Huff plans to tear it all down and develop the land. Jacko's reps deny the story.

Party Favors: Madonna Planning to Adopt Again? ... Did Travolta Ditch "Today" for Cruise ... Rutgers Women to Appear on "Oprah"

The Angelina-Madonna adopted baby race continues: Madonna is returning to Malawi, reports Life & Style, where she adopted little David Banda last fall – and she may be coming back with another kid sometime soon. Madonna's rep denies another adoption, but confirms that Madge is going to Africa. ... John Travolta isn't doing the "Today" show with the rest of his castmates from "Hairspray" this summer, only "Good Morning America" – and an insider tells FOX News that he's still miffed over Matt Lauer's infamous "glib" interview with Tom Cruise last year. Travolta's rep says it's just because "GMA" asked first. ... The Rutgers University women's basketball team will be on "Oprah" today, live via satellite, to talk about Imusgate and being called "nappy-headed hos" by the talk-radio host. MSNBC dropped Imus yesterday.


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Lenn K.    

I understand that the Rutger women were hurt, but I believe this is overkill. They lose the finally game to Tennessee and you'd think they won it. This not about Imus It's about the State of Black America, Imus is just a piss ant and a bigot, but blacks are using this to mask all the real problems in the black community. Oprah knows the truth that's why she went to Africa to built a school.

2749 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    


2749 days ago


Justin seems to be an ok guy. That was nice of him to check on Brit.
Angelina never wanted biological kids. She only had Shiloh to keep Brad. I didn't know men had biological clocks but he was desperate to be a Dad. Didn't Ang once refer to Shiloh as a blob? How horrible.
Michael Jackson is going broke. He better take what he can get for his place.
I hope the story about Travolta isn't true. I know he's a scientologist but I never thought of him as foolish or petty.
It figures Oprah would get herself involved in the Imus situation. Can't we just put it to rest already. The man lost a great deal even after apologizing. Move on.

2749 days ago


opera,just looking 4 more ratings............enough,enough,enough.

2749 days ago


Angelina is NEVER photographed holding Shiloh!!!! Brad is always the one holding her. I wonder why she seems to pay more attention to her adopted children! They're certainly not as cute as Shiloh...she's beautiful!!!

2749 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Angelina adopts children like some rich woman would adopt pedigree dogs. It's just bizarre. And if she's so fixed on adopting other races of children, why not try and do so over here instead?

2749 days ago


I think ice queen Angelina only had a bio child inorder to hold onto Brad. And she did refer to Shiloh as a blob...sure infants don't "do" much but to call your own baby a blob, seems a bit cold to me. Angelina even said in an interview, that she has to remind herself to pay attention to her bio daughter and not forget about her needs. WTF? As a mom, I've never had to remind myself to look after my children. Bio or not! She's a first class frigid b**ch!

2749 days ago


Justin dials my digits...

2749 days ago


You guys have been reporting that Michael was selling Neverland for years now!........Get off it ! his reps continue to deny it yet you idiots keep reporting it! he said he would never sell it and he has'nt. Face it he aint as broke as you wish he was!!!

2749 days ago


Brad was stupid for hooking up with this woman!!!!

2749 days ago


Mark my words. There's something wrong with Angelina that she's never going to be able to solve even if she goes on to adopt every single orphan in this universe at a rate of one per day.

She is an incredibly screwed-up individual.

2749 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

.........In regards to the Brad and Angelina story, I don't believe it for one minute. Leave them alone......Let them raise those beautiful children, and keep your noses and cameras out of it.....

2749 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

I told you, you heard it from me first.....The "next" baby will be from a "hoops player"......
Hope he has had all his shots! She does have her "eye" on a player......

2749 days ago


It is one thing to write gossip articles about celebrities, but it is a new low when you go after parents' relationship with their kids. Children are not celebrities and should not be the focus of your articles. I seriously don't know how some people sleep at night, or can eat without indigestion with all the hate stories being written. Can't you celebrate the positive? These sites are like wrestling on tv-with their dumb soap opera stories, always the bad guy and the good guy. Today will have to have a story about Jennifer Anniston, because the Angelina stories are always followed by Anniston ones.

2749 days ago

Patsy W.    

Every 0ne must think Imus is Jesus Christ because they are crusifying him,He has admited he is wrong. Black people talk bad about their race but never get called on the carpet for it. I think Imus is a Good Man who said a stupid thing. Imus is a better man than all the people that are jumping on the band wagon to crusifying him. God Bless You Imus, and keep your chin up.......

2749 days ago
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