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Bizarro Couple Alert!

4/16/2007 1:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Virtually unseen since her John Edwards backlash began, gay-bashing blonde beyotch Ann Coulter arrived to the 5th Annual TV Land Awards with "Good Times" star Jimmie "JJ" Walker. Dyn-O-WHAT?!!!
Jimmie Walker and Ann Coulter
The odd couple walked the red carpet on Saturday and proved that there hasn't been a stranger pairing at an awards show since Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Pressley kissed like two dead fish at the MTV VMAs in 1994. Mwah!

While Coulter and Walker are not romantically involved, their diabolical press plan worked -- they were definitely noticed! Immediately following the show, Ann was helicoptered out of the venue and placed back under her rock.


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#12. Your standards are certainly low to find a mannish, quite ugly, foul mouthed mudslinger to be pretty, witty or moral. And "commies?" Whoa. Get in your time machine and return to 1950's and the paranoid rock you climbed out from under.

2534 days ago


#83: If that hatefilled, name calling, foul mouthed, trashy-dressing thing is your idea of the embodiment of Christian values, that's very sad. I'm sure Christ would have advised her to be more tolerant, more caring, less judgmental, less hateful and more modest!

2534 days ago


You should give some warning to people before showing that c*nt's picture on your site. Now I have to disinfect my computere.

2698 days ago


God I hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJ how could you??????????????????Ann, your not pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2686 days ago


I adore Ann Coulter! She's calls 'em as she sees 'em, always tells the truth (which drives Dem and liberals nuts!!)

She's gorgeous, intelligent, funny, pointed, politically incorrect, to the point, well-educated, wealthy and moral - she's unafraid and unashamed to live as a Christian. In other words she is the total opposite of those who hate her, those who are jealous of her - and those who are liberals, democrats, stupid, ignorant and secular-progressives.

YAY, Annie! You rock!!!

2683 days ago


Jimmie JJ!

You got old like the rest of us. Still lookin good man!!!

2683 days ago


To #14 (Kevin) You are a idiot. He is a black man!!! How brainwashed are you to believe that he needs Ambi skin cream. Black is beautiful, and in my opinion what a beautiful contrast of colors in the picture. Black/White. Odd couple though!!

2682 days ago



2749 days ago


You go Ann!

2749 days ago

Britney Spears Photos    

Amazing, isn't it?

2749 days ago


Ann Coulter is the best! Intelligent and intellectual, witty and patriotic. Love her, love her

2749 days ago


she is fugly and greasy

2749 days ago


back under her rock , couldn't have said it better TMZ,i'm afraid she will rear her nasty head the closer the elections get ,looks like she is already testing the waters on the lame awards show for whatever these awards shows was for , awards it seems has taken off i swear there are awards shows for anything and everything remotely in the entertainment world there should be a show called AWARDS SHOWS GONE WILD

2749 days ago

Funny Girl    

That is one know-it-all, ugly broad. She really should stay under her rock. She makes me sick. And anybody who appears on TV as much as she does should know better - she is too stupid to even know she looks like crap!

2749 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Ann Colter is a nasty hag. Those of you who worship her must be nasty too. tyke you are redundant in your use of intellectual and intelligent not to mention just plain wrong.

2749 days ago
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