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Britney to Paris: I Blame You!

4/17/2007 11:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears is blaming Paris Hilton for hurling her into the anti-panty, head-shaving downward spiral which landed her in rehab ... and now she wants someone to pay!
Britney vs. Paris
According to Page Six, Britney is enraged with her manager, Larry Rudolph, for introducing her to "nemesis" Hilton last November -- and reportedly gave him the axe for it last week. But as of this morning, TMZ could not confirm that Rudolph was actually fired ... yet.

As TMZ first reported, Paris thought of herself as a role model for Spears, and even claimed that Britney was "grateful to be under Paris' wing." Sexy Britney Gallery: Click to launch photosBut shortly after the alliance had been formed, the lovefest crashed hard and the two haven't partied together since.

Paris' rep, Eliot Mintz, fired back at the Page Six article, telling TMZ, "That's a matter between Britney, Larry and Leslie (Britney's old again, new again PR rep)."

Calls to Britney's reps were not immediately returned.

Jess Parties with the Twins

Jessica Simpson: Click to watchLeaving borefriend John Mayer at home, a brunette-tressed Jessica Simpson stepped out to Element in a low-cut gazongas-enhancing top, then headed to Parc and then Winston's -- talk about a party train!

While walking her girls from Parc to a faraway parking lot, Jess had a close run-in with a dreadlocked homeless man, who was curious as to why everyone was taking pictures of her. Her sarcastic reply -- "I don't know." Simpson's leather-clad Nick Lachey-alike then stepped in and shielded her from the curious streetperson.
Jessica Simpson Gallery: Click to launch gallery
A short time later, TMZ caught Simpson near the end of her uplifted barhopping adventure, telling photographers outside of her final stop, Winston's, that she didn't have any fun at the hotspot, however, photographers and onlookers had fun wherever Jess and the girls appeared.

Katie's Cry for Help?

TomKat Wedding Circus: Click to lauch photosKatie Holmes is finally in Louisiana to shoot her new movie – could she be sending messages to the world through her role? When asked why she likes her character in the upcoming "Mad Money," Holmes tells the Shreveport Times, "She's ... a little bit misunderstood ... She's a type of person who creates a happier environment than she's actually in. ... I like that about her. She's a free spirit." Speaking of being a free spirit, Holmes escaped the clutches of Tom to visit a local Target, says the Times, and "met some really great people."

Anna Nicole's Diaries Don't Sell

Anna Nicole Smith gallery: Click to launch photosAnna Nicole Smith's diaries are in the bargain bin after failing to sell over the weekend – and they can now be yours for $25,000 apiece. "We have a buy-it-now situation," said Doug Norwine of Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, to the AP. Two people had bid on the diaries, but pulled out when they got skittish about allegations that the diaries were stolen. This is no doubt very bad news to the nameless German businessman who paid more than $500,000 for the diaries several weeks ago.

Party Favors: Travolta -- I'm as Big as Elvis ... Andre Biffs Steffi ... "Idol's" Carrie Underwood Wins Big at CMTs

Celebrity Homes: Click to launch galleryJohn Travolta has a serious case of the superego. He tells the Irish Independent (via MSNBC) that he's as famous as Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe, but that it's Scientology that has saved him from their tragic fates. According to the paper, he also enlisted former President Bill Clinton and Chancellor Helmut Kohl to fix a Scientology crisis in Germany. ... Andre Agassi gave wife Steffi Graf three stitches in the mouth – by accident. The tennis supercouple was playing in a fundraiser when Agassi smacked Graf in the mouth with his racket. "She's OK," says Agassi. "It was an unfortunate accident." ... Former "Idol" winner Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" took home big prizes – video of the year, female video, best director -- at the CMT Music Awards last night.


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Katie does not look so good. She looks gaunt and hauntingly sad. Gone (at least it appears that way) is the vivacious pretty and full figured gal who charmed the public with her youth and exuberance. She looks too thin and gaunt---she looks alot older now than she used to......

2755 days ago

Frank Owens    

it is a sad day whenever a person with the attitude of anna nicole that we really care that much about her life. I personally think that her life is a pathetic mess that really does not need to be scruntinized by the world. She was a sad person and the only person who will suffer in the future is her daughter. It is a sad world whenever a person's medicine cabinet is so loaded with pharmaceutical drugs that almost any combination of them would eventually kill her. Each and everyday I see junkies that I despise and why should I feel any differently about her. She was a foolish person that made some moves that could be described as sick and disgusting. But I guess that it is all for the money. You cannot spend it if you are dead.

2755 days ago


If I didn't know any better it seems that Jessica Simpson may have been pregnant why her boobs appear bigger, I dont' know but it happens sometimes. if not, that's a darn good push up bra

2755 days ago

Get Real    


2755 days ago


Look Sandy, get a life - if we don't want people (and by people I mean "men") to call us whores, maybe we should stop calling each other that?

