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Virginia Tech Maniac Speaks From Grave

4/18/2007 7:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the creepiest turn yet in the Virginia Tech slaughter. In between murders, the killer took the time to loop-in NBC news by sending an insane press kit through the mail.

"NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" has just broadcast a chilling video shot by shooter Cho Seung-Hui.

The package included photos -- but no images of the shootings. The items were delivered to NBC this morning and were immediately turned over to FBI agents in New York.

In a manifesto, included in the package, Cho refers to the two killers behind the shootings at Columbine High School as "martyrs."

The package was postmarked at 9:01 AM ET Monday -- about an hour and 45 minutes after police say Cho shot two people at a residence hall, and shortly before he entered another campus building and killed 30 more, before turning the gun on himself.


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Lynette Fleming    

Take this article off your site. It is harmful to others!

2720 days ago

Rich Whitey    

Aimee, remember those who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, however I do appreciate your concern for my freedom. Nonetheless, I doubt that I'll have to seek political asylum in Canada anytime soon. Notwithstanding all media and government propaganda, the FBI and that congenital idiot Bubba are not the Chess masters, thinking six steps ahead of everyone else, that they make them out to be. Those morons couldn't even stop a group of known terrorists, armed only with box cutters, from hijacking four passenger jets and killing over three thousand people or prevent the interim president of Iraq from being assassinated by a carbomb in the green zone, the most secure and heavily fortified area on the planet.

While our great leaders are busy making Iraq safe for Iraqis, America continues to produce more serial killers than all other nations combined. While woman in Afganistan are now allowed to an education, female students in the U.S. must live with the fear that they could be the next innocent victims or if they reject some creeps' advances they may even trigger the next school massacre.

What we need are strong intelligent leaders who are as concerned for the safety of all law abidding Americans as they are for Afgans and Iraqis. Leaders with enough guts to double the Defense department's budget and hire at the least 500,000 police and 250,000 FBI agents, after all, it took over 100,000 U.S. soldiers find and arrest Saddam Hussain. We need a brave leader who can put some real fangs in that paper tiger they call the Patriot Act, so the FBI can search anyones computer, house or even workplace. Only sickos and criminals with something to hide would object, which would be classified as a form of confession and subject to immediate arrest, thereby eliminating the need for lengthy and expensive trials, after all, we are talking about arresting or committing, potentially, tens of millions which would quickly overload our present court system. Of couse we would have to build thousands more prisons and insane asylums and hire hundreds of thousands more gaurds, nurses and doctors to staff them. Now this may cause a noticable increase in local, state and federal tax rates but how can you put a price on the safety of your own children.

Many people have opinions of what changes in our society that must be made, but are they actually willing to put their money where their mouth is? If you want an answer just look at how hard it is to pass a local school budget increase. We need a leader who has the guts to say "crack open your wallets and purses or I'll crack open your heads!"

2720 days ago

Rich Whitey    

I understand the need to label Cho Seung-Hui a "psychotic" or "schizophrenic". This reaction creates a sense of security by diminishing the true size of a large and frightening social problem. It gives oneself a sense of empowerment by targeting a small, highly visible and politically and economically weak, thus easily controlled, section of the population.

Sadly however, these forms of self-delusion will not decrease the rate of spree killings. The statistics just don't support the theory that the mentally ill are more prone to commit acts of violence, even less murder, if they did we would have more convicts sent to mental institutions than prisons. In fact studies indicate that the mentally ill are less likely to harm other people. But you don't have to take the words of psychologists and other scientists, just read a newspaper and you'll see how few defendents are certified insane by court sanctioned psychologists in a typical month.

'Scientific research on actual acts of violence is generally accepted as, on balance, indicating a moderately increased number of violent acts by ONLY A MINORITY of individuals with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. An assessment of violent acts verified by multiple sources, indicated that 15% of individuals with schizophrenia had committed violent acts during the course of a year, which was STATISTICALLY RELATED TO THE RELATIVELY POOR AND VIOLENT NEIGHBORHOODS IN WHICH THEY RESIDED AND TO SUBSTANCE MISUSE.

Population-attributable figures indicate that only a small percentage (e.g. 3% in the ECA study in America) of the overall violence of a given population is attributable to people with schizophrenia, and that the majority of this risk is attributable to substance misuse, young age, other correlated variables, and social and economic contexts, rather than schizophrenia per se. Studies suggest that 5-10% of those awaiting trial for murder in Western countries have a schizophrenia spectrum disorder, with lower figures for convictions, representing a tiny probability for a given individual with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.

A consistent finding from the research is that individuals with a diagnosis of schizophrenia are often the victims of violent crime - at least 14 times more often than they are perpetrators, with 4.3% being victims in a one month period and this ongoing victimization has been linked to committing violent acts and an increased perception of threat. Another consistent finding is a link to substance misuse, particularly alcohol, among the minority who commit violent acts."

