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Britney Blows Off Road Rules to Dance

4/18/2007 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sidewalks aren't safe when Britney Spears is around.

TMZ had to get the hell out of the way when a car carrying the Britster sped off the road and up onto the sidewalk in an attempt to drop her off in front of Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood for a workout yesterday. Talk about curbside service!

Britney was just as dangerous on the way out, showing off her revamped bod in a very sexy grey micro-skirt. However, this time she got into her vehicle in the safety of the parking lot.


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This walking catastrophe should just stay at home. Revamped body?? LOL!! Looks like a sagged bod to me. Stay at HOME

2712 days ago


She looks like a deadbeat pig---like evey other day she avoids her kids.

Why don't you interview some real class individuals from Virginia Tech. Those students are amazing.

Ae you going to censor this email too???????

2712 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Stop reporting on this train wreck. Let her get her life back together and I hope get a regular job. I'm tired of her gum chewing, it's all about me attitude. She should be working on being a MOTHER.

2712 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    


Beautiful comment~ I agree..... ignore Brittany and pay attention to the poor VT students. My daughter knew one of the girls killed and it's such a painful tragedy. Brittany isn't being a role model for her kids or being a good parents by all accounts (IMO). Let's not waste anymore time giving her the attention that she craves more than she craves quality time with her kids.

VT - my prayers are with you all~~~~~

2712 days ago

Reita Perdue    

this woman needs a praying mother and a grandmother, she needs some physco help, she is only one of many in hollywood that is in needs of some serious mental help, she screams help me, every time she opens her mouth. I feel sorry for the babies that she has brought into this world, they need a mother, now a girl on a power trip, one of the many drama queens. She would not be a mentor for a child of mine, she is too far off in the left hand side of the ditch. Many in hollywood are really pathetic, they show no signs of living in a real world, they need to be put on a farm and put to work, so they will learn what reality is all about. RAP

2712 days ago


wh does she wear that wig? I mean we all know it's not real, and it's not even going all the way down to the back of her head, geez.

Her body is looking great though.

2712 days ago


I heard that Cho had been listening to Britney Spears music just before he lost it!

2712 days ago


The entire V-Tech community needs all of your prayers and support.

2712 days ago


This is the wrong time for jokes. People are in mourning.

2712 days ago

big joe    

give her a ticket.

2712 days ago


she's about as sexy as roadkill.

2712 days ago

Get over it!!    

Then why do you freakin morons post here? Duh, if you don't like hearing about her DON'T COME's so funny to see all your posts, complaining, judging(strangers ..LOL) and saying how much you hate these stories, and just not about Britney, EVERYTHING. You big babies need to quit coming here, but then again I here it makes oneself feel better to degrade others. PATHETIC!!!

2712 days ago


Dottie, People who are truly in mourning won't care about this website or my comments.

2712 days ago


Britney looks happy and healthy. And to all you baby-nazis, get off your high horses - you don't know how much quality time she spends with her kids. Get a life and stop ripping Britney with your "let's pretend" comments, and get back to your own kids! You all sound like you are on Britney-baby patrol.

2712 days ago

Jen F    

Will she ever change or always be trash? She has no common sense. She is still acting like and dressing like a teenager instead of a mom. Take some lessons from Katie Holmes Brit! My heart goes out to the people and families of Virginia Tech.

2712 days ago
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