Besides, you just sound jealous of what they have, which is a little bit ridiculous considering that all the money they have, whether they are talentless or not, has made them so unhappy.

I say, believe what you see ACTUALLY come out of someone famous's mouth - like Don Imus (what a loser) - because most of the stuff in these columns is invented by some other talentless loser who doesn't have a real job or anything better to do!

And to Britney and all the other starlets getting themselves into trouble - you are far too old now to be blaming other people for your screw ups - it's time you grew up and took responsibility for your own lives - and that means your careers, your personal lives, your money and basically everything that a regular person manages to deal with, on far less money, without getting themselves into trouble so deeply they can barely make it out again alive.

Britney, Paris, Lindsay and all of your kind - high school is over, you're not the most popular girls in school any more - time to step up and be the successful women you can be, if you just make the effort!

2755 days ago


These no talent bimbos are older than old news. Next news flash, " Brit, "La Lohan, Hilton In Lez Love Fest !!!! " out on DVD at the end of the summer. LOL. "Brit to Fans, I Can't Sing !!! " , Could Porn Be In Her Future ? "

2755 days ago


I'm so sadden over what has happend at VT yesterday.May god be with them all and there familys.I will pray for you all.I'm so sorry.

2755 days ago


I'm so sadden over what has happend at VT yesterday.May god be with them all and there familys.I will pray for you all.I'm so sorry.

2755 days ago


These selfish, selfless, uncompassionate idiots!! What sluts and shallow minds! My GAWD!! Don't they EVER do anything for anybody else besides reap havoc to get media attention? There's a war going on, an American campus in chaos, and a world of others who need prayers and help. Don't these shallow "girls" get it!!? God help THEM!!!

2755 days ago


It just seems everytime Paris starts being friends with anyone-thier lives go down hill-even the guys sometimes.There have been sex tapes-eating disorders-painful break-ups.......and finally a good pop by Shannon and Shanna for messing with thier men-way to go if Lindsey could make her scream it would all end in a good day...except the money that Brit should get! good luck girls-DFWRadioGurl-TX

2755 days ago


Sandy's comment is typical of the mindless robots (like Don Imus, Howard Stern and the rest of those trash talkers) in this society. They love to call names and denigrate others for whatever reason so that they feel good about themselves for a nanosecond. Calling another woman/women "whores" is a projection of how Sandy feels about herself. She cannot deal with the self image and puts it out onto others to read her mental garbage. These kinds of people are not even worthy of notice. What is revealing is how many people do this and fill the internet with hatemongering. The question is always WHY? No one with any self worth would lower themselves to that level. The filth and hateful comments posted by mental midgets toward celebrities or others is just a reflection of how the mental climate of so many people in this nation has slid into the sewer. Pity them, because they are so ignorant and self destructive that they don't even realize what they are doing to themselves. What goes around comes around. Count on it.

2755 days ago

Tired of These People    

Gee, poor little ole me. I have big boobs, no brains, am manipulative and can get anything I want because... (fill in the blank). They were (Anna) and are (Brit the NitWit, Jessica, blah, blah, blah) responsible for their decisions, their actions. Gee shame none of them know how to take responsibility for said decisions and actions, but sure can pass the buck and blame faster than the blink of an eye.... DUH!!!

2755 days ago

Norman Koehler    

It is consistent with the young, "I" generation -- someone else is responsible, not me..

2755 days ago


I agree with all of you , except for Sandy's way of putting it. It is really sad that this is considered news, but it seems a lot of people do care. If that wasn't the case then I'm sure that this wouldn't be news.

Britney, needs to take responsibility of her own actions like everyone else does. To blame other people for her mistakes is childish and immature. You can say certain people influenced you, but in the end no one forces you to do anything you don't want to. Welcome to the real world.

I am afraid to say that I do care for the entertainment industry, but those with talent. However, I am pretty sure I can live without knowing who's the flavor of the week.

There are more important news out there. Like the Virginia Tech massacre that was mentioned before. It is a terrible tragedy and loss. The fear that this is hitting close to home has added fear to the notion that it can happen anywhere and to anyone of us. The question "is anyone safe?" is a more important question than "is jessica simpsons breasts real?"

I'm not going to lie sometimes certain celebrity news is entertaining, but that is not supposed to be the function of the news. The news is supposed to inform us and enlighten us on what is happening in this world.

2755 days ago


I think Jess has real boobs...they have the natural sag look in some photos. That photo looks like she has them majorly pushed up. As for Brit and Paris.......does it really matter? They are both trainwrecks.

2755 days ago
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