Yes, the ugly truth is that anyone pushed, threatened or even persuaded enough, is capable horrific acts including mass murder, ask any cop or the lawyer who served at the Nuremberg trials. On a related topic, the first laws passed by Hitler and his National Socialist Party were gun restrictions, but I digress.

No, stricter gun legislation and locking up only the sickest, most visibly psychotic is the equivalent to giving a band-aid to a cancer patient. If we really want to decrease these incidents of school massacres, serial killings and violent crime in general we must collectively pull our heads out of the sand and take good long look at the world around us and everytime you look at another face ask yourselves, "could this person be the next Cho?" And not just strangers, but your neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, even your own sons and daughters. If they exhibit any antisocial behavior have them involuntarily committed to the nearest mental institution immediately. We must force our local and state politicians to loosen restrictions on involuntary committals and broaden the clinical definition of mental illness. You may just prevent the next Virginia Tech or Columbine.

Here are some of the signs to look for:

Violent video games
Violent pornography
Hunting for sport
Collecting weapons
Heavy metal, punk rock or gangsta' rap music
Dark make-up and/or clothing
chains or handcuffs
Professional wrestling
Drugs and alcohol
Horror and other violent films or books

Any of these items and interests can create and increase homocidal tendencies. But don't just suspect moody and depressed people, I believe consistantly happy people should be clinically diagnosed as having a mental disorder on the grounds that they possess an even more unrealistic view of reality. Any unforseen event such as a divorce, job loss or death of a loved one can cause deep truamatic emotional shock resulting in an furious outburst of violence. The common personality trait discovered by psychologists among serial and spree killers studied in prison were unrealistically high life goals as youth.


2720 days ago

VT Mom    

My son is a Junior at VT. I know firsthand that the university CANNOT release information to parents about their child's medical records, grades, disciplinary action, financial aid, etc. unless the student has signed a consent form for the info to be released to parents. This is probably the case with all universities. We cannot place blame, we can only learn from this tragedy by working together as a society to change the laws in our country regarding whatever issuses (mental illness, gun control, campus security, court system, etc.) need to be addressed to prevent this kind of horrific act from ever taking place again. I wish the networks felt enough passionate for the victims and their familes not to air those photos and videos. ALL of the media is responsible and we need to begin to heal and not have to relive this over and over again through the eyes of this killer. May God bless the Hokie Nation as they struggle to live their lives forever changed on 4/16/07.

2720 days ago


Instead of showing him standing there with his guns and knives, why not show the 'real' him..lying in a pool of blood with his head blown off. Why don't we try harder to discourage copycats.

2720 days ago


Hey Pat Mcelroy, wth did u mean by be sent back to korea?? i understand you're angry about the situation but you're being irresponsible by making it a racial thing... So you think everyone that's mentally ill should be sent out of the country? you don't make any sense.

2720 days ago


To: "80. there is too much freedom in america

Posted at 7:35PM on Apr 18th 2007 by Juli"

That is the most ridiculous statement I've heard in a long time. There is no such thing as too much freedom. Try having some taken away and see how long it takes you to miss it.

2720 days ago

Rich Whitey    

"That is the most ridiculous statement I've heard in a long time. There is no such thing as too much freedom. Try having some taken away and see how long it takes you to miss it."

Posted at 4:28PM on Apr 21st 2007 by sk8rgurl

Spoken like a true Anarchist. Try closing all the prisons and see how long it takes you to miss them. Try living in a place where there is no Law, like the western mountain region of Pakistan, I bet you wouldn't last one week in that cesspit hellhole. When you run into Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban there tell them I said hello.

Modern democratic societies are not based on freedom, they're based on laws that limit freedom and the foundation on which democracy is built is the justice system that enforces those laws. Without laws and government to control human behavior you would have "Bellum Omni Contra Omni" war of all against all.

And people who say that America is the freeist nation on earth need to remove their heads from a certain part of their anatomy. This country isn't any different than other countries with military dictatorships and sundown curfews, we can't walk the streets after dark not because of some tinpot dictator but because we have so many people who don't believe in law and order running free. Because we try to give everyone as much freedom as possible, no one is safe.

If you want true freedom, peace of mind, we need to make every violent crime a capital offense, for any juvenile under the age of 15, a life sentence, without parole, at a prison work camp.

I suggest we turn Hawaii into our version of Devil's Island and Alaska could be our own Siberian Gulags.

"LET'S GO HOKIES" will be our rallying cry.

Crank up those electric chairs and turn on the gas chambers!

2719 days ago


he's my hero!!

2719 days ago

I Believe 2006    

Let's keep it simple. Is there any documented relationship that this loser had with a female? No romantic interest, all his time devoted to writing his english papers, like "Richard McGarbage." No talent, no moral compass, nothing to offer the world; only take away people who had something to offer. No point made, only pyschotic ravings. Nothing, nobody, a big zero right to the very end.

2716 days ago
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