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Brandy -- Finally Ready to Party

4/13/2007 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time since she was involved in a tragic car accident four months ago that left one person dead, Brandy decided to hit the Hollywood nightclub scene for her friend's birthday party -- with someone else driving. The only license she was using was a poetic one ...

TMZ -- and not The Movie Channel, which Brandy confuses us with -- spotted the "Moesha" star leaving Area last night. She told our camera, "Hey TMC! ... We're gonna have a good time, thanks for being here." Of course, if Brandy had realized TMZ made her accident public, she probably wouldn't have been so thankful!

The L.A. City Attorney has not yet decided whether charges will be filed against Miss Norwood in the crash case, and she still has her license ... but Norwood chose a chauffeured Town Car instead of getting behind the wheel.


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Britney Spears Photos    

Not very likely

2749 days ago


I would love to see Brandy become involved with the televised dance show that Amy Sedaris is planning with Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton. This would truly help heal the racial wounds caused by Imus.

2749 days ago

buck naked    

I want to see her star in her brother's next sex video, she can karoke while he pisses all over her in front of the Rev. Norwood Can't wait!

2749 days ago


She was careless, someone is dead, she should be punished...

2749 days ago


Honestly, I like Brandy, but I think under the circumstances, I would wait to see if I was going to be charged with murder before I went out celebrating anywhere.

This looks very disrespectful to the mother she killed families.

Why is there a question about her being charged?? In my state wreckless driving that resulted in a death would be an immediate charge. I dont get California, everyone gets off with everything.

2749 days ago

Y'all R a MESS    

Just a shame.. I don't really care about being "P.C." I just try and show some RESPECT to all races .. if you don't - that's your right- but I will submit to you the appropriate terms and you will do what u wish with it... This world has enough devisiveness in it w/o us having to ADD to the madness..

2749 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Brandy seems very sweet; however................. she doesn't deserve not to be charged and doesn't deserve to be driving. She was at fault for the accident because she wasn't paying attention and killed someone.

How do you think her victim's family feels knowing she still have her license and has not yet been charged?

Being sweet or famous or rich or having a good voice does not give you (or shouldn't give you) a get out of jail free card or it's ok to accidently kill someone without consequences card.

2749 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Who Done this.........

You are the wost type of ignorant.

1. Brandy's color has nothing to do with this.
2. She is the cause of the accident, but was NOT drunk.
3. I'm sorry for the other blogger's loss of a family or friend in a car accident. I lost my father and it makes the death of a loved one even more traumatic when there is a violent end to their life coupled with courts and hearing the person who killed your loved one state they are 'not guilty' or act as if they aren't.

2749 days ago

concerned citizen    

Well I guess she feels enough mourning time has passed for the family of the victim so now she can go partying with her friends. Not a smart thing to do.

2749 days ago


as far as we all know she was not drunk, high, stoned, or any other kind of impaired when the unfortunate ACCIDENT occured. it's a sad situation that happened and there are plenty of other situations just like it when the person does not go to jail (unless negligence can be proved).

2749 days ago


most likely this chick is getting off the hook cause of her celeb status it is a shame what is wrong with America OMGGGGGGGGGGG

2749 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

20. as far as we all know she was not drunk, high, stoned, or any other kind of impaired when the unfortunate ACCIDENT occured. it's a sad situation that happened and there are plenty of other situations just like it when the person does not go to jail (unless negligence can be proved).

Posted at 1:17PM on Apr 13th 2007 by get a clue people

Brandy clearly stated at the accident scene that it "WAS HER FAULT". She was not paying attention and that's just as dangerous as "if" she were drinking. She unable to safely operate her vehicle and that FACT caused the death of a mother.

I feel sorry for the family and for Brandy, but it would be SO nice to see celebrities take responsibility for their actions.

Lane Garrison has at least pled "guilty" in his car accident that resulted in a death. I was very impressed with that.

When my father was killed, it was a stab in the heart to hear the person who hit him state the words "I'm not guilty". (He was later sentenced to jail time.) Those words or actions are so painful for the family.

Brandy should be serving some jail time. (I'm not saying life, but some jail time.) IMO

2749 days ago


Anybody who KILLS someone else should tattoo the victims image to their arm so they can remember them every minute of every hour. Even while you go out and party.

2749 days ago


To those of you who say Brandy is nice girl and it was JUST an accident. Someday one of your loves may be killed by someone very nice and not paying attention. I sure you'll just shrug it off and say nice things.

2749 days ago


i wonder how many people posting comments here have ever driven while talking on their cell phone, i'm willing to bet most have. so you are in no position to judge another as irresponsible - yes, she made a mistake, and has acknowledged that fact. hopefully you won't feel those stones being cast at you if your inattention ever causes an accident.

2749 days ago
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