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Depp's Daughter Laughs in the Face of Harmful Infection

4/18/2007 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Depp's daughter, Lily-Rose, looks well as she takes a stroll along the Thames with dad.

Lily was originally thought to have had blood poisoning, but was later diagnosed as having an E. coli infection, which affected her kidneys. Johnny kept vigil at her bedside in a London hospital until the tot bounced back.

Depp is in England filming Tim Burton's version of Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd," which had halted production during Lily's illness.


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Sharp Eye    

lexie I'll bet you vermont/manny is behind it.

18 is the legal age but Depp still thinks he's still in the backwoods of kentucky. How they can even deny that Winona was underaged is beyond me. And his drug use has been well documented. The fact that his chiild went without care, is what concerns me. Watch how that creep is going to play up to the press in the coming weeks.
Spoons stop being such a troll. We've stayed on topic you're just sticking your nose in to flame.
vermont/manny you still haven't answered the questions.

2634 days ago


Vermont/manny won't answer your questions because she's stumped.
You're right, the idiot still thinks he's in Kentucky. Did you know the French whore was living with some old guy at age 15? If both of those neglectful parents think this is OK, it makes you wonder what's going to hapen with the kids down the line?

2634 days ago

Sharp Eye    

lexie the worst part about these people is how many lies they'll believe.
Depp kept his daughters illness a secret, knowing full well there might be consequences.

He's goes after underage girls.
He admits to having rages still, at his age.
He's been busted for allowing drugs to be sold at his club.
He has a history of drug use, which he admits himself.
He fled to france when the press got to hot for him.
He bad mouth his own country to the world, that's called a traitor in any book.
He doesn't pay American taxes but comes here to make millions from us.
He hasn't married his mistress, who was already taken when he met her.
He's told countless lies, but these fanatics eat it up.

Vermont/manny when the facts are in your face you say nothing!
lexie and I have shown how irresponsible this middle aged man has been with his daughters health.

2634 days ago


Sharp Eye, you go girl! Everything you listed is true. Let me add one more.
Maybe Vermont/manny and lassoon would like to look into this...

In 2001 ass wipe was sued by one of the partners in the Viper Club for illegibly bilking money out of the club for his production company. He was ordered to pay the partner. That partner disappeared two months later before Johnny boy paid. The guy was assumed dead. In 2004 the little man lost the Viper Club to the daughter of the guy. Sort of interesting isn't it?

2634 days ago

Sharp Eye    

lexie, I remember about him being sued for swindling . But I had no idea about those other factors. Sounds very suspicious indeed. I wonder what the real story is, people just don't disappear. He certainly is not the poster boy his press agents present him to be. When will people wake up about this guy? I notice vermont/manny never came back once the truth was handed to her. Just goes to show you. I hope he gets investigated for this ecoli thing,

2633 days ago


Johnny's such a great guy. He's an awesome father and I love seeing him in all his rockin' movies and learning about all his weird habits ....

Check out these galleries!

And this isn't true, right? johnny Depp, kissing jennifer aniston?

2630 days ago


Nicksterfan, I don't even know what your post is about! I doubt he has kissed Anistion, He's too busy with his alleged boyfriend.

Here's something interesting: Johnny boy has been getting his milk for free for yrears, but has finally decided to buy the cow!
The cow being the French tart. Apparently due to his child's illness, the jack ass feels compelled to behave like a human being and marry his children's mother. Something he should have done 9 years ago!
However, unless the little Pirate is going to give her half his earnings in a pre-nump, she's better off as a common law wife.The moment she says I DO, she will lose all 9 years she's invested in this creep including any projects already in the works for years to come.
She needs to get herself a good attorney!
Just MY opinion!

2627 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

Lexie you should get a life. really you sound not only shallow and a fantasist but pretty lonely as well. It must be horrible to be you.

2626 days ago


Glad to hear she is ok also.

2626 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

Lexie and Spy eye are under the impression they know about Depp but every bit of gossip they have read they need to distort to suit their own ill minds. People that are like th are very unhappy with there own lives and have to deflect this by attempting to make someone more succesful seem less worthy of the success. This helps them feel better about themselves. And they also know they can get away with it because of the forum they choose to air their opinions in the real world no one listens to them or are so sick of their negative views in life that they no longer care. The truth is what they want it to be rather than what it actually is because it makes the crappy life they have seem more acceptable.

2626 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Hey mac what lexie and I have posted are truths!
You're the butt pirates fan and the truth stings when it's in black and white.
Your dellusions are being destroyed with each tap of the key.
Look at the facts, he kept his childs illness a secret and treatment was delayed as well.
Did he get her A+ medical care in france? No her took her to England to be treated.
I feel sorry for people like you when the truth is out,you start pulling out your short hairs and crying.
Dispute anythig we've said.
Or is mac your new name now, vermont/manny??

2624 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

How can I dispute fiction? You have no facts just because you say it or wish it doesn't make it true.
You are the worst type of trash of all you have to spout your mouth off on a board like this which is basically a space filler for lazy journalists and you think what you say is making a difference, you fool.
And no I am not vermont/manny Idon't post of this site very often infact I can't believe that you do often enough to think you know others. Why don't you leave everyone else alone and actually get a life all for yourelf

2623 days ago

Sharp Eye    

Ha, yes it's you, vermont/manny.
You couldn't dispute what lexie and I wrote so you came back like like a bad seed.
That's what's tragic about people like you, you hate the truth.
You can't dispute the facts so you change your name over and over again.
Writing nonsense hoping someone will believe you.
You've been living on this thread.
Now answer all what lexie and I have posted.
I made a list, tell me if any of it is false!
You can't, who will you be next?

2623 days ago

Depp's middle finger    

lexie/spy eye
You made a list so it must be fact ?
Instead of asking people to dispute your so called 'facts' why don't you actually prove they are facts first.
As I said before just because you say it or wish it doesn't make it true.

2622 days ago

Sharp Eye    

So you concede!
What we've wrtten, he's admitted to himself.
He wasn't busted for allowing drugs to be sold at his club?
You look silly vermont/manny.
You couldn't answer to the truth before and you can't answer now.
Better luck next time!

2622 days ago
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