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DeLay to Rosie -- We're Gonna "Destroy" You!

4/13/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The attack dogs of the right wing have officially been unleashed on Rosie O'Donnell, this according to indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
DeLay v. O'Donnell
In a post on his blog,, titled "If the Left takes Imus, We'll take Rosie," the controversial DeLay calls on conservatives to "protest and demand" that Rosie get the boot from "The View." DeLay uses Imus-gate to demonstrate the "concerted strategy" of the left to, in his words, "unite to destroy."

Going further, DeLay issues a challenge to fellow right-wingers: "If Don Imus falls to the pleas of political correctness, we're taking Rosie O'Donnell down with him." Rosie shot back on her blog late last night, calling DeLay a "criminal" and telling him to "go away."

Meanwhile, Rosie and crew got a lesson in squatting from den mama Barbara Walters, who demonstrated the exercise in all its gluteal glory on this morning's "View." After an inspired squat session, Halle Berry came on and showed the ladies how it's really done.


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There are a lot of us that wanted Rosie gone way before Imus opened his mouth.

2666 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

It sounds like the fascists are turning America into a Communist state by destroying freedom of speech and democracy.

2666 days ago


Tom Delay should go away and if he wants to play tic-for-tac, then voters WILL make him go away come election time.

P.S. And take Rosie O'Donnell with you !

2666 days ago


What a mess..... why can't people live in peace, and learn love?

2666 days ago


Delay was House Majority Leader, not Senate Majority Leader.

2666 days ago

Still OJ    

Is DeLay still around? I thought we got rid of him ages ago. Since when would Imus be considered a conservative anyway?

2666 days ago


i hope Delay takes Rosie down.
he is right, what is done to one should be done to everyone.

2666 days ago


I'm waiting for Rosie to have a nervous breakdown on the air. please don't pull her !

2666 days ago


Rosie is being quoted all over the world as an example of what Americans really think about their country. REMOVE her from this path of destruction for America. I don't agree with her. Why is it taking all this time for the lawyers to figure out how much it will cost the corporation to fire her? Why can't we just get past this controversy with swift justice?

2666 days ago


This is America. People have a right to say anything and have their own opinions. Give me a break!

2666 days ago


I agree with DeLay...What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!

2666 days ago


Does anybody even listen to Delay? This guy is one notch below snake oil salesman.

2666 days ago


if everyone has a right to fredom speech, Imus should have kept his job.
and if he got canned so should she.
if she can go on tv everyday saying all her pshycho crap, so should imus and others like him.

2666 days ago

pocket change    

YES, finally somebody to take her out! Go get her, the big mouthed bitch!

2666 days ago


well...fair is fair...she DID make racist chinese remarks on the view....apologized...and everything went back to come Imus was so different?....she really should be fired too if we're gonna be fair.......oh and lets fire the Wayans brothera for making :white Chicks".....LOL...really where is it all gonna end?.....

2666 days ago
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